Friday, December 2, 2011

Guess Who Wore Her Leather Pants To Wrok Today?


You thought it was me, huh?

This is what I went with today.  Actually not what I had planned last night but occasionally the morning brings necessary change, this time in the form of a rather unfortunate stain on the back of the blouse that I had not noticed the night before.  It was quite late.  Such is life.  Since this was an am ensemble there is but the one picture that made the cut.  Sorry.

Wore this sweater & blazer with black slacks & some burgundy'ish (it's a new word... look it up) booties. Rather conservative, huh?  No real "story" to tell.  Honestly, aside from the booties, I am not sure that I am even happy with today's attire.  Oh well, tomorrow is a new day.

Now, back to the point of this post...

If you have read my blog from the beginning you might remember my encounter with the lady smoking just outside my office building entrance one day when I wore my leather jeans to work? 

In case you do not, you can go back and read here to catch up.

Anyway, on my way out for the day this afternoon, we rode down together on the elevator.  Just the two of us, several floors.  Dum Dum Dum  (feel & hear the sound effects?)  Anyway...

I am a people watcher by nature.  I notice when people are milling about.  I notice what people are wearing.  I even "pass judgement" quietly to myself once in awhile.  I know, not nice.  I hope that I still am on Santa's "nice list" but perhaps not?  Anyway...

As I step into the elevator I can't help but notice that she is wearing a very sharp pair of black leather slacks with her tailored white blouse and wool camel colored blazer.  VERY sharp.  Sharp, indeed!

Although I am rather certain that she didn't recognize me (she seemed a bit distracted as she was toying with her unlit cigarette), I absolutely knew who she was right away.  Naturally, I immediately recalled some of our previous discussion and found her wardrobe choice for the day rather odd accordingly.  

So what do I do?  Do I work her over about being a hypocrite?  Do I congratulate her for seeing things my way?  Do I ask her silly questions?  Do I simply bask in my satisfaction quietly.  I know that is what a true adult would do but I am not always "the adult in the room"... so...

I turned to her, pointed to her pants and said, "Are those real?"  I just couldn't help myself.  Hee Hee

Shocked and somewhat embarrassed (I think this is when she remembered who I was), she looks down and says, "Yes, do you like them?"... a pause...  "Didn't I see you wearing some recently?"

Me:  "Yes, you did."  "In fact, I recall that you were quite interested in why I was wearing them to work."

Her:  "Actually, I think that I was rather rude that day."  "Is it too late to apologize?"

Me:  "Of course not."  

She interrupts... "I must admit, I was a bit nervous about wearing them today but they were a birthday gift from my husband and we were going to meet for lunch so I felt obligated."

Me:  "Well, how do you feel about wearing them now?"  

The elevator reaches the ground floor so her response is brief, "Wonderful."  "I cannot tell you how many compliments I have received today."  "I am sure I will wear them on a Friday again soon."  "Again, I am sorry for my behavior before."
Sweet, huh?  How can I not feel good about that?  This is why I never let people's inquiries bother me.  Honestly, in many cases I think it is sincere curiosity, combined with a little envy.  It does take a certain amount of "courage" (I use that word so VERY lightly) to step out of your comfort zone and open yourself to criticism.

Chalk up another "convert" for The Leather Skirt!  I couldn't even type that without smiling.  Hee Hee

Speaking of stepping out of your comfort zone.  I have been asked about photos of myself several times.  I will explain in further detail later but it simply isn't a good idea for me to do that.  Part of it is being self-conscious but that is such a very small part of my apprehension.  Can I leave it at that for now?


- The Leather Skirt -


  1. Congrats on inspiring someone to try something outside of their comfort zone! And I love how you asked her if they were 'real?' lol

  2. HAHAHA! That was awesome girl! She totally had to eat her words. Two thumbs UP for you! LOVE IT! :D Have an amazing weekend!!! :D

  3. Sounds like your look was quite chic and your experience quite gratifying =)

  4. It must feel so good to have made another convert! ;) You never know what affect things you say or do (or wear) have on people. It's so nice that you got a chance to see her change her mind (and also apologize for being rude!).

    ps Can we see a pic of the burgundy-ish booties? They sound ADORABLE!!

  5. Great job here. i love it all.

  6. hahahha Hooray! Way to win someone over. So nice that she apologized! Sounds like she did you proud though! :)

  7. What a great story! THIS is EXACTLY why you should bring the fur coat out of hiding!!! To be honest, I was concerned that mine might make me look older as well but then I thought- well, who really cares? I certainly don't because I, like you, take peoples' stares, questions or comments as compliments! That's what personal style is all about right?!? I don't think it's really style if it's not making some sort of impact, The more I push the fashion boundaries, the better I feel about myself and the more I discover what my style really is. You my dear, definitely have a cohort in crime in your corner! The "Leather Skirted SoCal Sophisticate" does have a nice ring to it, doesn't it? lol :) Xo

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  9. lovely colours :)
    laur x

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  12. I love this story!!!! And love that you said something to her :) What a great post.

    Red Soles and Red Wine

  13. I just adore you. I'm so glad that you said something to her.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88