Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Can't We All Just Get Along?

The title of this post is my best effort to "channel my inner Rodney King."

Today I find myself both deeply sadden and a bit afraid.  I am running so far behind getting to work but I decided that this post could not wait until tonight.  You see, in the early morning hours here in Dallas a man lost his life for what appears to be nothing more than a disagreement.  In the end it may prove to be far more than that but the current reports certainly suggest it was merely an argument gone horribly wrong.

His death is the obvious reason for my sadness.  My heart goes out to his family.  Was he a genuinely bad guy that got caught up with some other bad people?  Was he an Innocent bystander caught between bad people?  Who knows?  To me it doesn't really matter when considering my feelings for his family.  They are now dealing with an unthinkable loss and I pray for their healing.

Click here if you wish to read anything about the incident.

The reason that I am a little scared is simply because this senseless death occurred at the Pearl Station stop for Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART), hence today's only picture.  I ride DART every week and I go through the Pearl Station stop regularly.  I have never felt afraid on the train but today is a little different.  Today this event, these low life scum, have given me reason to think twice (even if for only a second) when deciding between driving to work or riding DART on any given day.  These lowest of vermin simply do not have that right. 

When will man learn to resolve conflict without unnecessary death? 

The Bible says the world will end with pain, suffering and war.  I believe the Bible.  I know that it is the Holy Word of God but I hope this one part of the Bible might be a misinterpretation by the men that wrote it.

Heavy stuff for a fashion blog, huh?  Sorry.  My heart is heavy today.  I was moved to write this post.  Hopefully it will touch someone's heart.

On a FAR LIGHTER note, I will try real hard to answer the questions posed based upon my last post before the week is over.  If you have another, feel free to post it.

God Bless You All

- The Leather Skirt -


  1. Oh my! This happens so often in Italy....I am always speachless whan it happens. And i am afraid that this could happen to any of us you know.
    Fight for a parking spot could be dangerous for example. I amean this is craziness....I truly don't understand

  2. that is so sad! why are ppl so quick to violence? I think its important to highlight on your blog!

    love from San Francisco,

  3. Incidents like that are always so sad and scary :( I'll definitely keep the man and his family in my thoughts

  4. Oh honey, I totally know how you feel, I get so affected by incidents' like these too :( There was recently a murder-suicide in our area where 4 people were killed just because one was jealous and I'm sure it didn't help that they were all drinking. I still am so sad about it. All we can do is continue to send love out into the world and not get sucked in to the negativity. I've learned that to be in fear only adds to the problem so chin up darling, we have to be strong in order to change the world but it IS possible! Sending lots of love your way Xooxxoxoxoox