Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day... The Red Leather Skirt Edition...

I did it, I wore the red leather skirt today.

This skirt...

How beautiful is that color?

When I first saw it on EBay I almost did not buy it.  I mean, it is red for goodness sake!  Where in the world would I wear a red leather skirt?  Surely even I would not wear such a skirt to work... would I?  As much as I work it is hard to justify purchases that cannot spend at least some time at the office.

This beauty was made for Saks Fifth Avenue but I bet I bought it for far less than its original owner.  Are you ready for this?  $25.00!  Shipping and all!

I decided that for that price I would get it home and then decide if I actually had the courage to give it a spin.

What do you think?  Was it worth a role of the dice?

As for today, honestly, I was a bit aprehensive about wearing the skirt but I talked myself into it. 
But... I wanted to ensure that I had not stretched the limits of our rather conservative office dress code too far so I was VERY careful to pick complimentary pieces that I think helped to minimize the "extremeness" of a red leather skirt at the office.

What do you think?  Did I do well in my choices?

Pretty little "girly" blouse.  Feminine and professional.  Understated.

Naturally, I tucked the blouse in though.  You just cannot let a skirt like this not be on full display.  Hee Hee

Senseable collar.  Not too much showing... you know what I mean.

They work together rather well.  I may put these two together on their own one weekend soon?

Again, in keeping with my effort to make the whole ensemble as "professional" as possible... I went with a simple black blazer from one of my suits.  Tasteful.  Understated.

I thought briefly about my beloved tall black boots but decided at the last minute that these Stuart Wietzman shoes would be more "professional" and would help to play down the color of this skirt.

What do you think?  Would have you gone with the boots?

And the full ensemble...

Well, was I successful?  Did I pull off an acceptable office look while wearing my red leather skirt?

In the end, the experience could not have been any less eventful.  A couple of people at the office commented about how much they loved the color... that was it.

I think this baby will see the light of day again soon...

BTW... Valentine's was kinda lame for me.  How was yours?

I met an old college buddy for dinner.  We have done this every year when both he and I do not have a Valentine's Day date.  Sadly, there have been far too many Valentine's Day dinners between the two of us over the years.  Hee Hee

No frowny faces... it really is okay.

- The Leather Skirt -

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Winter Has Returned...

Okay, so many of you are laughing at the mere thought of Winter in Dallas.  I know.  Don't laugh.  Cold is relative just as hot is relative.  Remember your laughter at me now when you are complaining about how hot it is where you live next August.

Now that we have cleared that up... it is rather cold today.  England cold, actually.  The temperature is not really all that low but it is damp, a little breezy... just uncomfortable.

How else should a stylish lady (I said to stop laughing!) deal with a chilly day?

Why leather, a great blazer and comfy boots, of course!

Today's attire...

As anyone that reads my blog (or I guess anyone who just read its name?) knows, I love my leather skirts.

I wear them to the office regulary but I think it is very important to take some of the "edge" off the skirt when I wear it to the office.  Considering this fact, the items that I pair with the skirt are critical in my opinion.

Although I do not always wear a blazer to work with my leather skirts I do think it is appropriate.  In my opinion, a good blazer provides a professional finish to virtually any ensemble. 

This particular blazer is just one of many items in my closet from Harold's.  All together now... "I miss that store."  I really do.  Talbots is a satisfactory replacement but it just isn't the same.  The world is a less happy place without Harold's in it.  Okay, perhaps that was a little melodramtic.  Hee Hee

So what do you think of my blazer?

I think this blouse is a perfect partner as well.  Subtle & classy.  I will even pair this blouse with a leather skirt without a blazer on a warmer day.  I hear you snickering about my thinking it is cold.  That isn't nice.

I think that the black tones in the blazer go well with the skirt.  What do you think?

My beloved tall black boots by Born...

And the finished look...

A quick story for today...

Do you remember my "office building friend" with the leather pants?  I first mentioned her in this post and then again here.  Believe it or not... we are twins today!  I have a full fledged convert.  I have to admit, I felt rather proud (not sure if that is appropriate?), maybe a little vindicated, when I saw her getting on the elevator ahead of me this morning.  She had a leather skirt on... kid you not!  I am sure it was her.  Unfortunately, I couldn't catch up to her so we didn't get to talk.  Hopefully I will see her when I return to the office in a few minutes.  We'll see?

WHOOPS!  Turns out the lady that I saw on my way in to the building yesterday was not my "friend" at all.  Not sure who she was but it wasn't the lady that I have encountered in the post mentioned above.  Ironically, as I raced back in from lunch (about 15 minutes after finishing the text above) I saw her out smoking in a completely different outfit.  Unless she did a quick change, I was mistaken about whom I saw earlier.

Oh well, it would have made a nice story, huh?

Obviously my friend has come around on the idea of a leather skirt at the office.  What are your thoughts on the matter?  Is it appropriate?

One last thing... on this post I answered a question regarding my least favorite trend.

Originally I said that my least favorite thing are baggy jeans.  I still don't like that but I want to ammend my answer today.  Is that okay?

Whether it is or not...

I actually dislike seeing women go out in their pajama bottoms.  Do they know that these are not actually pants?  Do they care?  I don't know but I am certain that it is unattractive.  Spend another couple of minutes and at slip on a pair of jeans.  Is that asking too much?

Now that I have probably offended a few... lunch is over... back to the grind...

Have a fantastic day!

- The Leather Skirt -

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Thank You Camilla, I Have Been Inspired...

Hello Lovely Ladies!

There is an outfit post here but early this morning, while reading my favorite blogs, something caught my eye.  I have been pondering it all morning so I just had to run home for lunch and get this post up today.

Camilla has a wonderful blog.  I just love this lady's style.  She is unique, yet classic... all at the same time. 

On today's post she mentioned coming "home" regarding her style choices.  In her own words:

One way or the other I always end up recreating a look in which I feel totally comfortable in. As much as I like to experiment and engage myself in different styles eventually I always come back "home", and home to me means bows, skirts, a curl here and there and a touch of pink of course.

This quote got me to wondering, why do so many of us work so hard to either impress someone with our dress and/or to not be noticed at all?  Trends are wonderful and there is nothing wrong with interpreting them in your own personal style but I have to ask, "Why do we try so hard?" 

Another blog that I would highly recommend is written by the lovely Abby

In one of her recent posts, she mentioned how good she felt wearing a vintage Diane von Furstenberg dress that she recently acquired.  She said that she wanted to wear it everywhere, even to take out the garbage.  My question.  Why not?  I encouraged her to wear the dress anywhere she wants.  She should.  She likes it.

Another Abbey that I recommend has a blog called District Dress Up.  If you have not stopped by her little corner of the Internet, you should.  Abbey impresses me because she is so young, yet so sophisticated in her dress.  She doesn't seem "trapped" by the trends that so many her age seem to want to follow.  Her style is classy and she is always so stylish, never overdone, never underdone.  Classic.  She inspires me as well.

Anyone who knows me will tell you, I dress for me and for me alone.

I am the one in the room that seems to always stand out.  Not because I am wearing clashing colors, unwashed clothes, weird things (although I admit the leather skirts are a little unusual) or because my hair is some off the wall color or I have a nose ring.  Sadly, I stand out because our society has gotten so lazy in its appearance.  Just an observation, not necessarily a criticism.

For me "home" is a skirt I love, a sensible pair of heels (no sky highs in my closet) and a great top.

This is how I am most comfortable.  I wear this combination almost everywhere I go and for almost anything that I do throughout the week.  Why shouldn't I?  Do I sometimes feel a little "over dressed"?  I suppose so but it truly doesn't bother me for very long.  Why should I "dress down" if I don't want to?

What would be "home" for you?

Oh yea, today's outfit...

It is going to be so nice today so I decided to go "light & airy" today...

I just adore this polka dot blouse.  Light.  Soft.  Feminine.  LOVE.

This is just the cutest skirt.  Casual.  Dressy.  It is just easy to work into an outfit.

The belt is such a nice touch, too.

Despite the warm weather I decided to go with my beloved tall Caramel boots.  It is just February 1st!

And the finished product...

What do you think?  I have already been complimented two or three times today.  Hope you guys will send some more love my way?

Well, lunch is over... gotta run...

- The Leather Skirt -