Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Please, No Heart Attacks...

Yes, here I am for a second day in a row.  Lesser things than the sudden appearance of a long forgotten blog two days in a row have been known to cause cardiac arrest. 

Paraphrasing the Viagra commercial...

"Contact your doctor to see if your heart is healthy enough to continue reading."

Assuming that everyone has managed to calm back down...

Yesterday I went a little "edgy" because, well, I love my leather skirts and because the weatherman said it would be decidedly hotter today. 

He is right.

The good news.  It is expected to be a bit cooler (Texas standards, okay?) tomorrow so who knows?  Also have a dear friend's 40th birthday bash Saturday night.  Almost certainly breaking out one of my lovelies for that!

So today... just to keep my neighbors & co-workers guessing... I went a little "lighter", both in color and in material.

I actually showed you this ensemble back in February but with some lovely tall boots that I adore.  Oops, I didn't realize that fact until I started look back through my blog for places that I have worn this marvelous blouse.  Oh well, who has a bottomless closet?

BTW... the blouse can be found here as well.

Since the boots are not really "August Appropriate" I am wearing some beautiful bronze heels today.
What do you think?

Just a little tighter shot.

Oldies but goodies.

A little feminine touch near the toes.

If you have been wondering where I have been... two things...

FIRST... thank you for caring enough to wonder 


SECOND... thank you for dropping in again.  I will try so hard to be better.  I really do miss my blog... AND your blogs, too.

Things are improving both for my sister (and her kids) and for me.  I am spending more time back in "my world" and less in theirs.  I am always "there" whenever any of them need Aunt Jordan but we all need some space, too.

Already thinking about tomorrow's ensemble and post... look out...

-- The Leather Skirt --


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog!! I really appreciate it! I may have to consider getting a leather skirt...just not sure as a mom, how much I'd wear it, you know?

  2. I love the color palette! That's exactly the colors that populate my closet so I did a little dance here for the inspiration :)

    I really like the camel and cream - such a classic combination!

  3. Ha ha, great post! I love the colour palette of your outfit! Such pretty neutrals!

    xo Jenny

  4. You have really great piece combinations in my opinion. You really make leather skirts work. Such dedication in such hot weather to what you love! Keep up the great work and thanks for the interaction on my blog.

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  5. Ohhh I need that blouse in my life!;)

  6. I love that white blouse!!
    Great blog you have, check mine if you like.