Thursday, December 15, 2011

More Polka Dots...

The blouse that I showed you all in my last post was such a HUGE success that it motivated me to go with some more polka dots today.  Actually, I received a number of compliments on it throughout the day as well.  It is a lovely blouse, prepare to see it again soon.  Hee Hee

Anyhoo... on to today's ensemble...

Once I had decided to go with this black & white skirt it got me to thinking what a smashing success the red/white/black combo had been here.  That post has been by far the most commented on since I started this blog last October.  Why not duplicate it?  The houndstooth skirt in that post was a thrift find, sadly this one was not.  This one came from my favorite store ever... Harold's.  Let's all say it together... "I miss that store."  

The skirts are far different materials and the patterns are not exactly the same but the impact is similar.  

What do you think of this skirt?

I chose a lighter weight sweater today because I knew that the rain would cause me to break out the long overcoat.  No pictures of the coat.  No one wants to see that.  Ugly.  Hey, it is warm and keeps the rain at bay so it remains in the arsenal just for days like today.

It is not all that cold but the rain and grey skies just makes it a craptastic day.  Thanks again Kassi.

I think the two just go beautifully together.  How about you?

To finish the look I went with... drum role please... my tall black boots by Born.  I actually like the look of the boots with the buckle embellishment I have shown you before better but you simply cannot beat these for their walkability.  Yes, that is a word.  Look it up. 

Don't believe me? 

Webster's says:  Any shoe or boot that remains comfortable even after several hours of walking.


Oh yea... the boots...

The entire ensemble came together like this...

What do you think?  I know, the red is a little bold but despite my tendency to migrate back to blacks, whites, greys, blues and various shades of brown I do like a little color.

BTW... because I always like to add a funny little story about my outfit if there is one to be told...

Earlier today we had a big conference call involving a number of members of our team and some clients from out of town.  Nothing unusual.  I was one of the last to arrive in the board room for the call.  Nothing unusual.  Hee Hee.  My boss was already on the phone with the client, going around the room introducing those that were already present when I walked in to here this...

My boss:  "... and John are already here."  "Jordan will be here... wait a minute... Mrs. Clause just arrived."

Now I don't think that was a reference to my wonderful giving nature so I am assuming it was due to the bright red sweater that I have chosen for today.

Please don't read anything into that.  I love my boss.  She is fantastic and we kid one another all the time about our daily outfits, our hair, whatever.  In fact, she is the person that first called me "The Leather Skirt".  She doesn't actually call me that anymore (not that I know anyway, Hee Hee) but occasionally I will here someone mention it as I walk by their office.

By the way, my boss always looks fantastic and will rock a leather skirt to the office on occasion, too.  She has three kids at home.  She has been married for almost 20 years.  She is amazing.

- The Leather Skirt -


  1. Hi Mrs. Claus! HAHA I love that skirt! The pleats in it are charming. :D

  2. LOL - no way, this is Ms. Lady in Red NOT Mrs. Clause - hehehe. I love it, what better way than to bring in the holiday with something red and cheerful!

  3. Thank you so much for your sweet comments! You can never go wrong with polka dots!

  4. aww this skirt looks like mine. you can also wear it as a dress.. that is what i did..
    love your blog, very cool

    check mine out if youd like


  5. Mrs. Claus wishes she looked that good! :) I love red, black and white. I am pretty sure it one of the best combos ever and hooray for the polka dot skirt!

  6. Great skirt - it goes with ANYTHING! Your boss sounds a fabulous lady - I'm jealous! :)


  7. Great match. I love the unexpected polka dots on such a classic outfit.

  8. LOVE that skirt- so pretty! And it's classic paired with that red top :)

  9. The red went perfect. I am loving that skirt. Such a unique polka dot pattern.
    Getting back to your question yes I am usually the most overdressed mom in any of our get togethers. At this point all my mommy friends know and expect that from me. I would probably get more comments if I showed up in sweats one day like them!

  10. Beautiful outfit - loving the combo of the red & polka dots!

  11. I like the red blouse on that skirt! it turns out to be a winning combo!! And your boss is great! A leather skirt is ageless in my opinion!!!

  12. That's a nice collection. I love the skirt and the combination with the red sweater is perfect for the season.
    Come by my blog sometime and if you like we can follow each other...


  13. I really like your blog!
    Follow each other?

  14. I'm absolutaly amazed by the skirt, great!

  15. Red is my favorite color and I love it with black and white and especially polka dots! Great outfit and story :)

    Red Soles and Red Wine

  16. lovely skirt! the material looks so soft....
    xx so

  17. I love this skirt and the pop of red is just perfect like a very chic Mrs. Clause.

  18. ohhh i LOVE polka dots!!! remind me of my childhood :P
    ps i am following now..pls feel free to join Lemoncake Wardrobe :)

  19. Love polka dots, they are so fun!!

  20. Love the skirt! I'm a huge polka dot fan! :)

  21. I like the polka dot look.... shame it doesn't work so well on boys! Perhaps I should start a new man trend!