Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Pinstripes & Leopard...

I didn't really know it when I first posted here but I was starting down a new fashion road.

Within a month, my collection of high heels had grown and I had joined the Society Of High Heels Lovers permanently.  That was just a little over a year ago.

Today I am wearing the second pair of high heels that I ever purchased.  I now have others but these probably remain my favorite.

Leopard print is just so cool but I am generally not ready for anything more than an "accent" or an accessory when it comes to the animal kingdom.  The ladies I see sporting the leopard print  and snake skin skirts, pants, tops & jackets always look exquisite but I am just not sure that fits my style.  For now, these babies will satisfy my thirst.

Today's outfit really is pretty simple, nothing particularity dramatic but I love the look nonetheless.  Corporate chic really is my comfort zone.

One word comes to mind.  Polished.

As a long time member of the Community Of Girls Who Love Skirts it is only natural that I would gravitate towards a great pinstriped pencil skirt.

Add in a feminine blouse.  This one wears so well, too.

Perfect for a warm Autumn day like today.

... And another word that comes to mind... classic.  I like classic.

Pulling it all together...

So... what do you think?

I don't mind telling you, I had a few compliments on this ensemble already today and I just made it back to the office from lunch.

Hee Hee



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  1. those shoes are amazing!!!!