Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Thank You Camilla, I Have Been Inspired...

Hello Lovely Ladies!

There is an outfit post here but early this morning, while reading my favorite blogs, something caught my eye.  I have been pondering it all morning so I just had to run home for lunch and get this post up today.

Camilla has a wonderful blog.  I just love this lady's style.  She is unique, yet classic... all at the same time. 

On today's post she mentioned coming "home" regarding her style choices.  In her own words:

One way or the other I always end up recreating a look in which I feel totally comfortable in. As much as I like to experiment and engage myself in different styles eventually I always come back "home", and home to me means bows, skirts, a curl here and there and a touch of pink of course.

This quote got me to wondering, why do so many of us work so hard to either impress someone with our dress and/or to not be noticed at all?  Trends are wonderful and there is nothing wrong with interpreting them in your own personal style but I have to ask, "Why do we try so hard?" 

Another blog that I would highly recommend is written by the lovely Abby

In one of her recent posts, she mentioned how good she felt wearing a vintage Diane von Furstenberg dress that she recently acquired.  She said that she wanted to wear it everywhere, even to take out the garbage.  My question.  Why not?  I encouraged her to wear the dress anywhere she wants.  She should.  She likes it.

Another Abbey that I recommend has a blog called District Dress Up.  If you have not stopped by her little corner of the Internet, you should.  Abbey impresses me because she is so young, yet so sophisticated in her dress.  She doesn't seem "trapped" by the trends that so many her age seem to want to follow.  Her style is classy and she is always so stylish, never overdone, never underdone.  Classic.  She inspires me as well.

Anyone who knows me will tell you, I dress for me and for me alone.

I am the one in the room that seems to always stand out.  Not because I am wearing clashing colors, unwashed clothes, weird things (although I admit the leather skirts are a little unusual) or because my hair is some off the wall color or I have a nose ring.  Sadly, I stand out because our society has gotten so lazy in its appearance.  Just an observation, not necessarily a criticism.

For me "home" is a skirt I love, a sensible pair of heels (no sky highs in my closet) and a great top.

This is how I am most comfortable.  I wear this combination almost everywhere I go and for almost anything that I do throughout the week.  Why shouldn't I?  Do I sometimes feel a little "over dressed"?  I suppose so but it truly doesn't bother me for very long.  Why should I "dress down" if I don't want to?

What would be "home" for you?

Oh yea, today's outfit...

It is going to be so nice today so I decided to go "light & airy" today...

I just adore this polka dot blouse.  Light.  Soft.  Feminine.  LOVE.

This is just the cutest skirt.  Casual.  Dressy.  It is just easy to work into an outfit.

The belt is such a nice touch, too.

Despite the warm weather I decided to go with my beloved tall Caramel boots.  It is just February 1st!

And the finished product...

What do you think?  I have already been complimented two or three times today.  Hope you guys will send some more love my way?

Well, lunch is over... gotta run...

- The Leather Skirt -


  1. Thank you honey <3 <3 <3

    Big Kiss


  2. Absolutely adore your blouse! Super chic outfit... I would expect you'll be getting plenty more compliments today! :) I also looked at Camilla's blog... It is wonderful, I will be following her :)

    I think I used to have a "home" and a very specific style when I was still a student. I am trying to adapt that to professional work wear, but still struggle sometimes. Bows, ruffles, skinny jeans and high-waisted skirts always make it into my closet though! Oh and long, chain-link necklaces have been a go-to accessory for awhile!

  3. This is a very classy outfit!! I love that blouse! I'll check all of these blogs you have mentioned!!!

  4. Totally agree girl - it's all about owning, wearing, and loving what makes YOU feel good!!!


  5. Love this post! Cute outfit too! Yes I agree completely no matter how we break out and go in different directions with our look...we do return to who we really are and feel most comfortable. For me it's my jeans, heels, t-shirt and big sweater! Simple styles for me. Love the site...just found you! I will definitely be following you...! Come visit my site sometime and maybe follow back!
    XO Carrie

  6. Aw! That is so kind. You made my day! I agree- dress for yourself :) Thanks for posting. xo!

  7. I love that yellow blouse, the camel skirt is beautiful too!

  8. That blouse is super great I love the subtle detailing to it. You're right we should always wear what we love. I have always marched to my own beat occasionally trying out a trend. I come from a VERY small town. How I dress everyday is WEIRD to those around me but I couldn't care less. I flaunt it because I've got it and I do it my way. :)

  9. Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog! Love, love that blouse!

  10. What a sweet post - very inspiring! xoxo

  11. So pretty!! Love that blouse! The entire ensemble is so classically chic!

    ox from NYC!

  12. love the bouse! very chic!

    love from San Francisco,

  13. What a great post. I love the quotes. I am going to check out those blogs. I guess home to me is wearing something that is different that has that one thing that pushes the outfit from 'cool' to 'that is unusual'. I too stand out almost always because I do dress differently but I love it. I was at my son's school's open house the other day and my friend said when she walked into the auditorium she didn't even have to look for me just noticed the hat and the tights and knew that was me. :)

  14. Interesting post - I love the outfit - the colour combination and especially the polka dot blouse!

  15. Incredible and fun!

  16. Ohh such a gorgeous blouse!

  17. Absolutely love, love, LOVE!!! I think you are my fashion hero because you always inspire me and keep me motivated to not let the lazy get the better of me. Especially lately, since I started my yoga teacher training it has been too easy to stay around in my yoga clothes all day but I have definitely felt as if there was something missing. I haven't been honoring my inner style guru and she has not been very happy with me! I've also been feeling overwhelmed and out of time so I haven't been giving my blog the attention it deserves but your post reminds me that I can't give up b/c the fashion masses need more sophistication inspiration!!! We are on a mission! Thank you, thank you, thank you for mentioning me- I am so flattered and honored to be in such great company!!! :) Xoxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxox

  18. Very thought provoking post. I agree, sometimes we do try too hard, and I am right with you on that one. The funny thing is... when I find myself over thinking an outfit or trying hard, I don't like the end result. I love when I just piece things together when I'm not thinking about it and it's then when we find what we really love.

  19. Adorable put-together ! Looks amazing !

    Wanna follow each other? My blog is

    and my FB page is

    Greetings from Italy <3


  20. I agree, we should wear what we love ;)
    Love the bouse!

    I really like your style and your blog!

    Maybe you want to follow each other? I'll follow you back for sure :)


    "Dicas de saúde, beleza, e exercício físico em casa"

  21. wow love the blouse :) Polka dots are always so feminine and pretty.

    For me "home" is a mini dress and high heels. I feel so confident wearing an outfit like that :) Or micro shirts and maxi sweater.. works for me too ;)


  22. The blouse are amazing! Love it :)
    Hi from czech rep. :)

  23. How funny that you posted this since just yesterday I had a post about finding your own style! For me "home" means neutrals and classic pieces. I don't understand why people feel the need to follow every single trend out there, especially when it doesn't actually work for THEM. Great post dear :)

  24. thanks for comment and following, followed you lovely blog now:))

  25. Love what you wrote - I definitely think people have been lazy at dressing and love that your home is a skirt. My home would be a dress, but now that I live somewhere cold, it would probably be a pair of skinny denim and a adorable top and sweater.

    Red Soles and Red Wine

  26. Love the light and airy feel! Camel and white are just so beautiful together.

  27. Very Elegant top! Hope you're doing well! MIss your sweet comments!

  28. LOVE that blouse!