Thursday, October 25, 2012

Red... No, Not The New Taylor Swift Album...

If you read my blog, you know that I enjoy wearing "classic" pieces.  Pencil skirts.  Tailored shirts and blouses.  Fitted sweaters.  "Dress" shoes.  Boots.

I am typically careful not to select pieces that are too "trendy," preferring to stick with things that will stand the test of time.  However, I am not necessarily afraid of arguably "different" textures and materials (my love of leather skirts, for example) and I do not shy away from color.

Of course, black and white (with a hint of beige) are significant parts of my wardrobe.  They work together as one of my favorite combinations in an ensemble.  Call it boring... I prefer "sharp," "timeless," even "sophisticated."

Red is a "timeless" color as well.  Even "bold."

It is easily over done in an outfit but if it is used as part of an overall "look," I find few colors more appealing.

In fact, I think red and black together makes for one of the sharpest combinations possible.

So... Today I paired them up for one of my favorite ensembles in some time.

I am LOVING today's outfit!

Multiple compliments already today!

Yesterday's ensemble started with the shoes.  I woke up and decided that I just HAD to wear my leopard print heels.  It was a good day.

Today's ensemble was a little different.  I started with this incredible red pencil skirt from Kohl's.  Yes, Kohl's.  I know... who knew?

I really am not a huge Kohl's shopper but from time to time I stop in just to have a look around.  They really have come a long way. 

I saw it online and decided I just had to have it.

The only other red skirt in my closet is leather.  Although I have worn it to work, I am not sure it is really appropriate?

This one works in the office.  It works for dinner.  It works for shopping.  It works for anything.

It will be worn many times in the coming months so be prepared.

With "chic" and "sophisticated" on my mind... enter a great black blouse to go with the red skirt.

When I say "Great black blouse," I mean it.  This one wears so well.  100% silk.  Amazing cut.  "Girlie" cuffs.  Cute.

How did it ever get "lost" in my closet to begin with?

An incredible combination.

Red and black are truly "made" for each other.


To finish off the outfit I almost opted for my beloved  Stuart Weitzman black heels.  I even considered a pair of tall back boots but in the end I decided I just wanted to wear another pair of high heels.

Call me obsessed.

Hey, I recently joined the "Society of High Heel Lovers."

Hee Hee

Seriously though, aren't these red heels simply amazing?

Are you ready for this?  Kohl's... yes, Kohl's.

As you may recall from a previous post... the Kohl's website had some unfavorable reviews but I elected to buy them anyway.

I am telling you, great shoes!

Very comfortable.  Wore them all morning.  Walked to the DART station in them.  Walked to the office.  Walking to lunch in a moment.  Wonderful shoe.  What mare could a girl ask for?

So it all comes together like this...
What do you think?

VERY quick story...

I stopped for coffee on my way to the DART platform this morning.  Not at all unusual.

However, I had to very sharply dressed ladies tell me that they really liked my shoes.  One even commented that my whole outfit was quite sharp.

I always enjoy the compliments.  If you read my blog you know that I do.  You also know that I am quite happy to have some fun with anyone not quite as complimentary.

Hee Hee

One such young lady (very young... maybe 20?) awaited me as I stepped onto the train.

She looks at me, gives a face and mumbles to herself... "Bright."

I cannot just let these moments go.  Hee Hee

I look at her and ask, "I assume you meant the sun?"


"You said bright just now."  "I assume you mean the morning sun?"

She was clearly embarrassed and caught a little off guard, she looks at me a bit confused and says, 
 "Yes... yes, the sun."  

Hee Hee

Nothing makes my day more!

Hee Hee

Of course, the skirt and the heels are VERY red.

Hee Hee

I look forward to reading you comments.  They always mean so much to me.

Have A Great Day!

-- The Leather Skirt --


  1. I love this combination! Perfect for the office!


  2. You know leather skirts are really very chic, or they can be. They don't sound chic, but some how they are. Well I guess that "some how" is how they are styled. I guess the less in more mantra is the key thing to keep in mind. And red shoes will always be hot in a classy way.

    Ali of:

  3. Can I PLEASE have your shoes?! HOLY CUTE! Love them, what a great outfit :)

  4. I just love your attitude. I would never have the guts (or the wits) to say something back, but she absolutely deserved it! She's probably not used to people replying to her comments. I love it!

    And yes, the red is bright, but it's far from obscene! It's the perfect amount of colour to brighten a fall day. Why should we all walk around in black all fall and winter? Nope, I love the colour. And I really love red and black together. The perfect combo :)

    xoxo Alison

  5. Moi...J'adore!!!

    Love the black and red together!
    I'm FAN!

    I would love to follow you on Bloglovin!
    Let me know ;)

  6. Such a chic work outfit,honey!;)

  7. I love a red pencil skirt! ALMOST as powerful as a leather skirt :)

    Pearls & Paws


  8. Great post!!

    Wow loving this too much :) :)

    Love your style and wanted you to know that I’ll be following you around;)

    Come by for a chat :)



  9. love the photos and your blog! Would you like to visit my blog? If you want, we can follow each-other with GoogleFriendConnect - facebook and I'm already following :) :) cheers!
    facebook page

  10. lovely!