Thursday, December 1, 2011

Four In A Row...

Today's post will be quick but I didn't want to miss today if I didn't have to.  Here goes...

Today I am wearing my leather skirt & tall boots.  This is simply one of my favorite combinations.  This is such a simple combination for me to find something in my closet to finish the look with.  Its easy to "dress down", its easy to "dress up"... its just easy.  I like easy.  What do you think?

What is the easiest thing in your wardrobe to build around an outfit?

Simple.  Clean.  Sophisticated.  Chic.  Fun.  I think all apply.  How about you?

My new blogger buddy, CK, from CK Staying Warm recently told me she would be watching my blog for ideas on how to style her new leather skirt.  So, what do you think of this look?

By the way, her blog is great.  If you haven't checked it out, click here to take a look.

Isn't this sweater just gorgeous?  I just love the big cowl neck collar.  I think it adds an extra bit of femininity.  What do you think?  

Don't you just love how well the two flow together.  I have actually never paired this sweater with my leather skirt before but after today it will not be the last time.  You may have to endure this combination again sometime soon.  Hee Hee

It is cooler today so the boots seemed appropriate.  I think they add a little extra pizzazz to any outfit.

I have mentioned before that these are boots that I simply adore but I really cannot say it enough.  I think the buckle detail is an added touch and they wear so well.  I can easily go all day in them.  Stylish and comfortable.  What more could you ask for?

Sorry but I don't have any real funny stories for today.  Only one person said anything to me about today's wardrobe at all and she was complimenting my sweater.  I love the compliments but they aren't nearly as funny as some of my other interactions.  Perhaps the opportunities for funny stories were muted a bit by the long over coat that I wore this morning?  Hee Hee

That said, while waiting on the DART rail this morning there were a couple of guys that apparently were lost as they walked back and forth in front of me a few times.  They were looking around as if they did not quite know where they were.  I can see how that might happen as the rail stop is rather large.  Men are funny.

I Hope Your Day Was Fabulous!

- The Leather Skirt -


  1. Haha... I suppose you can still use the internet while I'm gone. Just be nice to it :) Great leather skirt as always!

  2. I love this outfit. The leather skirt is fab!

  3. Love your leather skirt! I want one too. Where is the best place to buy one?

  4. it´s so cool this blog!

  5. Men are pervs is what they are. lol. I like the soft pale color of the sweater paired with the leather. Very chic. Oh and I love those boots!

  6. You know what would look great with this? A faux fur coat!!! You'll love it, I promise & I wouldn't steer you wrong :) BTW, I finally wore my leather skirt a couple weeks ago and it was an amazing experience to say the least, thanks for giving me the nudge of courage! Xo

  7. I love cowl neck sweaters and you always do a fantastic job styling leather skirts :)

  8. What a stunning post!!! I love the first!!!!

    FOLLOW EACH OTHER?!?! ;) ;)
    If you leave a comment on my blog AND follow it...then I'll do the same!!!!! <3


  9. That is a GORGEOUS outfit! Love that sweater. The collar on it is fab!!! :D

  10. Nice leather skirt!


  11. Definitely loving that leather skirt. Lately I've been dying for a brown leather shift dress. Or maybe in burgundy or mustard.