Saturday, September 1, 2012

Jordan Turns 40 Today...

No not me, a dear friend who also happens to be named Jordan.  Got you, didn't I?  Hee Hee

I have known her for years.  We worked together and have kept in touch through job changes, marriage, kids and the passing of time.  She is one of my girlfriends that I often meet for dinner & drinks.

She & I have such similar wardrobe taste and habits... even since she has become a mother.  Impressive.  Jordan may also be found at the grocery store on Saturday morning rocking her leather skirt!  Kinship like that runs deep I tell you.  Hee Hee

Her husband (Billy) actually calls me "Other Jordan" whenever we are together.  I prefer "Sexy Jordan", perhaps "Jordan The Great" but, alas, I guess his wife does deserve top billing.  Hee Hee


Birthdays... ugh... birthdays... might as well have some fun!  You only turn the big FOUR-OH once!


I will be there far too soon (she is older... much older... okay, maybe not MUCH older, but older nonetheless!)... but tonight we get to party and at someone else's expense!

Billy has set it all up.  Adults only tonight.  Dinner reservations have been made.  The dance floor has been confirmed.  Hotel rooms have been acquired.  Fun will be had by all!

Special occasions deserve special attire.  Today I pull out a skirt that gets far too little love.  I last showed you this baby way back on Valentine's Day.  Hard to believe but that may have been the last time she saw the light of day... or the dark of night.  Somehow red leather is hard for me.  I am actually a little self conscious about it.  Wear my black & caramel leather skirts all the time but the red just hangs there.  Maybe that is telling me something?

Anyway... here she is...

I wish that you could really appreciate the look, color and feel of this skirt.  Truly fabulous.

$25.00 on EBay so I guess two appearances a year is a good investment?  What do you think?  I did wear it to work the one time.  Not sure that I can do that again... not even me.  Hee Hee

Mix in a cute white shirt from Talbots and the red is muted just a little... or...

Is the red actually highlighted all the more?


My Stuart Wietzman's.  How many times have you seen these before?

I told you that they are wonderful for walking... we will see if they are great for dancing, too!

And the whole look...

Tonight is just going to be a blast but the whole day will be special.

I am heading over to pick my friend up for lunch later today.  She actually does not know about the party tonight (so thinks her husband anyway) so I invited her to a quiet lunch to celebrate her big day.

Just the two of us, no kids.  No men, just Jordan & Other Jordan

After lunch we will do a little shopping before I return her to her family in the late afternoon.

Billy is supposedly putting the finishing touches on tonight while I have her out.  Does he really think she is not suspicious?  Men are stupid.  Hee Hee

I am so looking forward to my day AND tonight!

-- The Leather Skirt --

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