Friday, August 31, 2012

Mint Green & A Movie...

If you read my blog at all, you certainly know that I absolutely LOVE black.  Who doesn't?  It is just so easy, so versatile.  It goes with almost anything.  Always looks sharp.  What's not to love?

Today is a radical departure for my blog... but not actually unusal for me at all.  I actually wear this skirt quite often, especially during the warmer months.

For some reason it just hasn't appeared on my blog before?

This lovely mint green skirt is from Talbots.  I have had it since college.  Seriously.  Have a pastel pink one as well.  Both are in regular rotation and have been for years.  Amazing how a quality garmet will hold up for years if it is cared for.  Do you have anything more than ten years old that you still wear regularly?

Everytime I pull it out, I smile just a little.  The little pleats on the back are just too cute.  Hee Hee

Today I chose a little more "statement"... yet subduded.  Is that possible?  I think so.

Anyway... what do you think of the blouse I paired with the skirt?


Add in a sweet pair of suede heels with a cute little bow and I feel like a little girl getting ready for church on Sunday morning.  I may have to skip home this afternoon?  Hee Hee

I showed you the heels back in December and mentioned how they made me feel "girlie" then, too.  Funny.

And it all comes together...

It is Friday.  I go out to Sis's place tonight after work for dinner and a movie with the kids.  My niece told me the movie's name but it didn't mean anything to me.  Hee Hee  Sis tells me to just smile.  She also tries to convince me that some of them are even good.  Hee Hee

No matter, I cherish these moments.  They are growing so fast... already.  I know that they have only been out here a few months but I swear that both of them have grown about six inches.

Well, gotta get out the door and off to work.  Need to leave on time tonight... don't want to be late for my dinner and movie date.

-- The Leather Skirt --

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Red, White & Black...

Simply one of my favorite combinations.  I just think it is so classic.  So sharp.

Not to mention easy.  Hee Hee

What colors (or lack of color, Hee Hee) do you like combining in outfits?

In keeping with two trends that I started on my blog yesterday, I am showing you more polka dots AND more wardrobe items that I have worn on my blog before.  Get over it.  Hee Hee

This is a simple cotton shirt.  I actually have it in several colors.  I am a HUGE fan of "mix & match" items for my closet.  The more things I feel like I can pair with a potential new acquisition, the more likely that item is to leave the store and find a new home in my closet.

What is important to you when shopping for new wardrobe pieces?

BTW... my dry cleaner is really pleased that I purchased this cotton shirt in multiple colors, too.  I am not much of a ironing girl.

Pair the shirt with one of my favorite skirts. 

The skirt was last seen here, with the soft pink version of this shirt.

Which combination do you prefer?

Next, my standbys, the black Stuart Wietzman heels.  These have appeared too many times to count.  Sometimes I think I wear them every single day.  My co-workers may as well?  Hee Hee

Imminently walkable and so classic.  Two things I adore.

 And the finished product...

That is three days in a row that I have managed to get an outfit post up.

Already thinking about tomorrow.

Look out!

-- The Leather Skirt --

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Please, No Heart Attacks...

Yes, here I am for a second day in a row.  Lesser things than the sudden appearance of a long forgotten blog two days in a row have been known to cause cardiac arrest. 

Paraphrasing the Viagra commercial...

"Contact your doctor to see if your heart is healthy enough to continue reading."

Assuming that everyone has managed to calm back down...

Yesterday I went a little "edgy" because, well, I love my leather skirts and because the weatherman said it would be decidedly hotter today. 

He is right.

The good news.  It is expected to be a bit cooler (Texas standards, okay?) tomorrow so who knows?  Also have a dear friend's 40th birthday bash Saturday night.  Almost certainly breaking out one of my lovelies for that!

So today... just to keep my neighbors & co-workers guessing... I went a little "lighter", both in color and in material.

I actually showed you this ensemble back in February but with some lovely tall boots that I adore.  Oops, I didn't realize that fact until I started look back through my blog for places that I have worn this marvelous blouse.  Oh well, who has a bottomless closet?

BTW... the blouse can be found here as well.

Since the boots are not really "August Appropriate" I am wearing some beautiful bronze heels today.
What do you think?

Just a little tighter shot.

Oldies but goodies.

A little feminine touch near the toes.

If you have been wondering where I have been... two things...

FIRST... thank you for caring enough to wonder 


SECOND... thank you for dropping in again.  I will try so hard to be better.  I really do miss my blog... AND your blogs, too.

Things are improving both for my sister (and her kids) and for me.  I am spending more time back in "my world" and less in theirs.  I am always "there" whenever any of them need Aunt Jordan but we all need some space, too.

Already thinking about tomorrow's ensemble and post... look out...

-- The Leather Skirt --

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

My Last Chance For Awhile...

I live in Texas. Texas is hot during the summer months, especially in August.  I like wearing leather skirts.  Not the best combination.

Fortunately, air conditioning was invented so I get to wear my skirts pretty much whenever I want... except when it is REALLY hot.  I do have to get from one air conditioned place to another.  Hee Hee

I got home last night, went thru my normal routine and selected today's attire. 

I am not wearing what I initially pulled together. 

You see, I did something that I rarely do, I watched the news. 

Turns out that our relatively comfortable summer is about to come to an abrupt halt.  The 100 degree days settle in tomorrow or the next day.  Not good.

Given this new bit of information, I returned to my closet and pulled out one of my favorites...

I figure today will be my last chance to wear it for several days.

I truly LOVE this caramel leather skirt.  It wears so well... like butter.  Beautiful color.

If you have been a faithful follower since December, you probably remember that Mom gave me this lovely skirt for Christmas... right out her closet.  Accordingly, it is a treasured member of my wardrobe.

I paired it with a crisp vertical striped blouse.  A little "menswear" inspired. 

Going for the "casual./chic" office look.  Did I pull it off?

I think the colors compliment one another wonderfully.  What do you think?

Originally I had selected some nude slides that I adore but right before I raced out the door I remembered these beauties.  They do not see the street often enough.  Such a rich color.  Love them.

So it all comes together looking like this... thoughts?

Be kind.  Hee Hee.

I actually posted this with my office computer... while at work  Not good.  I have a lunch date (settle down, its a college girlfriend) in a minute so I need to go.

Life has been crazy but school started for my niece and nephew and sis is really beginning to settle in so hopefully things will become more "consistent", if not "normal" for me again soon.  I miss blogging. 

-- The Leather Skirt --