Friday, September 7, 2012

Living On The Sun III...

It is over 100 degrees AGAIN... ugh!  Weatherman promises relief tomorrow... I hope so. 

Enough complaining... let's move on.

In short, I am infinitely happier with today's ensemble.  The jury is still out on the blouse I wore yesterday but the feedback I received was really quite positive.  What do I know?

I still think I am leaning towards bidding it farewell.

One comment suggested a cool orange pencil skirt.  Perhaps I will try that?

Anyway, yesterday I went with pattern on top & basic on bottom.  Today we switch it around.

Today I started with some shoes that have never appeared here before.  There is good reason.  I do not wear them much.  It is just so HOT today that I decided to pull them out.  Give them a spin.

I am not much of a fan of a shoe that doesn't actually cover my whole foot but my pounding heart convinced me to give them a try.  The shoes actually called to me as I breezed by the shoe department.  I guess the buckles and pointed toe was just too much for logic to overcome.  Hee Hee

Do shoes talk to you at the store, too?

Alas, my brain was correct despite my heart's efforts to convince me otherwise and these beauties really do not get the love that they probably deserve.  Maybe I will make a better effort?

I adore this floral print skirt that I got at Harold's many years ago.  It is so light & airy.  Flowy.  Pretty.  Perfect for Spring & Summer.  I feel quite "girlie" whenever I wear it.

Look at the details.  The color.  Harold's was the best.

All together now... "Ahh... I wish that store were still open."

Throw in a very feminine & flowy white blouse and you have the perfect outfit for a day living on the sun.

Seriously, I envision our astronauts wearing this very ensemble when we first explore the sun.  Hee Hee

Do they work together?

And it all comes together like so...

Oh, yes, I do have some different shoes in my bag for the walk from DART to the office.  These cuties are great around the office but they really are not made for the sidewalk.

Tonight I head out to my sister's place for dinner and a sleepover.  Apparently the soccer games are quite early and I promised not to miss opening day so Sis suggested I come on out tonight.

I have a cute outfit planned for the games tomorrow.  Hope you like it?

I hope you all have a great weekend!

-- The Leather Skirt --

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  1. very cute shirt!