Thursday, September 26, 2013

Style Icon - Katie Couric - Black & White...

Katie Couric is one of my favorite television personalities and an icon of style in my mind.

Simply put, she has incredible style.

Classic.  Demure.  Ladylike.  Sophisticated.

I want almost everything in her closet.

I definitely want that fabulous leather skirt!  Amazing!

Yes, I am just a little jealous.

Hee Hee

While she hosted the Today Show on NBC for all those years, I watch almost every morning.  Now that she has her own show each afternoon, I record it.  Confession... I don't get to watch everyday though.  Sorry Katie.

I will post a few more times regarding Katie's incredible style but today we will focus on her classic use of black and white.

One of the great things about such a classic combination... a lady can wear it anywhere.

I would wear all of these outfits.  Each would take me so comfortably from work to drinks with girls or simply out for Saturday errands.

Disclaimer:  I took all of these photos directly from  Credit where credit is due.

Moving on...

Each outfit is just alike but they are never the same.  Flawless.

Below are just a few examples of Katie's sensational taste.

I adore each of these ensembles.  Each outfit is perfect.

So chic and ready for the city with this fabulous leather top.


Just a simple white blouse and black pencil skirt but it looks great!

Just two more classic looks from my icon o style.
LOVE that wrap skirt!

That black blouse is simply yummy and I need a great white pencil skirt.  Every girl does.

Polka dots!  What girlie girl doesn't love her polka dots?

So classy.  So classy.

Chic & sophisticated.

-- The Leather Skirt --

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