Thursday, November 7, 2013

A Blue Pencil & A Cheetah...

This title is kinda cute, huh?

Sounds like the start of a joke...

In the middle of a train station I walk up on a cheetah holding a blue pencil...

Okay, maybe not?  I tried.

I still think the title is cute.

Anyway... today's ensemble...

I really am quite happy with how this outfit turned out.


Simple but with just a little flair.

Start with my beautiful blue pencil skirt in a finished denim from Ann Taylor LOFT... where else?

Ann Taylor & J. Crew simply make the most gorgeous pencil skirts... hands down.

Add in a little "pop" of color but in a very feminine material.

And... then finish the look off with a fabulous pair of high heels...

This just occurred to me... how many times have I worn a pair of high heels in the past two weeks?

I know that I wore these babies once for sure.

Hee Hee

Okay, I admit it... I am bordering on obsessed with wearing high heels now.

Hee Hee

It's funny because for so many years I wore only "sensible" heels and couldn't understand why a woman would want to "torture" herself.  Boy was I wrong!

I assume that my fellow Society Of High Heel Lovers approve of my recent obsession?

Hee Hee

Oh... almost forgot... I have a date tonight!

How do I look?



Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The Hemline...

This skirt is just fun to wear.  It really is.

Shouldn't clothes be fun to wear?

A little fun attire on such a dreary day just seems appropriate.

The hemline at the end of the fluted shape makes it so feminine.

I like sharp & polished very much but from time to time I like to break out a little "girlie," too.

Hee Hee

Isn't that just pretty?

Throw in a more masculine silk oxford style blouse just to provide a little balance and we're all set for a day at the office.

I think they work together pretty well.

The red blouse seems to pull that pinstripe out of the skirt.

And out the door I went...

Today on the DART train I was told by another businesswoman that she couldn't help but notice the adorable lace on the hem of my skirt.

Hee Hee

As I was stepping off the train, another lady asked where I had gotten the skirt.  Sadly, that answer is Harold's.  Temporary sadness followed by elation.  I love a good compliment.

Hee Hee