Friday, April 27, 2012

Polka Dots & Pink...

A second outfit post this week.  Wow, what's a girl to do?

I am SO unmotivated today.  Does anyone else ever get that way?

Sitting here at my desk doing something I NEVER do... writing a blog post.  Occasionally, I will take 10 minutes to breeze thru some of my favorite blogs while I am at the office (I just need a momentary break sometimes) but to actually sit here and invest the time to write a post... NEVER.

As I said, I really do not want to be here today.  Friday, I guess?

Check out this wonderful blog - The Stylish Housewife.  She is a lovely lady & her blog is inspirational.

Today she asked about outfit planning.  I left a 'comment' stating that i like to plan the night before.  I really do.  Today's outfit is no exception.  The weatherman said that it would be beautiful today.  It is.

Anyway, I knew that I have a lunch date and then a meeting in another building not far from my office today so I will be spending sometime outside.  What better reason to come up with something light and airy.  Fun and feminine.  At least I think so.  Here is what I am wearing today...

I started with my soft pink blouse.  I have shown you this blouse before in a little edgier look as I paired it with my black leather skirt.

I have paired this blouse with my Carmel leather skirt that I recently showed you here

Do you think that would be a good ensemble sometime soon?

Today I opted for a 'lighter' touch.  I went with my black & white polka dot skirt that I debuted for you here back in December.  What do you think?

I think they work well together. 

How about you?

Next, a great pair of shoes.  I just LOVE my Stuart Weitzman heels.  They are wonderful 'walking' shoes.  Yes, I will wear these all day today... even after I get home.  LOVE them.  Tennies are for working out but that's just me.

So here it is all together...


I am feeling really 'pretty' today.  I don't mind saying.  Hee Hee

Well, I have wasted the morning away... time for lunch.  Hee Hee

- The Leather Skirt -

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

An Outfit Post... YES... An Outfit Post!!!


Thanks to all of you that have patiently hung with me.  Welcome back to those that have stumbled back in despite not really having missed my wit & whimsy.  A hearty HELLO!!!! to those that are venturing over to my little corner of the Internet for the first time.

Today I present an outfit post... for the first time since February 14th!!!!  I know.

If you read my blog at all (or if you are new, I suspect the name alone tells you all you need to know?)... you know that I truly LOVE wearing leather skirts.  When assembling today's ensemble I decided to start there.

This gorgeous skirt is the one that mom gave to me for Christmas... directly from her closet.  I treasure it. 

The color is wonderful.  Best of all, I think that I will be able to wear this baby year round.  Who am I kidding... of course, I will.  I wear my black one on hot August days, why wouldn't I wear this one?

Hee Hee

Next up, a great blouse.  Today I went with dainty... feminine.  Let's take a little edge off the leather since I will be attending a program at my nephew's school tonight.  You can read a little more about that here if you missed the recent changes in my life.

I just LOVE this blouse.  Delicate.  Feminine.  Sexy & conservative.  Perfect.

I think the subdued polka dots make it unique.

So the question... how well does it work with the centerpiece of the ensemble?

I think quite well.  How about you?

Next... shoes... what to do... what to do?

To warm for my beloved boots so I went with these.

The color isn't perfect for 'matchy - matchy' (I am a HUGE fan of 'matchy - matchy' right now) but they are so cute and perfect for strolling around the office and downtown on a warm day.

Do you like them?

So it all came together like so...

I have to say... this IS one of my favorite ensembles in some time.  I love the skirt.  I love the blouse.  The shoes are beloved members of my wardrobe since college, maybe high school?  Why haven't I put all this together already?

I have a business trip coming up in a few days.  Perhaps I will recreate this ensemble for a new audience?  Sometimes when I have an opportunity to travel I will wear the exact same outfit that I wore just a day or two prior because I liked it so much the first time.  I figure, why not, this group of people didn't just see me in it two days ago.  Does anyone else do that?

Hope You're Week Has Been Great Already... HAVE A WONDERFUL DAY!!!

- The Leather Skirt -

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

My News... The Good, The Bad, The Ugly...

Ahh... I have neglected my little corner of the Internet for so long that I seriously struggled for a moment to get logged back in.  Sad, but true.  Oh well, I have good reason for my neglect.

My last "real" post came on Valentine's Day.  A wonderful day for love... unless... you are my older sister.

As I have mentioned before (at least, I think?), I have two sisters.  One is a couple of years older and the other is a few years younger.  We are all college graduates and settled into our chosen "life's pursuits".  For my older sister that "pursuit" is wife & mother.  She reunited with & married her high school sweetheart after spending much of their college years dating other people.  They have been married now for several years.  She has given birth to a beautiful girl and a very handsome boy.  Once the kids were born she left the paid workforce to raise her family.  A noble pursuit.

Life in her household has been a "Hallmark Card"... a "Norman Rockwell Painting"... for many years.  It seemed as if she had won "life's lottery".  Handsome husband.  Beautiful children.  House in the suburbs.  Minivan.  PTA.  Soccer games.  They had it all... until Valentine's Day 2012.  My brother-in-law is an old-fashioned %$&*^%#!  I am trying to be nice... remember my Christian upbringing.  Hee Hee

You see, 2-3 days after Valentine's Day my sister called.  Not unusual.  Unfortunately this time was different.  She was asking if I would consider welcoming her and the kids to the Dallas area with me?  Apparently my brother-in-law was caught cheating on her... red handed... at their home... on Valentine's Day.  You can't make this stuff up.  She had spent a couple of days at mom's but decided a change of scenery would be good for she and the kids as they sort through what to do next.

I try not to judge (accept with regard to the betrayal of said liar, of course) or offer advice.  What do I know anyway?  I have never been married, not really ever even that close.  I am not a mother.  I am the one... the one that just doesn't place priority on those aspects of my life.

Anyway... my sister will talk with her husband, the father of their children.  She will counsel with our parents and others as she seeks what is best for her and her family but for now she feels these things are best done in different time zones.

So... on the next plane I went... packed up the U-Haul and drove back to Dallas with my new roommates.  Aunt Jordan now has her niece and nephew under the same roof several nights a week.  Currently I am maintaining my apartment and staying their a couple of times a week but I also spend time at the home my sister is renting.  I have yet to "permanently" move in and may not ever?  My sister needs some space.  I like my life as I have established it.  We don't know just how "permanent" this move really is at the moment.  Too many uncertainties so for now I have two addresses, my apartment in Dallas and my sister's suburban home.

Yes, I am in the suburbs.  Stop laughing.  I am also a "parent" several days a week.  I am fully engaged.  Family game night.  Family movie night.  Homework.  School functions.  Soccer games. 

Yes, soccer games.  Stop laughing.  I have figured out that the soccer field is no place for a skirt or for heels.  The first day of games was funny... don't mind saying.  My sister tried to warn me when I appeared "ready for work" in my typical attire.  What do I know?  May have been the first time that I was actually a little uncomfortable in my chosen ensemble.  Stop laughing.  I told a couple of people that I was going directly to the office from the game... even BEFORE they asked why I was clearly not "dressed for soccer"... Hee Hee.  Just a little white lie.  Actually I now have a cute little denim skirt and a casual khaki skirt that I bought specifically to attend these games.  I am not wearing jeans or sweat pants out in public.

I digress.  Hee Hee

Well, if you made it this far with me... thank you.  Your support is so appreciated.  As you can probably guess, balancing work, an extended daily commute, and "parenting" has cut into blogging.  I am not shutting down the blog but my post will be even less consistent than they were before.  I hope that you will stick with me for the next few months?  I also hope that you will offer a prayer for all of the families that are struggling with betrayal.  Sometimes these sorts of things strengthen relationships.  I hope this is one such time.

-- The Leather Skirt --

Sunday, April 8, 2012


I know that I have been absent of late... BIG NEWS TO TELL... soon...

Hope everyone has a WONDERFUL Easter!!!

- The Leather Skirt -