Tuesday, July 17, 2012

It Has Only Been A Month... Welcome Back!

Welcome Back!

Am I permitted to say that to myself?

Not sure?

Oh well, here I am returning to the blogosphere again anyway.  I hope anyone who does actually stop down for a brief read here (and THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU to those that do) in my little of the world wide web, deserves a bit of an apology.  Keeping up is hard.  I am amazed by those that manage to post virtually every day.  You guys are an inspiration... and a small bit of frustration... Hee Hee.

Moving on...

For those that did read my previous post... my meeting did not go well enough apparently.  Our client decided to go with another firm.  These things happen.  Do you think it was my suit?  Perhaps I should have gone with one of my leather skirts?  Hee Hee

Sis returned with my niece and nephew so my "family commitments" picked back up again.  They are settling in and doing as well as can be expected.  Thanks to all for your best wishes and prayers.

Oh yea, this is supposed to be a fashion blog...

Here is today's take on "corporate chic"... Jordan style...

Today I am going for the whole "School Girl" look... albeit a little older student... Hee Hee

I think that I have shown you this blouse before but (to be brutally honest) I am too lazy to look back thru my posts to check.  Hee Hee

Ladies, do not fret, there is a camisole, I am not letting it all hang out.  Hee Hee

I love how "girly" I feel when I wear this blouse.  It is one of the few things that I wear that I do not tuck in.  It is just so light, so "flowy", so "frilly"... I just do not want to be "polished" when I wear it.

I wore this blouse to the office just a few days ago with a different skirt but all day at work yesterday all I could seem to think about was plaid.  Plaid computer screens.  Plaid cars.  Plaid report covers.  Plaid everything.  Perhaps a little overstated?  I know, weird.  Does anyone else go thru a day with patterns bouncing around in their head?  Perhaps I should see a professional?  Hee Hee

Anyway, switcharoo and here we are... I like this skirt.  Honestly, I do not wear it much but I like it.  It kinda has that "Catholic School Girl" appeal to it.  Don't you think?

A quick little zoom in

The two together in all their glory...

To finish things off... a great pair of interesting shoes.  At least I think so.

These lovelies have been in my wardrobe for years.  I wish that I would have purchased both a black and a tan pair when I bought these so I could wear them more often.  LOVE the crocodile pattern!  Great heel, too!  Just the right height for my liking.  Not too tall.  Not too short.  Perfect. 

What do you think of the toes?  Cool, huh?

And the entire ensemble...

Well, it is now time to read a blog or two and then get the coffee started.  Busy day ahead.

Look forward to reading your comments and again, welcome back!

-- The Leather Skirt --