Friday, August 31, 2012

Mint Green & A Movie...

If you read my blog at all, you certainly know that I absolutely LOVE black.  Who doesn't?  It is just so easy, so versatile.  It goes with almost anything.  Always looks sharp.  What's not to love?

Today is a radical departure for my blog... but not actually unusal for me at all.  I actually wear this skirt quite often, especially during the warmer months.

For some reason it just hasn't appeared on my blog before?

This lovely mint green skirt is from Talbots.  I have had it since college.  Seriously.  Have a pastel pink one as well.  Both are in regular rotation and have been for years.  Amazing how a quality garmet will hold up for years if it is cared for.  Do you have anything more than ten years old that you still wear regularly?

Everytime I pull it out, I smile just a little.  The little pleats on the back are just too cute.  Hee Hee

Today I chose a little more "statement"... yet subduded.  Is that possible?  I think so.

Anyway... what do you think of the blouse I paired with the skirt?


Add in a sweet pair of suede heels with a cute little bow and I feel like a little girl getting ready for church on Sunday morning.  I may have to skip home this afternoon?  Hee Hee

I showed you the heels back in December and mentioned how they made me feel "girlie" then, too.  Funny.

And it all comes together...

It is Friday.  I go out to Sis's place tonight after work for dinner and a movie with the kids.  My niece told me the movie's name but it didn't mean anything to me.  Hee Hee  Sis tells me to just smile.  She also tries to convince me that some of them are even good.  Hee Hee

No matter, I cherish these moments.  They are growing so fast... already.  I know that they have only been out here a few months but I swear that both of them have grown about six inches.

Well, gotta get out the door and off to work.  Need to leave on time tonight... don't want to be late for my dinner and movie date.

-- The Leather Skirt --

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