Friday, April 27, 2012

Polka Dots & Pink...

A second outfit post this week.  Wow, what's a girl to do?

I am SO unmotivated today.  Does anyone else ever get that way?

Sitting here at my desk doing something I NEVER do... writing a blog post.  Occasionally, I will take 10 minutes to breeze thru some of my favorite blogs while I am at the office (I just need a momentary break sometimes) but to actually sit here and invest the time to write a post... NEVER.

As I said, I really do not want to be here today.  Friday, I guess?

Check out this wonderful blog - The Stylish Housewife.  She is a lovely lady & her blog is inspirational.

Today she asked about outfit planning.  I left a 'comment' stating that i like to plan the night before.  I really do.  Today's outfit is no exception.  The weatherman said that it would be beautiful today.  It is.

Anyway, I knew that I have a lunch date and then a meeting in another building not far from my office today so I will be spending sometime outside.  What better reason to come up with something light and airy.  Fun and feminine.  At least I think so.  Here is what I am wearing today...

I started with my soft pink blouse.  I have shown you this blouse before in a little edgier look as I paired it with my black leather skirt.

I have paired this blouse with my Carmel leather skirt that I recently showed you here

Do you think that would be a good ensemble sometime soon?

Today I opted for a 'lighter' touch.  I went with my black & white polka dot skirt that I debuted for you here back in December.  What do you think?

I think they work well together. 

How about you?

Next, a great pair of shoes.  I just LOVE my Stuart Weitzman heels.  They are wonderful 'walking' shoes.  Yes, I will wear these all day today... even after I get home.  LOVE them.  Tennies are for working out but that's just me.

So here it is all together...


I am feeling really 'pretty' today.  I don't mind saying.  Hee Hee

Well, I have wasted the morning away... time for lunch.  Hee Hee

- The Leather Skirt -


  1. Gasp!!!!! I love your polka dot skirt, it is soooooo pretty! :) Gorgeous with the light pink blouse and your heels! :)


  2. Loving that skirt! And the soft pink with the polka dots is such a cute combination. I bet it looks absolutely lovely on you!

  3. I love it!!!


  4. I think this is a great look! The blouse and the polka dot skirt look fantastic together. I feel unmotivated at times so I know the feeling!

  5. Loving the shirt! Great post

  6. What a beautiful outfit! Love the skirt, and the shirt! You should definitely wear it really soon!
    Thank you so much for commenting on my blog! Hope to see you again soon!

    Call me M @ Do You Speak Gossip?

  7. gorgeous pairing!

    xo Nav

  8. This reminds me of an outfit I would see in "Grease." I love it!
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  9. great combo!

  10. cute!!!

  11. This skirt is so cute!
    Please check out my blog too at Miss Tangerine :)

  12. i really love this shirt, is amazing!!

    nice to meet your blog!


  13. Love the skirt! So cute :)

  14. great blouse;) like it.

  15. cute retroy look!


  16. Love the combination!! Great look :) xo akiko
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