Sunday, September 2, 2012

Just Grocery Shopping, Honest...

Yes, I am the one.  You know, the one lady in the grocery store wearing heels and a skirt.  I do not mean at 5:30 on a work day, lots of ladies could be seen there straight from work.  I mean on any random Saturday or Sunday.

Honestly, this is how I am most comfortable.  This has been true since about 8th grade.  It is a rare day that I do not get "dressed" right away.

The few pairs of jeans that I have owned over the years just haven't gotten the love that they probably deserved.

Anyway... had you been grocery shopping with me this afternoon, this is what you would have seen me wearing.

What would you have thought when I walked by?  Do you get "dressed" everytime you leave the house or just for work?

I guess that I didn't get enough "bold" red last night at the birthday party?  This is actually a simple lightweight t-shirt.  A little less "edgy" than last night's red.  Hee Hee

What do you think?

Oh, almost forgot, found a CUTE pair of heels while out shopping.  Can't wait to work them in somewhere so i can show you all.

-- The Leather Skirt --

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