Monday, October 8, 2012

Their First Spin...

As I mentioned a couple of days ago, I have really been "drawn" to higher heels of late.  I have purchased four pair with heels right around 4 inches.

I know some of you are thinking... FOUR INCHES... that is not even close to being a high heel.

For me it is quite a change.  I am intrigued.

Since this is a bit out of my comfort zone... maybe literally uncomfortable... I decided a Sunday might be the best day to give the new red heels a spin. 

As you may recall, the reviews on the Kohl's website were not stellar when I purchased them.

Verdict... LOVE them!

Are they like wearing tennis shoes?  Of course not but they were suprisingly more comfortable than I had feared... even by the end of the day.

As many of you already know, walking in these is a little different but I did well, especially considering that I am so inexperienced.

Style over function?

Perhaps... but I truly love wearing them.  I see many new pairs of shoes in my future.

Santa... Santa... did you hear me?

Hee Hee

Since it is still quite chilly (Yes, "Dallas Chilly") here, I opted for another cashmere sweater, this time in a lovely red to match my new shoes.

This one happens to be an old Ann Klein catch from many years ago.

She gets many days of wear once the temps begin to drop.

Doesn't that collar just say "Snuggle?"

The yellow sweater I showed you yesterday is lovely but nothing like this one.

Soft is an understatement.

They are just different.  This one wears "different."  It hangs better on my body.  It feels more luxurious.  It is simply a "nicer" garmet.

Does that even make sense?

It is late, I am not sure I am all here.

Hee Hee

I decided that red high heels and a red sweater were enough bold colors for today so I finished the ensemble off with a simply black pencil skirt.

I have had this one for so long I could not even begin to guess where it came from.

Truth... the tag was not even in it anymore so I cannot tell you who made it either.  I looked.

Well loved.  Well worn.

Hee Hee

And the finished ensemble...

What do you think?


So now a quick story...

Children's birthday parties... is there a dress code?

Here is why I ask...

I invited Sis and her kids to have lunch after church today.

After several days of Aunt Jordan laying around their house, the least I could do is spring for lunch.  Afterwards my nephew was headed to a birthday party and he asked his me to go.

How could I say no?

Besides, Sis didn't really know anyone so she was really hoping I would go.

Perhaps she put him up to asking?

Hee Hee

Anyway... Chuck E. Cheese.  Yes, Chuck E. Cheese.  Stop laughing.

The kids go wild in this place.  It is loud.  Music blaring.  Video screens playing all sorts of kid related mayhem.  Games EVERYWHERE.  A six foot mouse running around giving high fives to the kids.

In short, eight year old paradise.

Here's the thing, Sis and I show up in skirts and heels.  Typical day.  Nothing fancy.  No other mother does.  Some are dressed neatly, some not so much.  Whatever... your deal, not mine.

What is interesting to me is that three different ladies stopped us and asked, "Why are you so dressed up?"

This is an interesting question to me.  Has it become some kind of sin to be "dressed up?"

Each lady truly had quite a perplexed look on her face when she stopped us to ask.  Confusion reined supreme in her world.  As if the fact that each us was actually wearing a skirt was some kind of warning of an impending disaster.

Should I have taken this question as a compliment to my new shoes?

Hee Hee

There are so many ways to answer said question but my sister is far sweeter than I am so she politely responded to all three, "We came here directly from church."

Explanation/apology accepted.

Confused look on face gone.

Attire of choice permitted.

Now I am going to be honest, I do not think that any of these three ladies were intentionally rude.

One did respond, "You should keep a change of clothes in the car."

She smiled.  I think she was sincerely trying to help.  I politely replied, "Well, actually, we dress this way most of the time.  Today is not really any different."  She nodded.

I think perhaps that thought still confuses her a bit?


Hee Hee

So again, is there a dress code for a children's birthday party?

I guess you could say we were "over dressed" but that can be said about me almost every day.

What bothers me, no one seems to mind the "under dressed" anymore?  What about the lady that looked like she just rolled out of bed?  Was her choice of (PJ's, I think?) attire more appropriate?

Oh well... enough ranting... it is late.

Have A Marvelous Monday!

-- The Leather Skirt --


  1. Love the shoes! The color is gorgeous and the bow is adorable :)

    xoxo Alison

  2. love those shoes! Childrens party dress code? Meh, just conservative!

  3. Love your blog and red items! Would
    you like to follow each other? Let
    me know, I always follow back!


    1. As I promised, I'm following now! Keep in touch


  4. Those red heels are amazing, love the bow!!

    Xo, Rachel

  5. your funny :)

    love love all the red.

    great post nothing wrong with overdressing trust me i do all the time :)

  6. OH my, those red bow heels are such a drea, so my style, also love that red hue, it's perfect. Hope you feel better?

  7. The heels are adorable and I love the outfit. 4 inches is high for me though! I can't believe you go higher :D

  8. Those red pumps look so cute, very sassy!
    Caravan of Style

  9. Those heels are beautiful!! I'm wearing a skirt & heels next time I go to Chuck E. Cheese with the kiddies, just to see what happens:)
    xo, amy