Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Thank Goodness That's Over...

Okay, I admit it, the title is just a little dramatic.

No... nothing is wrong... least nothing that is actually important anyway.


This was me on Monday just before I left for work...

My computer was sick... or at least I thought it was.

Turns out that the internet was down in my whole area of town ALL day on Monday and the vast majority of the day on Tuesday.

Almost two full days without access to the internet... it has been sometime since I had to go through that.

Not an experience that I wish to repeat without a beach involved.

Hee Hee

I did say that the title of my post was a little dramatic.

Anyway, all is well again and I will do my level best to get a new outfit post up tomorrow.

In the meantime, at least I can take a few minutes to try and catch up on your incredible style and wonderful musings from the past couple of days.  Let the blogging begin...



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