Thursday, August 30, 2012

Red, White & Black...

Simply one of my favorite combinations.  I just think it is so classic.  So sharp.

Not to mention easy.  Hee Hee

What colors (or lack of color, Hee Hee) do you like combining in outfits?

In keeping with two trends that I started on my blog yesterday, I am showing you more polka dots AND more wardrobe items that I have worn on my blog before.  Get over it.  Hee Hee

This is a simple cotton shirt.  I actually have it in several colors.  I am a HUGE fan of "mix & match" items for my closet.  The more things I feel like I can pair with a potential new acquisition, the more likely that item is to leave the store and find a new home in my closet.

What is important to you when shopping for new wardrobe pieces?

BTW... my dry cleaner is really pleased that I purchased this cotton shirt in multiple colors, too.  I am not much of a ironing girl.

Pair the shirt with one of my favorite skirts. 

The skirt was last seen here, with the soft pink version of this shirt.

Which combination do you prefer?

Next, my standbys, the black Stuart Wietzman heels.  These have appeared too many times to count.  Sometimes I think I wear them every single day.  My co-workers may as well?  Hee Hee

Imminently walkable and so classic.  Two things I adore.

 And the finished product...

That is three days in a row that I have managed to get an outfit post up.

Already thinking about tomorrow.

Look out!

-- The Leather Skirt --


  1. Super cute blog! xo.

  2. I was just discussing this exact same topic with another blogger! I love Red, white and black, but I also like to replace the red with mint green or coral, it's a nice change :)

  3. Nice skirt!

  4. I definitely like it with the red shirt that color combo. Keep rockin' what you love girl..that's what makes you you.
    That's why I won't stop wearing leather :)
    Shreee xxx