Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Hounds REALLY Have It...

I truly LOVE the houndstooth pattern.  I have for as long as I can remember.

Maybe it is a 101 Dalmatians thing?  I know that is not exactly the same thing, but hey, that Cruella DeVille sure knew how to do a black and white pattern, huh?

A classic black and white ensemble.

What do you think?

If you have followed my blog for some time now, you have seen this fabulous skirt before.  I last showed it on the blog here.

This is one of my many items from Harold's. It really is an incredible skirt.

Amazing quality.

Great fit.

Classic pattern.

What more could a girl want?

Harold's... say it with me... Ahh... Harold's.  I really do miss that store.  Of course, Ann Taylor LOFT has been easing my pain just a bit recently.  Hee Hee

Like the skirt?

The heels are brand new.

First time in the sun. 

As I mentioned in this post, they are from Kohl's.

At $28 I just HAD TO HAVE THEM.  At that price, how could I not at least TRY them?

Surely leaving them behind would be some kind of misstep?  You know, the kind of oversight that leads to unforeseen difficulties in your life as a way of making sure such a clear mistake never happens again.

Hee Hee

As you might recall, the reviews for these shoes on the Kohl's website were not stellar.

I am here to report... poppycock!  Fabulous shoes!

As you know, I am just now experimenting with higher heels and I wore them all day.

Confession... I had my "sensible heels" in my bag just in case but I never even thought about pulling them out... AND... I did some walking today.  Is there any better indicator of a great pair of heels?

As I mentioned, I now have the four pairs of high heels that I debuted on the blog here.  I have worn them all recently.  Man, I had no idea what I had been missing!  These shoes are such fun to wear!

I am easily distracted...

The blouse is actually "new" as well but only because I recently rediscovered it in the back of my closet.

Isn't that the best?

A long forgotten "love" reappears after many years.

If you ask me, it is better than buying something new.  Bite your tongue!  Hee Hee

The picture doesn't show it very well but this really is a very "girlie" blouse.  Feminine neckline, cute collar and big, "girlie" cuffs.  Super cute buttons on the cuffs, too!

You will see much more of this "new" blouse in the months to go... bet on it!

Besides, it makes such a lovely compliment to this skirt, too!

Don't you think they just "go" together?

Cute buttons on that skirt, too, huh?

I always like a little extra detail in a garment.

So here is how it all came together...


By the way... I am sold... lock, stock and barrel.

I may have worn my last pair of "sensible heels."

Okay, that is a little extreme, I have too many shoes in my closet to consider getting rid of them all.

Besides, I absolutely LOVE wearing many of them.  Insert... the often worn Stuart Wietzman lovelies here. 

Hee Hee

The ironic thing, I have watched ladies walk by in high heels for years and always wondered how they did it.

I am a devoted wearer of heels, have been for so many years.

Rarely will you see me in any kind of flat, aside from my tennies.

In fact, I actually own very few.

I guess wearing a higher heel always seemed a bit intimidating.

Perhaps I was intrigued?  Perhaps not?  Intimidated... certainly.

But then I began following you fashionable ladies out there in the blogoshere.

Post after post featured high heels and platform shoes.  I began to truly appreciate how much a truly great pair of heels could add to an otherwise average ensemble.  There is just "something" about them.

Yes, they are a bit "sexy" but it is more than that.  Something less obvious.  Something that is harder to explain.  But there is undeniably "something" about a pair of shoes when the heel gets a bit taller.

Can you put it into words?

Regardless, I was certainly intrigued... yet still a bit intimidated.

Some confidence might have grown from some of what I read.

So many ladies really do wear these wonderful shoes all day.  Some may take their blog pictures and then change shoes but many do not.  As my obsession began to grow, I began to take notice of some of the ladies around me "in real life."  I often saw ladies in high heels during lunch.  Do they get to work, switch shoes and then switch again for lunch?  Hardly practical.  Perhaps they do wear them all day?

Do you wear your high heels all day?

Personally, I have enough to worry about without having to select two different pairs of shoes each day... and then figure out when I need to be wearing which pair.

Too much trouble.  I need shoes that "work", not just "look good."

Enter Dillard's a few weeks ago.  While shopping I discover my first pair of platform heels.  The were an absolute steel AND were "calling" to me from the rack.  They looked like SO MUCH FUN... how could I not at least try them on. If you read my blog, you know that I bought them.

They are fun to wear.  LOVE them.  They are far more comfortable than I would have ever dreamed.

My obsession grew.

Hee Hee

So here we are, now I own four pair of high heels and I am on the hunt for more.  I am addicted.

Do you prefer "high heels", "sensible heels" or flats?

So what is The Leather Skirt going to do?  Replace my entire collection of shoes?  Hardly.

What is more likely?  I have probably purchased my last pair of "sensible heels."  

The last couple of weeks I have not even noticed a pair of "cute shoes" unless they had a higher heel than I have historically worn.  I do not notice them when I am blogging.  I do not notice them when I am around town AND I certainly do not pay them any attention when I am shopping.

I am committed.  Or is that, I need to be "committed?"

Hee Hee

Either way, I am loving my new high heels and I am on the hunt for more!

Well, I have rambled on far too long.  It is time to wrap this up.

Have A Great Day!

-- The Leather Skirt --


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  6. cute shoes!

  7. I think those gorgeous shoes are still pretty sensible in terms of heel hight. :) Beautiful babies they are.
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    Great look :-)