Saturday, September 8, 2012

Morning Soccer... Afternoon Errands...

Okay, so it was a wonderful morning of soccer. 

Honestly, I enjoy watching my niece & nephew play because they enjoy having me there but I rarely have any idea what is going on.  The goal scoring part is easy but surely there is more to it than that?

The important thing... there are a lot of laughing & smiling kids, proud parents and time together as a family.  Why wouldn't that be fun?

As you all know, I am not much for jeans or anything that lends itself to "casual."   

What can I say?  I like my skirts & heels.  I know many find that odd.

For me there is just no better way to start a day than getting "dressed" for it.  I feel better when I am "dressed up."  I think that might be one of the worst things about being sick.  Not even I want to get up and get "dressed" when I am sick.  Hee Hee

Unfortunately, soccer fields are not exactly ideal for a great pair of heels.  They are not even the best place for a sharp pencil skirt and silk blouse either.  It is not the stares that I might incur... it is the logistics.

You see, soccer fields are grass.  Sometimes that grass is wet, even muddy.  Hee Hee

There are no office chairs or air conditioners either.  Hee Hee

In short, The Leather Skirt needed to look for some kind of compromise between my primary "comfort zone" and logic.  Enter these cuties...

Yes, those are sandals.  They still have a heel but they are far more practical.

Unfortunately, no pictures.  You will just have to trust me.

When I saw it on the rack, I thought, "It is a mini skirt. Am I okay with that?"

Cute detailing and inverted pleats.  Cute.  "Maybe this will work?"

It is a little shorter than I am used to but once I got it on I decided I liked the length, given its purpose.

Add in a lightweight tank top...

...and it looks like this.

So did I strike a good balance?  I hope so.  I am scheduled back for soccer games in a couple of weeks and I intend to wear this skirt again.  Ladies?

However... once soccer was over...

I had things to do and they did not include soccer or wet grass.

The dress shoes MUST make an appearance.

Let's see if we can "dress up" this casual outfit with some new shoes... some fun shoes.

Don't you just LOVE them?  They are also a little out of my "comfort zone" so today is a day of starting new trends, I guess?

I saw them on the clearance rack at Dillard's over Labor Day Weekend and I just had to have them.

They were calling to me.  "I am only $28!"  "Can you believe it?"  "I am too good of a deal not to try on."

Do shoes ever talk to you like that?

So... off with the boring sandals and on with some FUN!

I did have some fun today, too.  The walking was a little tricky at first but they really are more comfortable than I expected.  I truly enjoyed wearing them.

In fact, as I type, I am admiring them on my feet.  Hee Hee

I think I will give them a spin at the office next week?  Not with this ensemble, of course, but I have some other ideas.  I will work them in... promise.

Oh, almost forgot, both kids won and my niece scored!  Yea!

Have A Great Evening!

-- The Leather Skirt --


  1. beautiful!

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  2. The outfit is great and I love those heels!