Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Insomnia... And Some Blogs I Recommend...

Okay, so I have not posted anything in several days.  Sue me.  Actually, please don't do that... enough headaches right now.  Hee Hee

Anyway, Sis has the kids back east visiting their father.  Without all of the unnecessary personal details, let's just say the situation is all but perfect.  My sister is a tough cookie and the kids are making the best of things.

On to brighter... err... darker things.

It is almost 2:00 am and I have a big meeting at 8:00 am.  I cannot tell you how much I HATE EARLY MEETINGS!  Who calls a meeting so early?

I guess that I am nervous?  Honestly, not an emotion I often have.  What else could explain my being awake at 2:00 am?  Believe me, I need my beauty sleep.  Hee Hee

Before I post these photos please understand that the clients we have coming in are no nonsense types.  All business.  Very old school.  They probably do not even want to hear from the female executive?

Boring.  Formal.  Conservative.  Appropriate.  These are the words for the day.  With that said...

I have had this suit for many years.  I suppose the boxy cut in the jacket gives that away? 

This was actually one of my first really big apparel buys after graduating college.  Everyone should have a great "interview suit" and this was/is mine.  Kasper makes good stuff... or at least I think so.

Despite the obvious flaws (read ALL BLACK) it really is a suit that I love to wear.  There is just 'something' about wearing a great suit.

The collar adds a little interest.  It 'sits up' just right.  I like it.

You have seen these lovely shoes before.  I actually wear them frequently.  A great pair of black heels is a flawless addition to any ensemble if you ask me.  Ok, maybe an 'easy' addition, too.  Hee Hee

Okay, now it is time for a brief tangent...

Everyone should have a great suit for work.  If you are working (or planning to be working) in the 'professional world', you NEED one.  I hope that we can all agree on that?  Graduate college... check.  Buy suit... check.  If you are looking for work in the 'professional world' it is a must. 

So what do you do after that?  I think you read these blogs...

Jodi from Day 2 Day Wear just posted the things that she wears that make her feel good.  Personally, I think all of her items are perfect for the office.  Very feminine.  Very professional.

Margo from Classroom Couture has perfected dressing professionally.

Marion from Marion Berry Style is not only gorgeous but her sense of style is flawless.

Many of you are already familiar with Anh of 9 to 5 Chic fame but when you are talking about appropriate and fashionable office attire she is simply the queen.

If Anh is the queen, then these ladies certainly deserve the moniker of princess...

Bessie from Bravoe Runway


Annie from Stylish Petite

All of these ladies have 'corporate chic' down to a science.  They are simply amazing and provide me with daily inspiration.  Read, enjoy & hopefully have the same experience with them that I have.

Alright, it is now literally 2:44 am.  Perhaps I will try again to get some sleep?  I really do think that I am a little nervous.  Odd.  Huh.  Wish me luck... both with the last minute z's and with tomorrow's meeting.

- The Leather Skirt -