Thursday, December 29, 2011

Bell Of The Ball...

Today's post will be quick.  I have to get to work early this morning for a conference call.

It is going to be a wonderful day today so I decided to celebrate with a "girly" ensemble.

No, I did not go with a sheer blouse or with ruffles or even pleats.

Today I am wearing a pinstriped skirt with a lovely lace detailed finish at the hem.  I added a pretty pink blouse to give the outfit some color.  Last night I had planned to wear my boots but this morning I decided to go with some simple black heels so that there was nothing to draw attention from the hemline.

At the moment I am simply in love with it.

I have not been able to stop smiling since I finished getting dressed this morning.

I just LOVE being so happy with an outfit,  It just starts my day off on the right foot.  It puts a smile on my face.  I just feel like I have an extra bounce in my step.  Isn't funny how clothes can do that to you?  I guess that is why we all like them so much, huh?

So here is what I have pulled together for today...

As I said, the shoes are simple.  They are not even real suede but they are comfortable.  Although not as sharp as my Stuart Wietzman heels (see here), I think that they are attractive.  What do you think?

The blouse is so soft and the shiny.  I really feel like a girl when I wear it.  What do you think?

Wanted to show you how the blouse and skirt come together.

The "star of the show" in my mind is this hemline.

What do you think?

So there you have it.  I am sitting here at the computer with a smile on my face.  I bet I will be glowing all day!

Oh, by the way, I cannot even begin to tell you how many compliments I received on the new skirt I showed you in the previous post and I have not even worn it to work yet.  I am saving that for next week when everyone returns from vacation.  At least three or four ladies made wonderful comments to me about it while I was out shopping.  That will put a smile on your face, too.

 Do you ever pull together an outfit that makes you smile?

Hope You Have A Happy Day!

- The Leather Skirt -

Monday, December 26, 2011

I Love My Christmas Gifts...


I truly hope that your Christmas celebrations were as wonderful as mine were.  I am so blessed.

After a long weekend of sitting around visiting and playing many rounds of Rummy (Dad has always loved playing Rummy), I took the day off from work as Mom & Dad were flying home today.  We had a lovely brunch and then I dropped them at the airport.   They should be home safe and sound soon.  After dropping them off I decided to brave the mall for a bit.  Madhouse.  I may actually go out again in a little while anyway though.  Hee Hee

Anyway... I hope that Santa Clause was as nice to each of you as he was to me this year.  I must have been an especially good girl... even better than I realized.  Hee Hee

I received only three gifts but I cannot say enough times how much I absolutely LOVE them all!

# 1 - Mom & Dad mailed me a beautiful Christmas Tree (Mentioned in this post).

# 2 - Mom & Dad surprised me with a visit for the holiday.  What a wonderful and unexpected treat.

# 3 - Mom gave me something from her personal wardrobe that I have coveted for many years.  She gave me this beauty...

Can you believe it?  I am so excited!  LOVE it!

I do not know if the color comes through on the picture as well as I wished but it is simply the most gorgeous shade of caramel that I have ever seen.  I remember Mom wearing this beauty when I was still in high school, maybe before that.  She could not remember herself when she actually bought it or where.

It is made by Danier so you can imagine how well it is constructed.  Soft.  Soft. Soft.

Don't you think it goes perfectly with these boots?

It was all I could do to not change yesterday just so I could wear it right then but I managed to wait... until today.  Hee Hee

I chose to go a little more casual so I selected a light sweater.  It has a nice mock neck so it is comfy but warm on a yucky day like today.

I think the wine color is perfect with the skirt.  What do you think?

This how they come together...

And the entire ensemble...

I love how it all came together.  Mom was so complimentary when I emerged dressed this morning.

I have a new favorite skirt for sure.  Thanks Mom.  Prepare to see it many times in the near future.

Tomorrow it is back to work but the week should be fairly light.  it usually is in and around major holidays.
Hope you have a fantastic week!
- The Leather Skirt -

Saturday, December 24, 2011


Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse...

Okay, so it is the morning but the fact remains that I am the only one currently up and around.  That will change soon as the coffee has started and dad always wakes to the smell of good coffee.

I am so blessed.  My family is so blessed.  I hope that you and yours are equally blessed.



- The Leather Skirt -

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Woo Hoo!.... Christmas Rocks!

Whoops, I just remembered that I live in Texas now... Yeehaw!

Anyway, guess what was in the package that I mentioned in my previous post and before that in this post.  Go ahead, you will never guess.  Keep trying...

Did That help?


Not a big one, about 3-4 feet tall but it has lights and even some ornaments in the box for later.

Why am I so excited about a Christmas Tree, you ask?  I am so excited because I now need one! 

I love Christmas, I truly do but I do not have a Christmas Tree and I do not bother to put one out when it is just me here for Christmas.  No sad faces... I ALWAYS have somewhere to be on Christmas if I am not back home.  But this year will be different because mom called around lunchtime and asked me to open the box!

When I saw the Christmas Tree I was a bit confused, thankful, but still a little confused.  My confusion lasted only a second though as mom explained that I would need to pick she and dad up at the airport this evening and she had no intention of spending Christmas with me if there was no tree in my apartment.


Apparently dad got a last minute bargain on the airfare so they decided to surprise me.  Yeehaw!

Christmas this year will be awesome!

Hope your Christmas weekend will be as filled with blessings as mine surely will now!

- The Leather Skirt -

I'm Back...

Whoa, has it been a miserable few days this week.  One of my favorite blogger reads (Skippy Says) posted about being under the weather a few days ago.  I did not have even that much strength until yesterday.  My little bout with whatever it is/was (I am as bad as any man you will ever meet when it comes to staying away from doctors... that is unless there is an extremely handsome single one... hee hee) started on Sunday and did not really let go at all until late yesterday.  I managed a few blog reads yesterday afternoon but today is my first post in a week.  For the many that sit by their computers anxiously awaiting my witty words each day, my most humble of apologies.  Almost typed that without a giggle.  

Just in case my sarcasm was not clear, the apology part was sincere.

BTW... Skippy's blog is great so if you are unfamiliar, you really should check it out here.  Today she is showing us all how to make Skinny Jeans Snack Bars.  Who wouldn't like that at this time of the year?

Ok, Ok, onto what I will be wearing to work today...

Today I opted for my old standby combined with something you have not seen before.  I know you have not seen this blazer because it was one of those lovely "finds" that we all have when we stop ourselves from going with the same old same old and actually "shop your closet" for a few minutes.  Honestly, one of my favorite things to do is play stylist right out of my own closet.  About once a month (okay, maybe 3 times a year) I will actually spend the evening just going through my closet matching up potential ensembles.  At the end of this event I have accomplished a number of important things:

1) I have avoided an evening of television.  Couldn't we all use less mind numbing?

2) I have discovered some lost pieces that I really do love but simply forgot I had.

3) I get to laugh at myself for some of the things that I apparently thought looked great at one time.  I must have, how else would it have gotten into my closet?  Next time I get into my closet I may just have to take some pictures.  We'll see?

3) I have prepared a pile of clothes that someone will find far greater use out when I donate them to local charities.  I send old clothes to two or three local charities but one of my favorites is the Salvation Army.  They do such outstanding work in the community with the funds that they raise.

4) I have assembled some inspiration for my own personal style for the coming weeks without spending a dime.  Yea!

Does anyone else ever just tear through their closet like that?

Last night was not one of those full blown episodes but I did spend a few extra minutes just "hunting" and matching things up.  Here is what I came up with.  Hope you like it?

What do you think of the blazer?  I didn't really want anything to take away from it so I went with a simple black shell underneath.  I wish the picture did the texture better justice but at least the pattern is clear.

Just a little closeup in an effort to show the texture of the jacket.

I thought about my favorite black pumps but ultimately decided to go with the tall buckle boots.

Here is how the ensemble came together.

One last thing... Mom called early this morning.  She wanted to make sure that she caught me before I left for the office.  First thought, "What is wrong?"  Thankfully, nothing is wrong at all.  She simply wanted to make sure that I took the package that I mentioned in this post to work with me today.  She would not say why but was insistent that I not for get it.  Odd.  It is already in the car.  We'll see?

Well, that will have to do for today.  Work beckons after a few days away while sick.

- The Leather Skirt -

Thursday, December 15, 2011

More Polka Dots...

The blouse that I showed you all in my last post was such a HUGE success that it motivated me to go with some more polka dots today.  Actually, I received a number of compliments on it throughout the day as well.  It is a lovely blouse, prepare to see it again soon.  Hee Hee

Anyhoo... on to today's ensemble...

Once I had decided to go with this black & white skirt it got me to thinking what a smashing success the red/white/black combo had been here.  That post has been by far the most commented on since I started this blog last October.  Why not duplicate it?  The houndstooth skirt in that post was a thrift find, sadly this one was not.  This one came from my favorite store ever... Harold's.  Let's all say it together... "I miss that store."  

The skirts are far different materials and the patterns are not exactly the same but the impact is similar.  

What do you think of this skirt?

I chose a lighter weight sweater today because I knew that the rain would cause me to break out the long overcoat.  No pictures of the coat.  No one wants to see that.  Ugly.  Hey, it is warm and keeps the rain at bay so it remains in the arsenal just for days like today.

It is not all that cold but the rain and grey skies just makes it a craptastic day.  Thanks again Kassi.

I think the two just go beautifully together.  How about you?

To finish the look I went with... drum role please... my tall black boots by Born.  I actually like the look of the boots with the buckle embellishment I have shown you before better but you simply cannot beat these for their walkability.  Yes, that is a word.  Look it up. 

Don't believe me? 

Webster's says:  Any shoe or boot that remains comfortable even after several hours of walking.


Oh yea... the boots...

The entire ensemble came together like this...

What do you think?  I know, the red is a little bold but despite my tendency to migrate back to blacks, whites, greys, blues and various shades of brown I do like a little color.

BTW... because I always like to add a funny little story about my outfit if there is one to be told...

Earlier today we had a big conference call involving a number of members of our team and some clients from out of town.  Nothing unusual.  I was one of the last to arrive in the board room for the call.  Nothing unusual.  Hee Hee.  My boss was already on the phone with the client, going around the room introducing those that were already present when I walked in to here this...

My boss:  "... and John are already here."  "Jordan will be here... wait a minute... Mrs. Clause just arrived."

Now I don't think that was a reference to my wonderful giving nature so I am assuming it was due to the bright red sweater that I have chosen for today.

Please don't read anything into that.  I love my boss.  She is fantastic and we kid one another all the time about our daily outfits, our hair, whatever.  In fact, she is the person that first called me "The Leather Skirt".  She doesn't actually call me that anymore (not that I know anyway, Hee Hee) but occasionally I will here someone mention it as I walk by their office.

By the way, my boss always looks fantastic and will rock a leather skirt to the office on occasion, too.  She has three kids at home.  She has been married for almost 20 years.  She is amazing.

- The Leather Skirt -

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Feeling Like A Girl Today....

It has been a LONG week.  What do you mean it is only Tuesday?  I am wearing down as the holidays approach.  Is it always this stressful?  Enough complaining.  Hee Hee  

This post will be a quick one... Onto today's ensemble...

I have shown you this skirt before here.  But that time I paired it more with a beige sweater.  This time I wanted a little more "feminine" look.  

Isn't this blouse simply gorgeous?  LOVE the sheer material (I have to be sure to wear something appropriate under it... the lone drawback) and the feint polka dot pattern. 

The collar is nothing special but for some reason it just speaks to me.  I really like how it feels to wear this blouse.  I am betting you will see it again.

If you ask me, the two are perfect compliments for one another.  What do you think?

To finish the "girly" nature of today's attire I went with some suede heels that I have been dying to show you.  They are a very light beige with the cutest little bow toes.

And now, all of it together...

I told you that today's post would be a quick one.  Sorry for such poor commentary the past few days.  I will try to do better later this week.  Promise.
- The Leather Skirt -

Sunday, December 11, 2011

What Do You Wear For Saturday Errands?

Well, what do you wear to run your weekend errands?  

If you read me my blog at all you probably know that I am not really the "jeans & t-shirt type" so naturally my weekend look is a little different.

Today, I spent a great deal of time Christmas shopping in addition to the usual stops at the grocery store and dry cleaner.  To finish the day I met some girlfriends for dinner, drinks and gossip.  Fun.  It's tough to beat a day of shopping and time with good friends.

Speaking of Christmas, a fairly large box arrived from mom sometime Friday afternoon but she left me strict instructions not to open it until Christmas.  Ugh!  Mom always sends me something for Christmas but this is by far the biggest box that has had my name on it since I was about 15 years old.  I feel a bit like I am 9 years old again each time I walk by it.  Hee Hee

Okay, on to what I wore...

As I have commented on many blogs, my favorite Saturday look is simply a great sweater and a pair of my leather pants.  Easy.  Comfortable.  Just a bit of edge.  Sometimes I go with the jeans but this time I opted for the slacks for a "dressier" look.  Believe it or not, this really is how you will catch me most Saturdays during the cooler months of the year.


I wish the pictures did the color of the sweater a little more justice as it really is not gray at all.  It is actually a lovely olive shade and quite complimentary to the black slacks, at least in my opinion.

To finish off the look I opted for a pair of my short boots.  I like my shoes but I am certainly a "boot girl", too.

So there you have it, simple.  No bright colors.  No "girly" textures or patterns.  I think the leather pants do enough on their own so when it is a simple day of errands, finished with a relaxing dinner and drinks with friends I like to keep is easy and comfortable.

Well, what do you think?

- The Leather Skirt -

Friday, December 9, 2011

I know, I know... I Swore To Myself Today A Post Would Go Up...

Ladies, first my apologies.  I am barely keeping up this week.  Well, really, I am not keeping up at all.  You could say that it has largely been a craptastic week.  Hee Hee  Thanks again Kassi.  

That said, I swore to myself that I would somehow squeeze in a few minutes to get a post up today so here I sit at home during lunch trying desperately to get this done.  I know that when I "throw something together" for work it rarely turns out well so I apologize in advance for a post that will be decidedly defunct of whit and whimsy, let alone any truly thought provoking commentary.

Second, my most sincere THANK YOU to all that have taken the time to read my ramblings and comment on my blog.  I know that I have said it before but I am overwhelmed.  You guys are amazing!  I truly LOVE reading your comments and I hope you will continue to bless me with a few moments of your valuable time.  I am so honored when you do.

Now, onto today's outfit.

Your eyes do not deceive... those are indeed slacks.  If you read my blog at all, you know that I am a "skirt girl" for sure but occasionally I will break out the slacks just to keep people on their toes.  Hee Hee

Awful picture, huh?  I just wasn't willing to commit the time necessary to try and make it look a little better.

As you can see, yet another of my lovelies collected from Harold's over the years.  Miss that store so much.

Given that today's outfit was somewhat boring I decided to liven things up a bit with a great pair of shoes.

Aren't these pink suede heels just stunning?  LOVE them.  The only draw back, I have to be really careful not to get them wet.  As you all know, suede heels and water are not a good combination.

Okay, so that's it for today.  Back to work!

- The Leather Skirt -

Monday, December 5, 2011

Blogging On My Lunch Break...

Today the weather in Dallas is awful.  Cold.  Windy.  Rainy.  Winter.  One of my favorite blogger buddies (Kassi from The Closet Intervention) used a new word in her post today.  The word - "Craptastic".  I looked it up, means - Crappy weather, fantastic day.  True.  Try Websters if you don't believe me.  Hee Hee

Anyway, it is the perfect word.  The weather really is crappy but I intend to have a fantastic day anyway.

Drop by and check Kassi's blog out if you don't already follow her.  She is great!

Moving on.... Does anyone else do their blogging on their lunch break?  Am I the only one?  Ordinarily I do not go home for lunch but today I decided I did not want to wait to get my outfit post up.  I am so thrilled with how this ensemble looks.  I just didn't want to wait until the end of the work day.  Hope you like it, too?


LOVE this hounstooth skirt.  You might remember from a previous post that I found this baby at a local resale shop for a mere $7.00!  What do you think of it?

I have already gotten my money's worth and since it has fast become one of my favorites, it will get many more spins to be sure .  Funny how our favorite wardrobe items change from time to time, huh?  

Another of my blogger buddies (Bessie from Bravoe Runway) just posted about how a recent acquisition has made its way to the top of her "favorites" as well.  Bessie puts the "S" in sophistication.  Drop by and check her blog out as well.

This is perhaps the softest sweater that I have ever felt.  As a result, I have it in at least three colors.  Hee Hee

Perfect for a craptastic day, huh?

Perfectly "walkable" and cute.  Hard to think of a better reason not to pull these babies out on a craptastic day!  How cool is that buckle?

Well, lunch is rapidly drawing to a close.  Gotta run.

Hope You Have A Fantastic Day!

- The Leather Skirt -