Thursday, December 22, 2011

Woo Hoo!.... Christmas Rocks!

Whoops, I just remembered that I live in Texas now... Yeehaw!

Anyway, guess what was in the package that I mentioned in my previous post and before that in this post.  Go ahead, you will never guess.  Keep trying...

Did That help?


Not a big one, about 3-4 feet tall but it has lights and even some ornaments in the box for later.

Why am I so excited about a Christmas Tree, you ask?  I am so excited because I now need one! 

I love Christmas, I truly do but I do not have a Christmas Tree and I do not bother to put one out when it is just me here for Christmas.  No sad faces... I ALWAYS have somewhere to be on Christmas if I am not back home.  But this year will be different because mom called around lunchtime and asked me to open the box!

When I saw the Christmas Tree I was a bit confused, thankful, but still a little confused.  My confusion lasted only a second though as mom explained that I would need to pick she and dad up at the airport this evening and she had no intention of spending Christmas with me if there was no tree in my apartment.


Apparently dad got a last minute bargain on the airfare so they decided to surprise me.  Yeehaw!

Christmas this year will be awesome!

Hope your Christmas weekend will be as filled with blessings as mine surely will now!

- The Leather Skirt -


  1. How fun!! I'm so glad your family is coming for Christmas - and that you have a cute tree! :)

    Happy holidays

  2. Thanks for your comment and challenge. I will have to think about that. It's a good idea, but since I just stay inside literally all day long and don't talk to anyone until my fiance gets home it's sort of pointless to wear anything but casual clothes. But it's definitely a good idea so I'll think about it!

  3. AWWW! What an awesome surprise. Very sweet of your parents. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas Jordan! :)

  4. Yaaayyyyyyyy!!!!!!! Spending Xmas with family AND a tree?!? Doesn't get any better than that!! ;) ps- even after you posted the picture of the tree, I still didn't know what the surprise was until you said it was a Christmas! I'm a little slow on the uptake sometimes...but I kinda love that about myself too :) Happy Holidays!!!! Xoxox

  5. pps- found you on bloglovin and now following!!! :D

  6. ooi, Amei seu blog de verdade *-* Parabéns, seus post são lindos, gostaria que você retribuísse esse carinho no meu blog, se preciso.
    obrigado !

  7. Yay to the Xmas tree! Have a great time with your parents! Merry Xmas!

  8. How exciting. Congrats on finally getting a tree.

  9. Merry Christmas!!