Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Witches Of Eastwick...

Remember that movie?

Jack Nicholson was such a hottie... still is actually.

Hee Hee

Today I feel a little like Susan Sarandon in that movie.

No... not at all Hollywood movie star glamorous... just "vamped" a little for the day.

What is a Halloween ensemble without a little orange?

Believe it or not... orange is just not present in my closet.  Not sure why?  It is not that I don't like orange.


Maybe I have a new mission?

Hee Hee

Anyway... moving on...

Given limited options in my closet, I went with this top...

Interesting stitching at least.  Not even sure how long I have owned this item?

Years, I imagine?

Mix in a simple black skirt that I picked up from Harold's several years back and Halloween is covered.  Right?  Some interesting stitching in this otherwise simple flared skirt, too?

I almost grabbed any number of other black skirts in my closet but when I stumbled onto this one I decided it was time for a long overdue spin in the sun.

I'm not sure it has ever graced the pages of this blog and I couldn't even tell you the last time I wore it.  Sad.  Clothes should never feel neglected.

Hee Hee

Isn't it fun discovering something in your closet that you had forgotten?  It is almost like buying something new... accept that it is far less painful on the credit card.

Hee Hee

Blurry picture.  I'm sorry.

Trying a new location in my apartment and the morning sun isn't quite where it needs to be... I hope?

Finish things off with those Franco Sarto patent leather pumps that have become far too common on this blog of late and we are all set for the day.

And... the whole ensemble...


Did I adequately pay homage to the day?

You didn't REALLY think that I would be one to wear a costume?  Did you?

Please don't misunderstand... costumes are fun and I have no issue with them at all... that just isn't "my thing" at all.  It just isn't.



-- The Leather Skirt --


  1. Great movie.

    Happy Halloween!

  2. Happy Halloween. Will you like to follow each other? xoxo
    New Post Fashion Talks

  3. i like your Halloween inspired outfit! the orange top is perfect for the season!

    cute & little

  4. I remember this movie because one of my friends used to love it. I am also liking the combination of the outfit, that top is gorgeous.