Saturday, October 6, 2012

There Is A Chill In The Air...

Whoa!  I made the mistake of being outside yesterday when the cold front ye ole weatherman has been promising arrived as promised... Whoa!

The temperature dropped about 30 degrees in about 30 minutes!  Whoa!

Fortunately, I was close to home so inside I quickly raced.

So what is a girl to do on a Saturday morning when the temps have dipped into the cooler range for the first time?  Celebrate with a lovely cashmere turtleneck, that's what.

I got this wonderful number last winter.  I can see it in regular rotation this year.  It is so soft.

The only thing... the color is a little vibrant for me.

It is certainly an attention grabber.  Hee Hee

Of course, I am not one that shies away from "attention grabbing" articles of clothing so I am sure you will see this one again.

What do you think?
So after I settled on the sweater it was time to decide on what to pair it with.

Pneumonia had me down for so long that it seems like all I wore the whole month of September was a pair of pajamas so I really wanted to go with one of my beloved pencil skirts today.

How could I go wrong with this one?

Don't you just love the cute little pattern in the slit?

Besides, I think they make a perfect pair.  How about you?

To keep things a little more "casual" I opted to leave the sweater untucked.

Truthfully, I have tried tucking this sweater in and it just doesn't work. 

Another reason that it may see fewer spots in the rotation than its cashmere loveliness probably deserves.

To finish things off I decided to pull out some well worn favorites. 

These tall brown boots are made by Born.  If you read my blog at all you are probably aware of how much I appreciate Born.  They are fabulous.  Simply the most comfortable boot you will ever wear.

If you do not own a pair of Born boots I highly recommend that you get a pair.  They will serve you well for years to come.

Don't believe me, take a look at the toes on these.  Hee Hee

The only bad thing, they are so "well worn" that they just are not suitable for work anymore.  I really need to find a new pair of brown boots for the office.  Hmmmm

Well, the finished outfit looks like this...

What do you think?

So my day... real quick...

Pretty boring.  Got up early, went and actually did a light workout.  Very light, my strength is still on the rebound.

Returned home, dressed and headed out for brunch with a couple of friends.  A little grocery shopping (you would be surprised what you are in need of after having not been home for several days), a couple of errands and then back home.

I wish I had some interesting interactions to share but I really do not.

One thing I did notice as I moved around Dallas today...

FALL IS HERE... at least in the fashion world.

Burgundy in every shade.  Boots.  My fellow Dallas ladies have been stocking up and waiting for today.

Great looks all!  Go Dallas!

-- The Leather Skirt --


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