Monday, January 23, 2012

The Answers...

Okay, so I have not been a "good blogger" of late.  Actually, I have been an "awful blogger" of late.  All I can do is apologize and make excuses that no one is interested in hearing anyway. 

Alas, I will try to do better.

Anyway, in a recent post I made the somewhat foolish offer to answer some questions... should anyone out there in the world even care enough to ask. 

Surprisingly, a couple of you did.  It still astounds me that people are interested in my ramblings.

Here we go...

From the super cool Kassi of:  The Closet Intervention

I want to know what fashion trend you HATE the most!

Essentially the same question from my "Blogger Buddy", Sarah of:  Coming Unstitched

What trend do you hope NEVER comes back?

Baggy jeans!!!!!  That whole "hip hop" trend is awful if you ask me.  I know, it really hasn't completely gone away but I think it is on life support.  It seems like "skinnys" are more common now.  Anyone who reads my blog at all knows that I am not a huge denim fan anyway but if you are going to wear it, at least have it fit.  Do I sound like I am a grandmother now?  Hee Hee

From my friend Abby of:  SoCal Sophisticate

Where do you get your outfit inspiration from? And/or, besides the leather skirt, what is your second favorite piece of clothing from your wardrobe?

Inspiration... This one is easy... my mother.  I know.  Save your smirks, I really do.  I should dedicate a post to this question sometime as I don't want to carry on for too long on this subject.  Suffice it to say, my mother "dressed up" every day and I have followed her example as an adult.  She always dressed my sisters & I in skirts when we were young and I started truly embracing the concept from the time that I was in about 8th grade.  I like it.  BTW... my younger sister is the rebel in the family.  Hee Hee.

Second favorite thing in my closet... This is difficult.  Probably my houndstooth skirt at the moment.  Perhaps my red cashmere sweater?  Perhaps my tall black boots by Born?  I think the houndstooth skirt gets the nod.

As you have probably figured out by now, I like simple pieces.  Classic pieces.  I am as practical as I like to believe I am fashionable.  Mix and match, mix and match.  Multitudes of combinations.

From my lovely Italian blogger friend Francesca of:  Don't Call Me a Fashion Blogger

Hmmmmmm I am not sure what I could ask you...maybe... I am many leather skirts you have? I have been good and not nosy....

This one made me smile.  Francesca, you are not being too nosy at all. 

I currently have three leather skirts.  I consider two of them to be very appropriate for the office.  I prefer to buy things like this that I can wear to work.

I have the black one and the Carmel one that I have shown you and I just bought a red one from EBay.  Not sure about wearing that one just yet but the price was good enough that I thought I would take a chance.  I used to have a forest green one that I loved but I spilled coffee on it a few years ago so it had to go.  The funeral was lovely.  Hee Hee.  I also had a black mini skirt when I was in college.  I wore that when I went dancing, to concerts, occasionally for a date.  I decided I was too old for that one a couple of years ago and gave it to a neighbor.

From an anonymous reader called LGD:

What kind of coats or jackets do you wear with your outfits? Do you pair leather with leather (or not) since that could influence the reactions you get? Just curious.

Not sure about this reader.  Who are you LGD?

Anyway, I have some blazers, not many but some.  I don't wear them much so it is hard to justify investing in too many. 

As for coats, I have several and wear whatever fancies me on any given day.  Occasionally I will wear my leather coat with my leather skirt but typically not.  I don't recall ever having worn my leather blazer with either my leather skirt or my leather pants.  That is just a little too much, you know what I mean?

From another Sarah (the talented author of one of my favorite blogs) of:  Pencil Skirts and Lattes

Do you feel pressured to post outfits every day on your blog?

I certainly put pressure on myself but I don't feel it from any of you.  All of you guys are amazing... nothing but supportive. 

From the very sweet Margaret of:  Sugar Magnolia

Do you ever post pictures of you actually wearing your blog clothes?

And from a woman that amazes me daily, the same question.  I will never understand how Daphne of Fashion Confessions Of A Mommy manages two children, dresses so well everyday and maintains a blog as well.  Amazing.

Why won't you post photos of yourself in the outfits you wear instead of the clothes alone?

This last question is the most complicated and at the same time the easiest.  Simply put, I am a bit nervous about the whole idea.  On a more complicated front, it is not wise for me to be quite that forthcoming given my professional responsibilities.  My employer is a unique business partner to our clients.  Anonymity is crucial.  I am actually contractually bound to not maintain things like "Twitter" accounts, "Facebook" pages and such.  Blogs are not explicitly forbidden but it is probably best to not "ask" for trouble.  I am a highly visible member of our executive team, at least to our clients.  Should someone "stumble" onto pictures of my on the Internet it could get unnecessarily uncomfortable.  Simply not worth it.

Thank you all for your questions.  

I hope that I answered all the questions satisfactorily?  Feel free to post some more if you like.  Perhaps I will do this a second time soon?

If you are unfamiliar with any of these blogs I would encourage you to drop in and give them a read.  I "follow" all of them and enjoy them very much.

- The Leather Skirt - 


  1. You have only 3 leather skirts? I was guessing upwards of 10! No worries on not being able to comment, some of my readers were emailing and tweeting me the same. Hope all is well and I also get a lot of fashion guidance and inspiration from my Mom. She's after all the one who helped me perfect Haute Chocolat :)

    1. 10 would be awesome but I have just not made that big of a leap! I have been eyeing the pleated ones that I see on various blogs though. We'll see? I also put a bid in on a "marine blue" one I saw on EBay several months ago but did not win it. Oh well.

      Oh, and I do have a couple of suede skirts. I suppose I should have included them as well? Haven't worn them in some time (prefer the look of a finished leather) so perhaps it is time for a spin?

      - The Leather Skirt -

  2. I don't like baggy pants either. Ick! I would have thought you had a closet full of skirts. But I suppose you have a few that fit well why would you need more? My mom is a fab dresser too. Yay for moms!

    1. I do have a closet full of skirts! Hee Hee. Its just that most don't happen to be made of leather. I mostly wear knee length pencil skirts but I do have others as well. Some would say there are too many.

      Also... I am actually not an avid shopper. Because I prefer "classic" pieces that I mix & match it just isn't necessary.

      - The Leather Skirt -

  3. Sometimes I worry about the anonymity issue too since I plan to practice law one day and I don't know how that will play out. Not that I plan on entering politics or anything so I think it should be OK. When it comes time I will just shut down my blog, I know - just thinking of it makes me sad ;(

  4. I am posting anonymously for similar reasons. I left comments on some previous blog entries after I found your blog. But I am a guy who enjoys reading the comments of someone who really enjoys leather skirts. I've always been fascinated by them and the opinions that go along with wearing leather of all types. You don't have any photos of yourself so believe me when I say that I am here to read your insights more than anything. My wife has her own leather items that I get to admire in real life. Thanks for answering my question!

    1. LGD - All is well. I hope you will keep reading.

  5. love your comment was so sweet! Thanks for taking the time to come by :) We totally feel you on the baggy jeans!

    love from San Francisco,

  6. I love that your mother insipires you!!! Mine does too :)


  7. Love this Q&A post!! Awesome blog! Would love to hear what you think of my latest post! Follow me, I follow you?!


  8. Love this! Fantastic questions and I love learning more about you.

    Red Soles and Red Wine

  9. I really liked reading this (even though I'm a couple days late). I was especially interested in the part about your job and why you don't post photos of yourself in the clothes. That has to be hard to deal with being a fashion blogger!

    1. It does make fashion blogging a challenge sometimes. In the grand scheme of things I thing it probably can't really be called a problem though, huh?