Thursday, December 22, 2011

I'm Back...

Whoa, has it been a miserable few days this week.  One of my favorite blogger reads (Skippy Says) posted about being under the weather a few days ago.  I did not have even that much strength until yesterday.  My little bout with whatever it is/was (I am as bad as any man you will ever meet when it comes to staying away from doctors... that is unless there is an extremely handsome single one... hee hee) started on Sunday and did not really let go at all until late yesterday.  I managed a few blog reads yesterday afternoon but today is my first post in a week.  For the many that sit by their computers anxiously awaiting my witty words each day, my most humble of apologies.  Almost typed that without a giggle.  

Just in case my sarcasm was not clear, the apology part was sincere.

BTW... Skippy's blog is great so if you are unfamiliar, you really should check it out here.  Today she is showing us all how to make Skinny Jeans Snack Bars.  Who wouldn't like that at this time of the year?

Ok, Ok, onto what I will be wearing to work today...

Today I opted for my old standby combined with something you have not seen before.  I know you have not seen this blazer because it was one of those lovely "finds" that we all have when we stop ourselves from going with the same old same old and actually "shop your closet" for a few minutes.  Honestly, one of my favorite things to do is play stylist right out of my own closet.  About once a month (okay, maybe 3 times a year) I will actually spend the evening just going through my closet matching up potential ensembles.  At the end of this event I have accomplished a number of important things:

1) I have avoided an evening of television.  Couldn't we all use less mind numbing?

2) I have discovered some lost pieces that I really do love but simply forgot I had.

3) I get to laugh at myself for some of the things that I apparently thought looked great at one time.  I must have, how else would it have gotten into my closet?  Next time I get into my closet I may just have to take some pictures.  We'll see?

3) I have prepared a pile of clothes that someone will find far greater use out when I donate them to local charities.  I send old clothes to two or three local charities but one of my favorites is the Salvation Army.  They do such outstanding work in the community with the funds that they raise.

4) I have assembled some inspiration for my own personal style for the coming weeks without spending a dime.  Yea!

Does anyone else ever just tear through their closet like that?

Last night was not one of those full blown episodes but I did spend a few extra minutes just "hunting" and matching things up.  Here is what I came up with.  Hope you like it?

What do you think of the blazer?  I didn't really want anything to take away from it so I went with a simple black shell underneath.  I wish the picture did the texture better justice but at least the pattern is clear.

Just a little closeup in an effort to show the texture of the jacket.

I thought about my favorite black pumps but ultimately decided to go with the tall buckle boots.

Here is how the ensemble came together.

One last thing... Mom called early this morning.  She wanted to make sure that she caught me before I left for the office.  First thought, "What is wrong?"  Thankfully, nothing is wrong at all.  She simply wanted to make sure that I took the package that I mentioned in this post to work with me today.  She would not say why but was insistent that I not for get it.  Odd.  It is already in the car.  We'll see?

Well, that will have to do for today.  Work beckons after a few days away while sick.

- The Leather Skirt -


  1. Oh no, I hope you start feeling better!! I really love the jacket you posted here! Have a wonderful Christmas!

  2. Absolutely beautiful!!! That jacket is amazing! I love going through my closet as well but it can definitely be a bit of a chore. I'm not a natural at putting things together, although I have gotten better at it since starting my blog, which is very exciting! Hopefully it will continue to get easier in the future. Thank you SO much for your sincere and sweet comments on my blog- you always make my day!!! I hope you are feeling better today and keep us posted on what the surprise in the box is! PS- are you on bloglovin? I'm trying to add everyone I follow on GFC to Bloglovin b/c they're supposed to do away with it in the new year :( Not that I would ever lose touch with you- got you bookmarked, but it's nice to have everybody in one place! Xo

  3. Ugh this is the WORST time of year to feel sick! I really love that blazer - I think it's so versatile and the black and white is just perfect!


  4. great and amazing boots, i really love them!


  5. LOVING that jacket - amazing! Soooo chic!