Monday, October 22, 2012

Did I Miss Winter?

It is HOT today.  No other way to describe it.

The weatherman says it will be that way all week.

Fall arrives on Saturday... IF the weatherman is correct.

I plan to celebrate with my beloved leather pants.

Until then...

How about a week's worth of "Spring/Summer" fashion?

If you read my blog at all you know that I really do not adhere to such whims in the fashion world but the bottom line... hot days typically require a more thoughtful approach to one's ensemble.

Ironically, I can wear almost anything that I wish during the actual Summer months because our office is always so cold with full blast air conditioning.  This time of the year is a little more tricky.

Fortunately, this ensemble was just right for the day.  Just right for the walk to work, just right for a day spent in the office.  Just right.

I think these Evan Picone heels are a perfect match for this skirt.

I call it my "Venice Skirt" and I truly LOVE it!

How could I not?

Look at the print... amazing!

Mix in a simple scoop neck top in the perfect shade and I think I have a great ensemble.

Sometimes I think "simple" is far too underrated.

I wonder if we "fashionable ladies" TRY to hard on occasion?


Well, nothing fun or exciting to report today.  I did have a great weekend.  Hope you did as well?

Perhaps I can share some of my weekend in tomorrow's post?


-- The Leather Skirt --


  1. I love the print on your skirt. Is it actually of Venice? Too cute!
    You're so lucky that you still have such nice weather, although it must be a little confusing because of all the fall clothes in the store. Wouldn't it be so nice if temperature didn't matter and we could just wear what we want?
    Can't wait to see the photos from the weekend!


  2. Love the skirt as well! I am so jealous you still have warm weather, it was pouring this morning in the bay area! Wearing skirts with rain boots is something I will be look forward to at least=]

  3. Hi dear, amazing print! :)


  4. is in the low 70s which is unseasonably warm in Chicago during this time of year but it is also raining so it's humid and gross.

  5. Oooh, that skirt is so pretty, such a unique print! Our weather here is the opposite at the moment, it's meant to be becoming summer, but winter seems to have made a comeback with all this cold weather and rain!

  6. That skirt is SOOO stunning! And obviously I love your shoes...always do! :)
    xoxo Darby
    Obviously Obsessed

  7. That dress is just adorable!! Love the shoes too:)
    xx, amy