Monday, September 10, 2012

In The Navy...

Did I have you going?  You thought I had joined the navy, right?  Maybe I was wearing something "nautical" at least?  Okay, maybe not...

Oh well.  I couldn't help but go with the play on words.

It is late... creativity pretty much ends there.  Some would say it started that way considering what I wore to work today.  Perhaps?

Personally, I truly LOVE this skirt.  Very versatile.  Does well at the office.  Does well on the weekend.  Actually, for me, my attire is often one in the same.  Hee Hee

Anyway, what do you think of my skirt?

Don't you just love that detailing?  It is just different.

Mix in a classic oxford...

And you get a "conservative" but "feminine" look for the office.

Despite my penchant for a great leather skirt I am actually quite "conservative" in my wardrobe choices.  The platform heels that I showed you on Saturday really are a little out of my "comfort zone".

"Link" on over to that post and tell me if they are "office appropriate" footwear.  I have been wavering...

They are great shoes but these classic Nine West heels are more my "style" on a regular basis.

Nine West makes wonderful stuff and these have been well loved for years.

And the finished product...

My day... LONG, BUSY DAY... at the office was fruitful.  We finally finished a big project and got it out via FedEx just a couple of hours ago.  There is nothing like bringing something to a satisfying conclusion.

Well, way past my bedtime so I will call it a night.

-- The Leather Skirt --


  1. That's a polished the skirt!!


  2. It has been a long time since I visited.
    Love the skirt indeed. It is like boucle material right?
    I can see the pieces are conservative but from what I can tell they probably hug/fit your curves and therefore look amazing on.
    I used to love wearing my highest heels to the office cause I walked very little.
    Your heels look very practical though.

    I am handling my son growing up. I get teary eyed every now and then but you can't stop time.


    Also, please enter my SHAPE WEAR give away, just one week left...

  3. I love it - such a simple combination but it really works :)

  4. ooh nautical is my favorite - do you have a red scarf? That would look great with this!