Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Please Don't Forget Me...

I know that it has been a week since my last post and longer than that since I last posted an outfit.

I will do better... I will do better... I will do better...

Work has me feeling like I am burning a candle at both ends right now.  Hence the picture...

Going in early, staying late.  We are working on acquiring another new client and that is ALWAYS difficult.
I am doing my best to keep up with each of your blogs as it really is relaxing and I need a momentary break.  The hard part is coming home, pulling together an outfit for the next day, taking & editing photos and then coming up with some commentary that is even remotely entertaining.

I do have a few stories to share and hopefully I will get around to them soon.

In the meantime, I have been inspired just a bit so... here we go... hope that I do not regret this...

What would you like to know?  Ask me anything.  I do not promise that I will answer the question but I will try my best.  There you go, have at it...

- The Leather Skirt -


  1. Hmmmmmm I am not sure what I could ask you...maybe... I am many leather skirts you have? I have been good and not nosy....

  2. Lady - I am TOTALLY with you. exhausted. and feel behind on everything! I often don't have a chance to comment on every blog I follow but I read every post. sometimes that just has to be enough.

    :) so my question is - do you feel pressured to post outfits every day on your blog?


  3. I will give you a pass on blogging for now...I guess ;)

    Hope work gets better! I want to know what fashion trend you HATE the most! :)

  4. Just relax! No one will forget about your blog! Everyone gets super busy every now and then! Do you ever post pictures of you actually wearing your blog clothes?

  5. Love this pic!!! Start following you on GFC! Hope you'll follow me back! xoxo from rome

  6. Ok, here's a question when you have time. What kind of coats or jackets do you wear with your outfits? Do you pair leather with leather (or not) since that could influence the reactions you get? Just curious.

  7. Sorry about the super busy work schedule. Hope it lightens up a bit soon.
    My question is a silly one. Why won't you post photos of yourself in the outfits you wear instead of the clothes alone?
    When i started my blog I did this (if you go to my first 10 posts you can see) but it just wasn't doing justice so I started with taking 'a photo' of myself. Then realized bloggers were putting bunch of different angles and close ups of details etc... so it evolved. I know a few bloggers cut off their heads etc for privacy but just wasn't sure what your reason was.


  8. I know how you feel about being so busy. I try to blog as often as I can cause I love blogging but I also work in the office and now I even started going to the gym again. Plus I have a flat to tidy and a hubby to spend time with <3
    So take your time and blog only when you really feel you have the time to do it ! Lovely blog, anyway :-)

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  9. You blog as often as you can. Don't start feeling like you need to do it more often, then it'll feel more like a chore than anything and no one wants that! My question: What trend do you hope NEVER comes back?

  10. I know what you mean! Blogging can be so fun, yet so taxing! You do a great job though--keep it up! Love seeing what you come up with!


  11. Hope ya start to feel better! This time of year is full of stress, BUT it's also full of happiness, so keep your head up gorgeous!


    Dolled Up Daily


  12. No worries girl! We will patiently wait for you :) Hopefully work will slow down!!!


  13. I feel you sister!!! I've only had time for one outfit post this week and haven't posted at all since Tuesday! Life is like that sometimes and I think we just have to go with the flow and not fight it- otherwise we'll just use up all our energy and end up drowning when really, how much more fun is it to float along with the current and enjoy the view?!? I think I just had an aha moment- you're influence always does that to me!!! Take care of yourself and we will all be patiently waiting to read your stellar stories and see your fab outfits when life calms down a bit :) Xoxoxo

    Oh, and my question is...(and please forgive me if you've written about this already) where do you get your outfit inspiration from? And/or, besides the leather skirt, what is your second favorite piece of clothing from your wardrobe? Ok, now more xoxoxoxxoxooxo :D

  14. Hi Jordan!

    I hope this weekend is bringing you some much needed relaxation. I always love being busy but it's always good to remember to take some time to pamper yourself. :)

    I'm looking forward to when you post next!

  15. Aw, I'm sorry work has been so crazy. I hope it calms down and you get a little break soon!

  16. Your is blog awesome i´ll be back soon.

  17. We all understand being busy and the blog taking a little break :) hope everything calms down and we see you again in an outfit post!

    Red Soles and Red Wine