Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Witches Of Eastwick...

Remember that movie?

Jack Nicholson was such a hottie... still is actually.

Hee Hee

Today I feel a little like Susan Sarandon in that movie.

No... not at all Hollywood movie star glamorous... just "vamped" a little for the day.

What is a Halloween ensemble without a little orange?

Believe it or not... orange is just not present in my closet.  Not sure why?  It is not that I don't like orange.


Maybe I have a new mission?

Hee Hee

Anyway... moving on...

Given limited options in my closet, I went with this top...

Interesting stitching at least.  Not even sure how long I have owned this item?

Years, I imagine?

Mix in a simple black skirt that I picked up from Harold's several years back and Halloween is covered.  Right?  Some interesting stitching in this otherwise simple flared skirt, too?

I almost grabbed any number of other black skirts in my closet but when I stumbled onto this one I decided it was time for a long overdue spin in the sun.

I'm not sure it has ever graced the pages of this blog and I couldn't even tell you the last time I wore it.  Sad.  Clothes should never feel neglected.

Hee Hee

Isn't it fun discovering something in your closet that you had forgotten?  It is almost like buying something new... accept that it is far less painful on the credit card.

Hee Hee

Blurry picture.  I'm sorry.

Trying a new location in my apartment and the morning sun isn't quite where it needs to be... I hope?

Finish things off with those Franco Sarto patent leather pumps that have become far too common on this blog of late and we are all set for the day.

And... the whole ensemble...


Did I adequately pay homage to the day?

You didn't REALLY think that I would be one to wear a costume?  Did you?

Please don't misunderstand... costumes are fun and I have no issue with them at all... that just isn't "my thing" at all.  It just isn't.



-- The Leather Skirt --

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Thank Goodness That's Over...

Okay, I admit it, the title is just a little dramatic.

No... nothing is wrong... least nothing that is actually important anyway.


This was me on Monday just before I left for work...

My computer was sick... or at least I thought it was.

Turns out that the internet was down in my whole area of town ALL day on Monday and the vast majority of the day on Tuesday.

Almost two full days without access to the internet... it has been sometime since I had to go through that.

Not an experience that I wish to repeat without a beach involved.

Hee Hee

I did say that the title of my post was a little dramatic.

Anyway, all is well again and I will do my level best to get a new outfit post up tomorrow.

In the meantime, at least I can take a few minutes to try and catch up on your incredible style and wonderful musings from the past couple of days.  Let the blogging begin...


Sunday, October 27, 2013

Five Of My Recent Favorites...

Any blogger worth her keyboard is familiar with all of these top rated blogs.

You all know them...

LOVE Andy from the Style Scrapbook, Helena from the Brooklyn Blonde and, of course, Chiara from The Blonde Salad but those ladies live in a different world from me.

Each of them has incredible style and I follow them myself.  On occasion I even find inspiration that causes me to do irrational things like pay full price for a skirt that has to find its way into my closet.

However, most of the time it is just fun to read (occasionally comment) their blogs and see how they interpret different trends.


... is not about these stars of the Blogosphere at all, it is about some far lesser known ladies that are, in many ways, bigger stars in my world.  They are quite fashionable (a given) but they are also "real people."

I don't mean that as anything disparaging to the other ladies at all but they have figured out a way to make a career to some degree in the world of blogging so things are different for them in every respect.

These five ladies are "regular people" with "normal" lives and they slip in some blogging in their spare time.  Although they may see a little income from their efforts, I am sure that it is mostly fun for them, I know that is my primary motivation.  They shop in the same places that I do, Ann Taylor, Nordstrom, Talbot's and similar retailers.  They have jobs.  Some have kids.  I appreciate them more than I can explain and enjoy their daily musings very much, so much that I thought I would share.

In no particular order...

Suburban Faux Pas by Krystin

The name of her blog alone makes me smile.  Cute & original.

Krystin and I are so alike, too.  Check out the "about me" portion of the blog.  I'm one that likes to be "dressed up" for the Post Office run, too.  Hee Hee

You go girl!

The Classy Cubicle by Mary is a daily guide for any fashionable girl.  Just my opinion.

Mary has "corporate chic" down to a science.  As you know, I like "corporate chic."

She is always sophisticated, always sharp.

Read her About This Blog section, too.  It sounds like she grew up in my home?

Mary, are we sisters?

Hee Hee

Walking In Memphis In High Heels is what the lovely Laura does daily as she has strolled into my heart.  I truly LOVE her blog.  Simply put... she is fabulous... cute and fabulous...

I am pretty jealous of both the skirt and the shoes in this one... don't mind saying.  Hee Hee

Laura flawlessly balances between trendy and classic.  Amazing taste.

Lacey from  A Lacey Perspective is a a recent discovery.  This DC girl's style is a little more eclectic than mine but that is hardly a bad thing.

THIS... was one of my favorite recent ensembles of hers...

Lacey, while you are rocking your way around our governmental halls in such fabulous style, can you get these guys together on anything for us?

Guys... can you agree on something?

Maybe they can at least agree that you look great everyday?

I digress...

Megan has an amazing wardrobe.  Her blog is called For All Things Lovely with good reason.  All things on her blog are so lovely.  Her style is simply impeccable.

Isn't that a perfect little combo?  Easy, yet sharp.  Very sharp.

I WANT that skirt... I want it...

Hope You Find Something That You Like In Each Of These Great Blogs!

-- The Leather Skirt --

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Not Sure I Like These...

Saturday is generally errand day.  Groceries.  Dry cleaner.  Miscellaneous little chores.

I imagine that anyone reading this blog understands.

However, I am not your typical girl.

I just don't run around in sweats or even jeans.

That just is not my style.

The girls out and about in their PJ's really confuse me.

I like being "dressed up" very much. I like it so much that I don't even consider myself "dressed up" most of the time.

This is just how I dress.

In my mind, "dressed up" is a cocktail dress and strappy heels, not a simple pencil skirt, a nice top and heels. 

During the cooler months of the year my "Saturday Uniform" is often my leather pants and a sweater.  I like it because it is easy yet still sharp.  In my mind, there is not a better casual/chic combination.

However, I am a long time member of the Community Of Girls That Love Skirts, too.  Anyone who reads my blog regularly knows this to be true.  I am poet but I didn't know it.  Hee Hee

I am a new but committed member of the Society Of High Heel Lovers, as well.  I don't wear high heels every day but my collection is growing and... I love wearing them.

Those memberships do not stop on Saturday, they just don't.


For today's ensemble I started with my favored black leather skirt from North Beach Leather...

Just to soften things up a bit I opted for my pink oxford.

A match made in heaven.

I really do think they go well together.

How about you?

This is what I am not so sure I was happy with as the day progressed.

Did these do my outfit justice or should I have gone with a pair of tall boots?  Perhaps even my high heels?

I do think these shoes are cute.  I must, I bought them.  I am just not sure they worked at all in this ensemble.

I think the high heels would have been "too dressy" for errands although I am hardly above being "too dressy"... Hee Hee.

The boots are my standard when I wear my leather skirts this time of the year.  I just wanted to try something different today.  

I am just not convinced that the shoes worked at all.

Here is the whole ensemble.

What do you think?

Hope Your Day Was Fabulous!

-- The Leather Skirt --

Friday, October 25, 2013

Hope This Snake Doesn't Bite...

Ann Taylor LOFT simply ROCKS!

I just placed the order a couple of days ago and here they are... already!

What do you think of my new babies?


They are still available online, if you are interested in a pair of your very own.

I am in awe of them... almost intimidated.

Hee Hee

I can't wait to get them on the street but at the same time I am in no hurry.

Weird emotion...

Anyone else ever get that way about a new pair of shoes?


Not only are these puppies gorgeous to look at, they are super cool to the touch.  They actually "feel" like snake skin.  Yes, I have actually held a snake before.

Funny story.. perhaps I will share sometime?

Just another of my growing collection of high heeled lovelies.

Thought I would share.

Now I have my eye on these...

Same high heel in navy blue or perhaps this one in metallic?

I guess that I would be wise to wear the python version a few times before committing to another pair, huh?

As unthinkably disappointing as it would be... what if these new babies are not comfortable at all?  


The mere suggestion is untenable... they are too gorgeous not to be worn all day.

We'll see?


-- The Leather Skirt --

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Three Of My Favorite Things...

So I am mixing it up just a bit.  Okay, maybe not?

There are three things in my closet that I have come to love (other than my leather skirts, of course) so I thought, "Why not pair them together?"

We have a little pattern mixing going on here (a little out of my comfort zone) but I did stick with my beloved black and white so we are not getting all crazy either.

Hee Hee

This fabulous polka dot jacquard pencil skirt from Ann Taylor LOFT.

Add the B&W striped blouse that I would wear every single day if I could.

And finish the show with a sensational pair of black patent leather high heels that I am beginning to think should be worn with everything.

Franco Sarto has designed a fabulous pair of heels.

These shoes were made for walking.


Have An Exceptional Day!

-- The Leather Skirt --

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Pinstripes & Leopard...

I didn't really know it when I first posted here but I was starting down a new fashion road.

Within a month, my collection of high heels had grown and I had joined the Society Of High Heels Lovers permanently.  That was just a little over a year ago.

Today I am wearing the second pair of high heels that I ever purchased.  I now have others but these probably remain my favorite.

Leopard print is just so cool but I am generally not ready for anything more than an "accent" or an accessory when it comes to the animal kingdom.  The ladies I see sporting the leopard print  and snake skin skirts, pants, tops & jackets always look exquisite but I am just not sure that fits my style.  For now, these babies will satisfy my thirst.

Today's outfit really is pretty simple, nothing particularity dramatic but I love the look nonetheless.  Corporate chic really is my comfort zone.

One word comes to mind.  Polished.

As a long time member of the Community Of Girls Who Love Skirts it is only natural that I would gravitate towards a great pinstriped pencil skirt.

Add in a feminine blouse.  This one wears so well, too.

Perfect for a warm Autumn day like today.

... And another word that comes to mind... classic.  I like classic.

Pulling it all together...

So... what do you think?

I don't mind telling you, I had a few compliments on this ensemble already today and I just made it back to the office from lunch.

Hee Hee



Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Style Icon - Katie Couric - Leather...

Katie Couric is one of my favorite television personalities ever.

She is definitely an icon of style in my mind.

Simply put, she has incredible taste in clothing.

Classic.  Demure.  Ladylike.  Sophisticated.

This is my third post regarding Katie Couric's flawless style.

Today I focus on my favorite wardrobe essential... leather.

Katie obviously agrees that leather is essential this season.

Disclaimer:  I took all of these photos directly from  Credit where credit is due.

Classic black pencil skirt & white blouse.  Perfect.

The black pencil skirt gets a little more casual partner this time.

This time she pairs her black pencil skirt with a very feminine blouse to soften things up.

Black leather skirt.  Versatility.  Are those two words interchangable?

Nothing beats a black pencil skirt & a red top... nothing.

A brown leather skirt seems to even work well with red and that is a pairing that I don't think I would have come up with on my own.  Bravo!

Naturally these two colors are made for each other. 

Of course, nothing is ever hotter than a red leather pencil skirt but Katie is so flawless that she takes this red hot number (pun intended) and creates a classy silhouette in this black/white/red combination.

Full disclosure... black/white/red is perhaps my favorite combination.

Katie does not limit herself to the "safety" of a traditional leather skirt either.
She is not afraid to rock her leather pants.

... Or even a leather dress...

I don't even own a leather dress.

Amazing legs, huh?

She either works out 20 hours a day or has been blessed unfairly.

Hee Hee

Katie even knows how to make leather a little more demure.
How fabulous is this incredible peplum number?

One word... sophisticated.

Even in red this leather tee just seems to make this otherwise "dressy" pencil skirt ensemble appear to be a bit more casual.  Nice!

I am not sure about the leather dresses... I may not be ready for that?  Perhaps under a classic blazer?

Otherwise... I want all of these items in my closet!

Katie... Your style inspires me daily.

Although I never intended this to be three posts, I will likely post a few more times regarding Katie's incredible style simply because I love it that much.

Hope You Have A Lovely Day!

-- Jordan Michaels --

Given today's post, I think Katie may deserve my moniker more than I do.

Monday, October 21, 2013

MONDAY: Houndstooth...


Is there a better pattern?

If there is, I just cannot imagine it.

Mix in a great pair of high heels and a little red... impeccable.


These beauties came from Kohl's about a year ago.

They were an early acquisition as I seek to broaden my collection of high heel shoes in an effort to improve my standing within the Society Of High Heel Lovers

I know that this particular print is all over the place but you can look here if you are interested in what Kohl's has at the moment.  Unfortunately, no shoes.  Sorry.

So does the skirt match the pair of heels or the other way around?

I suspect I have to say the latter since this lovely skirt has been in my closet for far longer.  I picked it up at Harold's (collective swoon of disappointment) before they went out of business a few years ago.  I still miss Harold's

The red oxford provides a little punch of color and fits right in.

Pretty together... yea?

Whoops... let the time slip up on me this morning... better run!

Have A Great Monday!

-- The Leather Skirt --