Friday, October 12, 2012

Those Shoes... Those Shoes...

I actually showed you this combination here on September 10th but with a far more "conservative pair of navy blue heels.

This time I decided that my recent Dillard's acquisitions would become a part of the ensemble.

Why not?  They are such fun to wear!

Cute colors.  Cute tassel at the toe.  Fantastic heel!

So what do you think of these lovely platform heels?

Quite comfortable, too.  I am even walking today.  No car.  DART to work.  Dart home.

No backup shoes in the bag.  I am committed.

I am just so in love with the whole idea of wearing high heels of late.  Some would call it addicted.  Hee Hee

In fact, I think will be on the hunt for some more high heels this weekend.  Hee Hee

Honestly, a pretty ordinary blue oxford.

I like it though.  Comfortable.  Easy to pair with a wide variety of my skirts.

This skirt has a little more "character."

In my opinion, the two together make a lovely pair.

Simple, yet unique.

What do you think of how well they "work" together?

And then the finished ensemble...

So... what do you think?

So these shoes are fast becoming one my very favorite things to wear.  I actually "catch" myself at night pulling them out and then beginiing to "work" an outfit around them.  Hee Hee

Do any of you do that on occasion?

I just cannot help myself... they are just so wonderful.  How cheezy did that sound?  Just typing that statement makes me feel a little like I am 14 again.  Hee Hee

Nothing really "fun" to tell today.  I did notice a couple of guys turn as I walked by after lunch today.  I attribute this to the shoes completely.  Nothing really "accentuates" your legs like a great pair of heels.

One of my neighbors did stop me at the mailbox tonight to ask where I had gotten my shoes?  She was so complimentary.  Fun!  I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed telling her what I had paid for them!

Well, that is pretty much it.  Going to pick out tomorrow's ensemble (hmmm... what to wear?), swing by a couple of my favorite blogs and do a little reading... then call it a night.

A few errands tomorrow.  Some light shopping.  Need some new high heels.  Hee Hee  Finally, dinner with my girlfriends for the first time in awhile.

Thank you so much for stopping by!  I truly enjoy all of your comments.  I read them all and I try to reply in kind to each and every one.


-- The Leather Skirt --


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  2. uhm. where can i find them? im browsing dillards for them...they'd be perfect for my wedding shoes. hope i find them!