Thursday, October 3, 2013

Style Icon - Katie Couric - Red...

Katie Couric - Style Icon - Katie Couric - Wearing Red

Katie Curic is one of my favorite television hosts and one of many that inspire my personal style.  I have but one word for Katie and her style... FLAWLESS!

I have always been a huge fan for years.  I watched the Today Show and now I record Katie's show every day, too.  Confession... I do not always get to watch it (Sorry, Katie) but there is always at least one episode sitting there on the DVR. 

Her personal style is just one of the many things that I admire but, alas, this is a fashion blog so lets talk color, cut and shoes!  Hee Hee

RED... LOVE RED and it appears that Katie does, too. 

I guess most of us like a little red now and then though, huh?

Suddenly Taylor Swift is bouncing around in my head.  Hee Hee

Here are just a few of Katie's recent looks incorporating the color red that caught my eye.  I want them all.

Being a dedicated member of the "Community of Girls Who Love Skirts," I am not much of a "dress girl" but this one caught my eye.

... And this one is even better...

Another recent look from her daily show.  Naturally, I like the leather skirt... Hee Hee... but the whole look is sleek and sophisticated without being over the top.


Katie is sartorial genius.

-- The Leather Skirt --


  1. i have to agree that Katie looks fabulous in red! she makes the leather skirt look so professional!

    cute & little

  2. I don't like her at all but her fashion is fabulous especially the red.


  3. She always looks wonderful and classy. Red is her color.


  4. She looks so classic. I wonder who Her stylist is...

  5. Love her classic look.

    Have a great day.