Sunday, October 14, 2012

An Easy Sunday...

Sunday is meant for rest.  I rarely get to take advantage of this fact.  Today I did.

Yesterday was rather hectic.  Mostly fun, but busy.

This morning I went to church and then I returned home.  That's it.  Honest.

Read some of my favorite blogs.  LOVE doing that.

Picked up a bit around the house.

Made myself some lunch.

Sat out on my balcony and read.

Watched TWO movies!

In other words... BLISS!

In anticipation of such an Easy Sunday I decided an easy outfit would be appropriate.

This is a top that has not made it to the blog before. Honestly, I rarely wear it.  I am not sure it is appropriate for the office.  A little too casual for my liking.

The suede skirt is a recent acquisition but one that I absolutely LOVE to wear.  I will never lose my fascination with a great finished leather but suede certainly has a place in my heart, too.

The heels are something that I tend to break out when a "dash" of color just seems necessary.  Today I actually selected them because I think they compliment the skirt and top very well.

Burgundy is arguably the "it" color of the season.  I prefer to think of burgundy as a "family" of colors, rather than just one simple shade or tone.

This top is more accurately a shade of "cranberry" but I would argue that is very much part of the "burgundy family".

What do you think?

There are three very important things about this top.

1)  Very comfortable.

2)  Very feminine.  Are you kidding... look at the flower details and the "girly" sleeves.

3)  It is OLD.  I could not even begin to try and guess where it came from.

You have seen this lovely pink suede skirt before.

I last posted it on the blog here.

This baby was a steal off EBay!  $10!!!

No kidding!  Ten dollars!  Can you believe that?

Butter soft like a good suede should be.  Fabulous skirt!

Oh, and how cute are those pleats?

I also happen to think the top and the skirt go very well together.  The pink and the cranberry tones compliment one another so very well.

What do you think?

I decided my trusty Evan Picone croc print heels would be the perfect finishing touch.

Burgundy, "No."

Some shade that fits well into the "burgundy family"... I say "Yes!"

How about you?

Well, that is the story of the "burgundy family"... at least according to Jordan... The Leather Skirt.

I truly appreciate each and every comment that you fashionable ladies take the time to write.

They all mean so much.

Look forward to reading what you have to say... especially the sweet ones.

Hee Hee

-- The Leather Skirt --


  1. Lazy Sundays are the BEST. We rarely have them either, but when we do I find myself smiling all day. The top here is so pretty!

  2. Sounds like the perfect Sunday! Glad you to rest. Nice job with scoring the skirt on eBay!

  3. I always thought 'burgundy' refered to dark redish, wine colours, so I'd have to agree that it refers to more than one colour.

    I like the top, I think the flowers dress it up just enought to make it office appropriate :)

  4. Wow you really put it together on the weekends! I'm more of a pair of long shirt and leggings kind of girl on the weekends!


    Erin @

  5. ooh love that skirt and those heels! girl after my own heart shopping on ebay!


  6. You croc print heels are amazing, I would love to own a pair in that exactly colour- so rich and elegant Jordan.