Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Are Those Real Leather?

Has anyone ever been asked that while wearing your leather skirt, pants or shorts?  I get asked that almost every time I wear mine... never ceases to amaze me, never ceases to amuse me.

Friday was one of those days.  Friday is "Casual Friday" in our building, at least for most of the offices.  I am not really a big "casual girl" by most people's definition.  I like to be "dressed up".  It makes me smile to get up each morning and pull something together... especially on those days that I feel like my efforts have really paid off. I was happy with my efforts on this day.

This past Friday I decided to go with a pair of leather jeans that I picked up via Ebay recently.  They are North Beach Leather and simply fabulous.  I suspect they will get plenty of wear over the next few months?  I don't think North Beach Leather exists anymore?  Too bad, they make great stuff.

I paired my leather jeans with matching black booties, a light sweater and a matching wool blend orange blazer.  After all, it is almost Halloween.  In my humble opinion, very conservative but casual & sharp as well.  Perfect for the office, perfect for drinks later that night, too. 

On my way to the car I have my first interaction of the day.  Two men on their way out watch as I walk by.  No cat calls, just a polite gaze as I breeze through their field of vision.  I am not offended, this is something that I expect and even appreciate.  I figure if you don't want men noticing you, wear over sized sweats, right?

Next, I run in for coffee while getting some gas.  Although there are certainly people taking notice, no one says anything until I get into line.  While waiting for the register a lady behind me says, "Are those real leather?"  This is the most common of ice breakers amongst the curious and somewhat confused.  Ha!  

The rest of the conversation goes something like this...

Me:  "Yes, they are."
Her:  "Why are you wearing leather pants?"
Me:  "I like them."  "Why do you ask?"
Her:  "Aren't they hot?"  "I would think that they would be hot?"  
Me:  "Actually they are quite comfortable."
Her:  "Are you sure that they are not hot?"  "I would have guessed they would be hot?"
Me:  "No, they really are quite comfortable."

Saved by the call of the register, the questioning stops.  Who knows where this conversation was headed? 

Upon arrival at work I approach the parking garage building entrance.  Near the entrance there are always people taking in the last cigarette of the morning before making there way to their respective offices.  This morning would be no different, except...

As I approach the doors I hear another lady call to me.  Pretty (30'ish) and sharply dressed.  I actually liked her suit very much.  She must work in an office that doesn't adhere to the common practice of "Casual Friday"?  I have noticed her a number of times before.  Seemed nice enough.

Anyway, as she points to my leg, she asks, "Are those real?"

Me:  "Are they real what?"  I know what she means but I like to toy with people sometimes.
Her:  Still pointing.... "Are they real leather?"
Me:  "Yes, they are."
Her:  "Do you think that is appropriate for work?"
Me:  Taken a back just a little... this is rather forward... "Actually yes, do you not?"
Her:  "No, I think that leather pants should only be worn to concerts & dancing... stuff like that."  She goes on...  "I see you walking in quite often."  "You wear leather skirts to work often, don't you?"  "I have thought about saying something before but decided not to for whatever reason."
Me:  "So why was today different?"
Her:  "I just think the pants are too much."  "The skirts are one thing but the pants are just too much."
Me:  "Well, I am not sure why you feel that way but as far as I am concerned how I am dressed should never be a concern of yours."  "By the way, I actually like your suit quite a bit."

Not sure if it was my response or my compliment of her suit but either way she had no witty response so I politely wished her a good day and moved along.

Up the elevator I go.  While waiting for my floor, a gentleman (50'ish?) sheepishly clears his throat and says, "Can I ask you something?"

Me:  "Sure."
Him:  Still somewhat uncomfortable... "Are those real leather?" 
Me:  "Yes."  "Why do you ask?"
Him:  "Just curious."  "I don't see many women wear leather pants."
Me:  "I wear mine quite often, especially on the weekends."  
Him:  "Well, if you don't mind my saying, I think they look great."
Me:  "Thank you, thank you very much."  "I actually needed that just a little just now."

I arrive on my floor and off the elevator I go.

Work is an interesting array of reactions throughout the day although after three years in this office my co-workers are quite used to seeing me in the office wearing leather skirts and pants.  My blog is actually called "The Leather Skirt" because some of my fellow worker bees actually call me that occasionally.  I can see where it might seem mean but mostly I think it is complimentary.

Upon leaving the office and getting back to our apartment building several of us like to walk up to a local establishment for drinks.  Friday night would be one of those nights.  On this night there were seven of us but I am the only one wearing leather.  My friends all have similar wardrobe tastes so this is a little unusual.  In a group of this size there are often at least two of us wearing leather, sometimes three or four.

The night is fun.  Mostly just hanging out and talking.  Some of the best times.  LOVE these girls. One last story though...

We are there for at least a couple of hours and the server comes and goes frequently.  I never notice her paying me any particular attention until we get up to pay the bill.  Apparently she notices us headed for the door because she made her way across a crowded business rapidly just to speak with me before I leave.  My first thought, did I leave something behind?  Hand bag, check.  Cell phone, check.  What could it be?

Her:  "Are those real leather?"
Me:  "Why do you ask?"
Her:  "I have a bet with another server"  "She says that it is real leather but I think that they are fake."
Me:  A little agitated... "Well, pay up, I am afraid that they are very real."
Her:  "Are you sure?"  "I have some faux leather leggings and they look real."
Me:  "I am quite certain."
Her:  "Can I touch them?"
Me:  "Actually, I think that might be a little weird."
Her:  "Please."
Me:  "I would rather that you not."

Frustrated, she scurries off.  I am not sure who ended up paying on the bet?  Ha!

I am an avid reader of many blogs and this 'link' goes to a post with a similar story.  Natalie of  Lucy & The Runways had some similar experiences last week as well.  I think she handled them so well that I wanted to share her story as part of this post.  Natalie, I hope that was okay?

Has anyone ever had a similar experience while wearing some of their leathers?  How do you handle it?  Did they ask to touch your garment?  Did you let them?

Looking forward to reading your responses,

- The Leather Skirt -


  1. Hahaha this is awesome! I can't believe the suit lady-how rude...but the waitress, 'can I touch them'-super weird!


    Erin @ http://www.trufflesnruffles.com/

  2. I hate it when people ask stupid questions or comment on ones clothing. She probably thinks its to much because she aint got the guts to wear leather pants. You go on with your leather pants and skirts !

    Love S.

  3. Gosh, you met some really interesting characters!

  4. this is hilarious! such a conversation starter. and i sincerely admire your ability to keep your cool! i probably would have just glared at the third person to ask me!

    --instead of an elephant

  5. nice post, I like your style!
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  6. Frankly, I think these were all inappropriate questions. What is wrong with leather pants or leather skirts? There is a line that you do draw at the office, but frankly, what is the issue? I have actually never worn any of my leather skirts or pants to the office because..ok...here comes the truth. I am very picky and I don't want "butt bubbles," or "knee bumps." and that is what happens if you sit in leather for long lengths of time. But that waitress was waaay out of line, I would have said you can touch these but my tab is comped.

  7. OMG i get creeped out when people as to touch my clothes or jewelry. Nice post, it was entertaining.

    Liz Lizo

  8. love this post and also your blog! I follow u!
    pass to my blog and if it likes you, follow me too :D

  9. haha I wear leather pants a lot trough the winter and they ask me the same questions and I'm like they are really comfy and perfect for fall.

  10. This made me laugh quite a bit. I wore faux leather leggings a few weeks ago and a store owner asked me if they were real. I replied that they weren't and he said if you don't mind me saying I think they are sexy. I just smiled and thanked him and then he launched into a three minute story about the episode of "Friends" where Ross wears leather pants. Who knew that leather and faux leather could be such a conversation starter. I am now following you. Thank you for your comments on my blog.


  11. Hahaha why do people ask some questions like that.. Eh I think leather pants look amazing.. winter or summer!

    All the best, ~Angel

  12. OMG i had a lot of fun reading your post! No it never happened to me!!!
    Come to visit my blog sometime and if you like let's follow each other!

  13. I have just read these posts and they really amused me.
    A few weeks ago, I was finishing off my cigarette outside the local shop. They have one of those wall ashtrays without a stubber, so I normally have to tread my cigarette out, then pick it up and put it in the bin.
    Just as I was finishing the cigarette, a guy asked me if my pants were real leather, so rather than answer him, I just rubbed the cigarette out against the side of my leg before binning it. It created a shower of sparks that just rolled off my jeans. The look on the guys face was quite a picture as I said, "does that answer your question, they are real cowhide". I may have had smelly pants for a while, but it was worth it just to see his reaction.