Sunday, October 27, 2013

Five Of My Recent Favorites...

Any blogger worth her keyboard is familiar with all of these top rated blogs.

You all know them...

LOVE Andy from the Style Scrapbook, Helena from the Brooklyn Blonde and, of course, Chiara from The Blonde Salad but those ladies live in a different world from me.

Each of them has incredible style and I follow them myself.  On occasion I even find inspiration that causes me to do irrational things like pay full price for a skirt that has to find its way into my closet.

However, most of the time it is just fun to read (occasionally comment) their blogs and see how they interpret different trends.


... is not about these stars of the Blogosphere at all, it is about some far lesser known ladies that are, in many ways, bigger stars in my world.  They are quite fashionable (a given) but they are also "real people."

I don't mean that as anything disparaging to the other ladies at all but they have figured out a way to make a career to some degree in the world of blogging so things are different for them in every respect.

These five ladies are "regular people" with "normal" lives and they slip in some blogging in their spare time.  Although they may see a little income from their efforts, I am sure that it is mostly fun for them, I know that is my primary motivation.  They shop in the same places that I do, Ann Taylor, Nordstrom, Talbot's and similar retailers.  They have jobs.  Some have kids.  I appreciate them more than I can explain and enjoy their daily musings very much, so much that I thought I would share.

In no particular order...

Suburban Faux Pas by Krystin

The name of her blog alone makes me smile.  Cute & original.

Krystin and I are so alike, too.  Check out the "about me" portion of the blog.  I'm one that likes to be "dressed up" for the Post Office run, too.  Hee Hee

You go girl!

The Classy Cubicle by Mary is a daily guide for any fashionable girl.  Just my opinion.

Mary has "corporate chic" down to a science.  As you know, I like "corporate chic."

She is always sophisticated, always sharp.

Read her About This Blog section, too.  It sounds like she grew up in my home?

Mary, are we sisters?

Hee Hee

Walking In Memphis In High Heels is what the lovely Laura does daily as she has strolled into my heart.  I truly LOVE her blog.  Simply put... she is fabulous... cute and fabulous...

I am pretty jealous of both the skirt and the shoes in this one... don't mind saying.  Hee Hee

Laura flawlessly balances between trendy and classic.  Amazing taste.

Lacey from  A Lacey Perspective is a a recent discovery.  This DC girl's style is a little more eclectic than mine but that is hardly a bad thing.

THIS... was one of my favorite recent ensembles of hers...

Lacey, while you are rocking your way around our governmental halls in such fabulous style, can you get these guys together on anything for us?

Guys... can you agree on something?

Maybe they can at least agree that you look great everyday?

I digress...

Megan has an amazing wardrobe.  Her blog is called For All Things Lovely with good reason.  All things on her blog are so lovely.  Her style is simply impeccable.

Isn't that a perfect little combo?  Easy, yet sharp.  Very sharp.

I WANT that skirt... I want it...

Hope You Find Something That You Like In Each Of These Great Blogs!

-- The Leather Skirt --


  1. oh i love the skirt on the
    first photo !!
    it has a very great texture..

  2. The first skirt is just so classy!

    the ALLAROUNDEVE team

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  4. Beautiful outfits! I love the first one and last one. The pink is gorgeous.


  5. Aww.. inspiring! Such chic and lovely women with style ♥

    Fashion | Food | Travel

  6. fantastic;)
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  7. All these ladies have fabulous style!
    Heading over to their blogs right now to see more!

    Natasha ~

  8. I love especialyl krystin's blog, her style is so impeccable :-)