Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A Touch of Pink...

Pink is such a lovely color.  I like all shades of pink.  Not only is it pretty and feminine it is remarkably at home when paired with any number of other colors. 

Pink comes in so many rich hues from quite soft to very bold.

Today I chose to go with a soft pink ensemble... almost head to toe... almost.  Apparently I am in need (or is it want?) of a pair of soft pink heels.  Hee Hee

I started with a recent EBay gem.  Some of the softest suede I have ever owned.

Cute little pleats at the bottom, too.

$10... Seriously.  Who would part with such a beautiful skirt for a mere $10?

Oh well, there loss... my gain.

Do you agree?

I think this soft pink oxford make the perfect partner for this lovely skirt.

I showed you this oxford style blouse paired with my black leather skirt back in November and paired with my beloved black and white polka dot skirt April.

Which ensemble is your favorite?

Since I have yet to acquire the aforementioned soft pink heels I elected to go with my white Bandolino's.

Funny, these shoes only made there "blog debut" a few days ago and both appearances have been after Labor Day.  Fashion rules... smashion rules.

And the full look...

I am out the door in just a moment.

I feel really pretty this morning.  Don't mind saying.  I just love it when an outfit makes me feel like that.

How about you?

Looking forward to a wonderful day.  Hope your is blessed, too.

-- The Leather Skirt --


  1. La falda godet muy de moda según la revista telva esta temporada!

  2. Beautiful look. Adore the contrast in textures. I can definitely see why you felt pretty :) xA