Saturday, October 13, 2012

Just A Casual Saturday...

Dallas is a bit warm again today.  Mid October and the temps continue to soar.  As you may recall, last weekend was quite chilly, well "Dallas Chilly" anyway.

Bad news...You just never know what to expect.

Good news... I can wear just about my entire wardrobe all year long AND I do.

Hee Hee

For those that do not know, apparently there is a pretty big football game going on here this weekend.  This is an annual event as a part of the State Fair of Texas.  Honestly, I am not much of a sports fan so I will not bore you with details.  However, after living here for years, two things are quite clear to me...

First, The University of Oklahoma and the University of Texas do not like one another very much... at least when it comes to football.

-- AND  --

Second, a sea of red and orange will be all over town.

I decided that my wonderful linen skirt in a lime green hue would be the perfect way of telling everyone that I am not taking sides.  Besides, if I even liked sports... my college was so small that they did not have football when I was there so I have no personal "football beef" with either school.

Anyway... on to my ensemble...

As I already mentioned... I started with my lovely green linen skirt.

I have this skirt in a wonderful pastel pink as well.  Wore it earlier this week.  If you like, it is in this post.

Although you did not get to see them much this past summer they are both staples for me.

Light weight.  Great colors.

Easy to mix and match with many of my tops.

Great for the office.  Great for casual wear.

Simply one of my favorite things to wear.

Since it is a warm Saturday, I decided my scoop neck t-shirt from Ann Taylor would be the perfect compliment to this lovely pencil skirt.



Wonderful fit.



What more could a girl want?

So do they "work" together?

Doesn't this little ensemble just "say" comfortable.

I like the term "casual/chic" for outfits like this.

If you read my blog at all, you know that I am a true "skirt & heels" kind of girl.

I do not just wear them to work.  I wear them all the time... everywhere.

Honestly, I just really do not like wearing pants.

Notable exception... my leather pants.  They are great to wear!  you will see them on regular rotation, starting in just a few short weeks.

Back to my "skirt and heels ramble"...

There is just "something" about a great skirt.  Same is true for a great pair of heels.  Why not pair them together on a regular basis?

Ladies, if you do not wear such combinations very often... try it.  You will be surprised at the compliments you will get.

I admit it, I am a bit of a narcissist but when i get a compliment, it is such a great part of my day.

Moving on...

When I pulled this ensemble together last night I had planned on these shoes.

These Liz Claiborne suede heels are also a summer staple.  Soft pink tone.  Almost beige.

Cute bow on top.  What's not to like?

One problem... they are not very agreeable with water and storm are in today's forecast.

Enter the white Liz Claiborne heels that I wore just a couple of days ago.  I showed them to you on my The Rule Breaker post.

Much better choice if the rains do come.

"Sensible" heels.  If only they were higher... sigh.

Here is the ensemble as I prepare to walk out the door...

Yes, of course I am fully dressed while working up this blog post.

Hee Hee

So?  What do you think?

I read all of my comments.  They are truly a bright spot in my day.

I thank you so very much for taking the time to stop in, maybe read a bit of my silliness AND then leave a comment as well... especially the really wonderful ones.  All of you are so very sweet!


-- The Leather Skirt --


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