Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Style Icon - Katie Couric - Leather...

Katie Couric is one of my favorite television personalities ever.

She is definitely an icon of style in my mind.

Simply put, she has incredible taste in clothing.

Classic.  Demure.  Ladylike.  Sophisticated.

This is my third post regarding Katie Couric's flawless style.

Today I focus on my favorite wardrobe essential... leather.

Katie obviously agrees that leather is essential this season.

Disclaimer:  I took all of these photos directly from Katiecouric.com.  Credit where credit is due.

Classic black pencil skirt & white blouse.  Perfect.

The black pencil skirt gets a little more casual partner this time.

This time she pairs her black pencil skirt with a very feminine blouse to soften things up.

Black leather skirt.  Versatility.  Are those two words interchangable?

Nothing beats a black pencil skirt & a red top... nothing.

A brown leather skirt seems to even work well with red and that is a pairing that I don't think I would have come up with on my own.  Bravo!

Naturally these two colors are made for each other. 

Of course, nothing is ever hotter than a red leather pencil skirt but Katie is so flawless that she takes this red hot number (pun intended) and creates a classy silhouette in this black/white/red combination.

Full disclosure... black/white/red is perhaps my favorite combination.

Katie does not limit herself to the "safety" of a traditional leather skirt either.
She is not afraid to rock her leather pants.

... Or even a leather dress...

I don't even own a leather dress.

Amazing legs, huh?

She either works out 20 hours a day or has been blessed unfairly.

Hee Hee

Katie even knows how to make leather a little more demure.
How fabulous is this incredible peplum number?

One word... sophisticated.

Even in red this leather tee just seems to make this otherwise "dressy" pencil skirt ensemble appear to be a bit more casual.  Nice!

I am not sure about the leather dresses... I may not be ready for that?  Perhaps under a classic blazer?

Otherwise... I want all of these items in my closet!

Katie... Your style inspires me daily.

Although I never intended this to be three posts, I will likely post a few more times regarding Katie's incredible style simply because I love it that much.

Hope You Have A Lovely Day!

-- Jordan Michaels --

Given today's post, I think Katie may deserve my moniker more than I do.


  1. wow, Katie Couric really did the leather skirt justice! I love all the different ways she's styled it!

    cute & little

  2. I love leather skirts!