Sunday, January 29, 2012

Saturday & Sunday...

Hey Guys!!!! 

Surprise, surprise... I have BOTH outfits that I wore/am wearing this weekend in today's post!  Whoo Hoo!!

Unfortunately, I am not terribly "inspired" today in terms of what I might have to say.  Many of you are thinking... "Finally!"  Hopefully at least some of you are thinking... "Dangit!"

Saturday was mostly work followed by a few errands near the end of the day.  I have left comments on many blogs regarding my favorite Saturday attire and yesterday was one such day.

Leather pants and a great sweater.  This really is my "go to" combination at this time of the year.

Here is what I wore to the office & then out for errands:

Bright enough for you?  I am not certain that I am "sold" on this sweater just yet.  What do you think?  I did get a few interesting looks while out & about yesterday but that could have been the pants and not the sweater at all.  Who knows?

I did not tuck it it.  I felt like the bottom of this sweater is really best left out.  It's a little more casual worn that out anyway.  Should have I tucked?

Love these shoes but I don't really think they are appropriate with a skirt (at least not at work) so they do not get a lot of wear.

Do you like them paired with the leather pants?

And the complete ensemble...

Today has been an ordinary Sunday.

I got up this morning, did my workout and then dressed for church.  I rarely bother to change once I have dressed for the day so I am sitting here in my apartment "over dressed" by most people's standards.

What can I say, I like to be "over dressed".  If you have read my blog at all that comes as no surprise.

Here is what I am wearing today:

You have seen this skirt before.  I intentionally chose a demure sweater to pair with it as I did not want anything to take away from the hem line.  I think it is gorgeous.  So "girly".

These shoes... well, these shoes... LOVE!

And the finished look...

As I said, not really very inspired today.  Actually a little tired.  Going to catch up on the last few episodes of "Pretty Little Liars" that I have on the DVR and call it a day.  Not a big TV watcher but that is a show that caught my eye several months ago.  I am now addicted.  Yes, I know it really isn't for adults.  Hee Hee.  Have you watched though, it certainly isn't for kids either.

Have A Great Week!

- The Leather Skirt -

Friday, January 27, 2012

Yes, I Did It... I Posted Again... Matchy, Matchy This Time...

Hey Guys!

It's an early start to another in a string of long days but I wanted to get an outfit post up.  I haven't been able to do that in several days.  I just know that each and every one of my loyal readers have been anxiously checking their computers hoping that today would be the day, huh? 

Hee Hee

Anyway, yhis is actually what I wore yesterday.  Yesterday morning started with a yucky morning.  Much needed rain so I am thankful.

It did turn into a GORGEOUS day after starting out craptastic (thanks again Kassi) but given the start, I decided to go with a longer skirt for the day.

What do you think?  A little different for me, huh?  I like it though.

How cool is this little clasp?

Believe it or not, I bought these shoes the exact same day that I found this skirt.  When I saw them I just knew it was fate.  I had to justify it somehow... the shoes were not on sale.  Hee Hee

They are made for each other... don't you think?

Do you think I could wear these shoes with anything else?

I paired the skirt with this cute little white blouse.  I really didn't want anything taking away from "matchy - matchy" today.  I do love the big buttons on this blouse though.  The big buttons are even on the cuffs!

Simple, white but a little unique. Win - Win.

The blouse is from Talbots.  Not quite Harolds (sigh...) but Talbots is quite nice, too.  I have a few items from that store as well.  Hee Hee

Here is how it all came together.

No witty banter this morning.  Just too early and I have yet to even have my first cup of coffee.

Actually there wouldn't be much to tell anyway.  Just one lady that noticed my "matchy - matchy" skirt and shoes while I was standing in line for lunch.  She was sweet and very complimentary.

In case you are wonering, "No, these babies did not sniff the wet streets."

Today was a sneakers on the way to work, heels when I got to the office type of day.  Do you ever do that?  I did wear them home though... naturally.

I will honestly try to get today's outfit posted before the weekend is over.  Promise.

- The Leather Skirt -

Monday, January 23, 2012

The Answers...

Okay, so I have not been a "good blogger" of late.  Actually, I have been an "awful blogger" of late.  All I can do is apologize and make excuses that no one is interested in hearing anyway. 

Alas, I will try to do better.

Anyway, in a recent post I made the somewhat foolish offer to answer some questions... should anyone out there in the world even care enough to ask. 

Surprisingly, a couple of you did.  It still astounds me that people are interested in my ramblings.

Here we go...

From the super cool Kassi of:  The Closet Intervention

I want to know what fashion trend you HATE the most!

Essentially the same question from my "Blogger Buddy", Sarah of:  Coming Unstitched

What trend do you hope NEVER comes back?

Baggy jeans!!!!!  That whole "hip hop" trend is awful if you ask me.  I know, it really hasn't completely gone away but I think it is on life support.  It seems like "skinnys" are more common now.  Anyone who reads my blog at all knows that I am not a huge denim fan anyway but if you are going to wear it, at least have it fit.  Do I sound like I am a grandmother now?  Hee Hee

From my friend Abby of:  SoCal Sophisticate

Where do you get your outfit inspiration from? And/or, besides the leather skirt, what is your second favorite piece of clothing from your wardrobe?

Inspiration... This one is easy... my mother.  I know.  Save your smirks, I really do.  I should dedicate a post to this question sometime as I don't want to carry on for too long on this subject.  Suffice it to say, my mother "dressed up" every day and I have followed her example as an adult.  She always dressed my sisters & I in skirts when we were young and I started truly embracing the concept from the time that I was in about 8th grade.  I like it.  BTW... my younger sister is the rebel in the family.  Hee Hee.

Second favorite thing in my closet... This is difficult.  Probably my houndstooth skirt at the moment.  Perhaps my red cashmere sweater?  Perhaps my tall black boots by Born?  I think the houndstooth skirt gets the nod.

As you have probably figured out by now, I like simple pieces.  Classic pieces.  I am as practical as I like to believe I am fashionable.  Mix and match, mix and match.  Multitudes of combinations.

From my lovely Italian blogger friend Francesca of:  Don't Call Me a Fashion Blogger

Hmmmmmm I am not sure what I could ask you...maybe... I am many leather skirts you have? I have been good and not nosy....

This one made me smile.  Francesca, you are not being too nosy at all. 

I currently have three leather skirts.  I consider two of them to be very appropriate for the office.  I prefer to buy things like this that I can wear to work.

I have the black one and the Carmel one that I have shown you and I just bought a red one from EBay.  Not sure about wearing that one just yet but the price was good enough that I thought I would take a chance.  I used to have a forest green one that I loved but I spilled coffee on it a few years ago so it had to go.  The funeral was lovely.  Hee Hee.  I also had a black mini skirt when I was in college.  I wore that when I went dancing, to concerts, occasionally for a date.  I decided I was too old for that one a couple of years ago and gave it to a neighbor.

From an anonymous reader called LGD:

What kind of coats or jackets do you wear with your outfits? Do you pair leather with leather (or not) since that could influence the reactions you get? Just curious.

Not sure about this reader.  Who are you LGD?

Anyway, I have some blazers, not many but some.  I don't wear them much so it is hard to justify investing in too many. 

As for coats, I have several and wear whatever fancies me on any given day.  Occasionally I will wear my leather coat with my leather skirt but typically not.  I don't recall ever having worn my leather blazer with either my leather skirt or my leather pants.  That is just a little too much, you know what I mean?

From another Sarah (the talented author of one of my favorite blogs) of:  Pencil Skirts and Lattes

Do you feel pressured to post outfits every day on your blog?

I certainly put pressure on myself but I don't feel it from any of you.  All of you guys are amazing... nothing but supportive. 

From the very sweet Margaret of:  Sugar Magnolia

Do you ever post pictures of you actually wearing your blog clothes?

And from a woman that amazes me daily, the same question.  I will never understand how Daphne of Fashion Confessions Of A Mommy manages two children, dresses so well everyday and maintains a blog as well.  Amazing.

Why won't you post photos of yourself in the outfits you wear instead of the clothes alone?

This last question is the most complicated and at the same time the easiest.  Simply put, I am a bit nervous about the whole idea.  On a more complicated front, it is not wise for me to be quite that forthcoming given my professional responsibilities.  My employer is a unique business partner to our clients.  Anonymity is crucial.  I am actually contractually bound to not maintain things like "Twitter" accounts, "Facebook" pages and such.  Blogs are not explicitly forbidden but it is probably best to not "ask" for trouble.  I am a highly visible member of our executive team, at least to our clients.  Should someone "stumble" onto pictures of my on the Internet it could get unnecessarily uncomfortable.  Simply not worth it.

Thank you all for your questions.  

I hope that I answered all the questions satisfactorily?  Feel free to post some more if you like.  Perhaps I will do this a second time soon?

If you are unfamiliar with any of these blogs I would encourage you to drop in and give them a read.  I "follow" all of them and enjoy them very much.

- The Leather Skirt - 

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Can't We All Just Get Along?

The title of this post is my best effort to "channel my inner Rodney King."

Today I find myself both deeply sadden and a bit afraid.  I am running so far behind getting to work but I decided that this post could not wait until tonight.  You see, in the early morning hours here in Dallas a man lost his life for what appears to be nothing more than a disagreement.  In the end it may prove to be far more than that but the current reports certainly suggest it was merely an argument gone horribly wrong.

His death is the obvious reason for my sadness.  My heart goes out to his family.  Was he a genuinely bad guy that got caught up with some other bad people?  Was he an Innocent bystander caught between bad people?  Who knows?  To me it doesn't really matter when considering my feelings for his family.  They are now dealing with an unthinkable loss and I pray for their healing.

Click here if you wish to read anything about the incident.

The reason that I am a little scared is simply because this senseless death occurred at the Pearl Station stop for Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART), hence today's only picture.  I ride DART every week and I go through the Pearl Station stop regularly.  I have never felt afraid on the train but today is a little different.  Today this event, these low life scum, have given me reason to think twice (even if for only a second) when deciding between driving to work or riding DART on any given day.  These lowest of vermin simply do not have that right. 

When will man learn to resolve conflict without unnecessary death? 

The Bible says the world will end with pain, suffering and war.  I believe the Bible.  I know that it is the Holy Word of God but I hope this one part of the Bible might be a misinterpretation by the men that wrote it.

Heavy stuff for a fashion blog, huh?  Sorry.  My heart is heavy today.  I was moved to write this post.  Hopefully it will touch someone's heart.

On a FAR LIGHTER note, I will try real hard to answer the questions posed based upon my last post before the week is over.  If you have another, feel free to post it.

God Bless You All

- The Leather Skirt -

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Please Don't Forget Me...

I know that it has been a week since my last post and longer than that since I last posted an outfit.

I will do better... I will do better... I will do better...

Work has me feeling like I am burning a candle at both ends right now.  Hence the picture...

Going in early, staying late.  We are working on acquiring another new client and that is ALWAYS difficult.
I am doing my best to keep up with each of your blogs as it really is relaxing and I need a momentary break.  The hard part is coming home, pulling together an outfit for the next day, taking & editing photos and then coming up with some commentary that is even remotely entertaining.

I do have a few stories to share and hopefully I will get around to them soon.

In the meantime, I have been inspired just a bit so... here we go... hope that I do not regret this...

What would you like to know?  Ask me anything.  I do not promise that I will answer the question but I will try my best.  There you go, have at it...

- The Leather Skirt -

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Can I Ask You To Read Something?

New Year's Resolutions
I appreciate all of the blogs that I "follow" and I truly appreciate all of the wonderful bloggers that "follow" me.

Just so you know, I "follow" some blogs strictly for wardrobe inspiration.  Some ideas work for me and I incorporate them.  Some ideas do not.  Some ensembles are stunning.  Some make me wonder what the blogger was thinking.  All are inspirational in some way. 

I really do look forward to seeing what some of you have worn on a given day.  It is oddly therapeutic.  There is probably some kind of deep seeded issue there that I should have treated, huh?

Some blogs are just fun, even a bit silly.

Then there are blogs that I truly LOVE reading.

I enjoy taking a peek into your personal style as well but the things that you write is what truly captivates me.  SoCal Sophisticate is a great example of that.  

Abby is as sweet as the day is long.  She was one of the first to discover my blog and to actually leave a comment more than once.  Every time I see her blog pop up with a new post I can't wait to read what she has written.  Her style is pretty sharp, too!

This particular post is one that I really hope you will read.

You see lots of different resolutions, lists of goals, plans and even promises for the future at this time of the year if you read things like blogs much at all.  That is all great but so many of us get stuck looking forward and forget about the here and now.  No time like the present, as the saying goes.

Abby has said as much so much more eloquently than I ever could.  I hope you will take a minute and read this particular post and then hang around her little corner of the internet for awhile.  Her blog really is great!

- The Leather Skirt -

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year!


I wish you all the most wonderful and prosperous 2012 you could ever imagine!

I am so sorry that I have been away from posting for so many days.  I have actually missed it more than I would ever have thought that I would.  Odd feeling.  Does anyone else get that way when you miss more than a couple of days between posts?  I will try to do better... starting today.  We'll see?

Anyway, my New Year's Weekend was WONDERFUL!  I hope that yours was half as much fun because if it was you had an absolute blast!

On Friday during lunch with some girlfriends, my phone rings.  One of my college friends (Amy) is inviting me down to Austin for the weekend.  Amy has a great place just steps from Austin's famed 6th Street and she has been after me for some time to come down and visit.  Not only that, a New Year's night BBQ had already been planned for Amy's place and we were all invited.  Apparently it is silly to pass on New Year's Eve on 6th Street so the house party would have to wait until Sunday night.  She had several friends coming over so it would be a fun evening for everyone.  On a pure whim we all decided  to load up the next day and head down to Austin for the weekend.

Saturday after lunch, Cindy (mentioned in this post), myself and two other sweet ladies (that will remain nameless) met at my place, loaded up the car and made our way south.  Yes, Rob agreed to keep the twins all by himself all weekend so that Cindy could have a "girl's weekend".  YOU ROCK ROB!  

Austin or bust!

Once we got settled in at our friend's place we changed for the night and headed out to explore 6th Street.

Before I go on, for any Austin readers (or future visitors), I apologize in advance for not giving specific names of clubs.  I am horrible with names in general but then when you add in the fact that we spent some time in at least 6 or 8 different places it is nearly impossible for me to keep them all straight.  What I can tell you is simply this, Austin is great, 6th Street was a blast!  I would highly recommend that you go sometime and simply bounce from place to place.  Each place has its own truly unique vibe.  What an experience!

We had been told by Amy to expect anything in terms of dress out on 6th Street and our fellow patrons did not disappoint in that regard.  As you would imagine, lots of denim but there were also MANY people dressed to the nines and everything in between.  As anyone that reads my blog with any regularity knows, I like it when people dress well before leaving the house.
What really struck me as much as anything was how eclectic the group was with regard to age.  We had been prepared for the wide variety of wardrobe choices but I was amazed to see such a wide range of ages amongst the revelers.  I am told that this is quite common and not at all limited to New Year's Eve.  Fun!

Snapped these when I got back home yesterday.  Here is what I wore on NYE...

 Simple but it fits my style.  I did not feel out of place for so much as a second.

I really do love these boots.

Cindy wore the leather pants that I mentioned in this post, one of the other girls wore a red leather skirt that I wish I owned, one wore a fantastic sequined mini skirt that I would not dream of trying to pull off and our Austin hostess simply wore jeans. Amy looked hot though.  A good looking group if you ask me.  Hee Hee

Here is what I wore for the New Year's Day BBQ at Amy's place...

Okay, as it turned out I was a bit over dressed.  I am always the one that is "over dressed".  Everyone (and I mean everyone) showed up in jeans.  I only own two pair of jeans and I rarely wear them.  I like skirts.  I like being "over dressed" by most people's estimation.  This is how I am.  Perhaps I will share a little of why that is the case in a future post?

BTW... sweet Cindy wore a denim skirt.  She knows me well.  I am sure that she did not want me to be totally alone in the room.  She knew I would not have jeans in my luggage.     Denim skirt... perfect compromise.  I am just not that quick.  Perhaps I will look for one?

Regardless, as you know, I love these boots.  I think that the skirt is rather casual (at least by my standards) as is the shirt.  Honestly, this is an ensemble that I would put together just to hang out at home.  Despite these facts, I took a little ribbing from the other girls and even some of the guests that arrived later.

As always, I get the routine question, "Why are you so dressed up?"  Does anyone else get that asked that or is it just me?  Why do people even ask that question?  Would they actually prefer that I run around looking sloppy?  Sometimes I want to reply, "Why do you like you just got out of bed?"  Alas, Mom raised me better than that.  Hee Hee.

Despite the occasional dumb question and a few silly comments the BBQ was really fun.  I even met a guy that I might actually like.  He lives in Austin so who knows if it even matters but we agreed to talk and e-mail before he left to go home.  I think Cindy is more excited about it than I am.  Hee Hee.  

Wish me luck.  We'll see?

One funny story from NYE and then I will bring this long post to a close.  It has been a LONG day and I am off to bed.  Another LONG day awaits me at work tomorrow, too.  I did not check e-mail all weekend so you can imagine what that does for the first few days back in the office.

At one of our stops Saturday night, the waitress brings drinks to our table compliments of a few guys on the other side of the room.  This is actually the first time that such a thing has ever happened to me.  Honestly, I didn't really know what to do.  None of us did.  I have to admit, I thought this was only something that happened in movies.  Fun though.

When asked whom exactly had sent the drinks, (pointing to the group of guys across the room) the waitress explained that she had been asked to deliver to the table of ladies wearing leather whatever they were drinking.  A leather skirt gets attention, no way around it.  Hee Hee.  We certainly did not want to be rude to such sweet gentlemen so we graciously accepted their gesture.  Hee Hee

There are four of them standing there together.  Cute guys.  Unfortunately, these guys are younger... a lot younger.  I am not that old but I just cannot date a guy that is still in his early twenties.  I just can't.

I watch as they are clearly discussing our group once the drinks have been accepted.  Guys think that they are so coy but they really are not.  Hee Hee.  Three of the guys are clearly cojoling one of the others to walk over and speak to us.  Guys are so much fun to watch.  Don't you agree?  Hee Hee.  Finally, after enough coaxing from his buddies he makes his way across the room and asks if he can sit down.  Naturally we let him.  Hey, he was the one that was "brave" enough to walk over, right?  I do not know if he was the "sacrificial lamb" that was supposed to soften us up for the rest of his team or not but I do know that none of the others ever came over to help him out.  Instead, they left him to deal with five 30'ish ladies on his own.  Hee Hee

He held his own.  Hee Hee.  He was sweet but just too young.  He only graduated from college last fall!  Let's just say that my graduation year was before that.  Hee Hee.  After sitting with us for a few minutes he asked me to dance.  I did.  How could I not?  We sat back down and talked a little more.  The girls then decided it was time to move on to our next stop.  I think they were trying to help me out.  Hee Hee.  

A little secret for any guys that might be reading this blog... this is why the ladies travel together... Hee Hee.

As we are preparing to leave, my young suitor asks for my cell number.  Ouch!  I was really hoping to not have to deal with that request.  Hearing this request, Cindy immediately steps in to rescue both me and the young man's ego..., "Jordan, you probably shouldn't lead him on."  "You know that you and Rob have discussed trying to reconcile and another man will just complicate that for you."  Cindy is so smooth.

I turn to the young man and he sheepishly replies, "I understand."

Should I feel bad?  I really do not but should I?

Out the door we headed.  We made at least 3 or 4 more stops before the new year arrived.  Lots of fun.  The girls are such fun to spend time with.  Austin was marvelous and 6th Street certainly did not disappoint.

Hope your weekend was fun, too!

- The Leather Skirt -