Monday, November 28, 2011

Back To The Grind...

Thanksgiving Weekend is over and my trip was wonderful.  Even the flying part was tollarable.  The weekend was busy and my my flight was later getting back in than originally planned but I am so glad that I went.

I hope that you had a great holiday weekend as well?

Anyway, I had planned this huge post detailing what I had packed for my trip but, alas, the opportunity just didn't present itself.  Ugh!  Does anyone else ever have a post idea in their head that just never materializes?  Frustrating... at least for me. Given that it is Monday and the entire trip is over, I figured that it is best to just move on.  Oh well.

I don't really know why I titled this post that way, I truly love my job, perhaps a little too much.  Hee Hee
With that said, Monday is the start of a new work week and although I cannot say I actually look forward to it, I do not dread it at all.  Returning to work after a long weekend is especially fun for me.  It is good to see most everyone again, catch up on their lives, just re-engage.  But it is Monday AND it is quite chilly today... at least for this part of the country... so I went with a nice cozy sweater and some tall boots.  Yummy.

Here is what I am wearing today...

Both the sweater and the skirt are from Harold's but I don't know for sure if I bought them at the same time.  I have had them both for some time.  I have said it before but I REALLY miss Harold's.  Such classic stuff.

This sweater is SO SOFT and SO WARM.  I love to pair it with so many things in my closet at this time of the year.  You will definitely see it again.  Some say that whites and beige are boring tones, I say that they are versatile and classic.  

 LOVE this skirt.  I think it is so sharp.  What do you think?

Simple combination but I think these two pieces were born to go together.  Speaking of Born...

If you have read my blog for a little while you last saw these boots here.  Hint... you will probably see them again.  Hee Hee

These are one of my favorite pairs of boots.  This particular pair is by Born.  If you have never owned a pair of Born boots, get some.  Comfortable and sharp.  Killer combination.
I am not sure that it is possible to have too many good pairs of tall boots.  I wear them 8-9 months a year.  The summer months are just too hot but come that first little cool spell I will break them out regularly all the way through Memorial Day.  How much of the year do your taller boots get to see the street?

With that my lunch hour is rapidly drawing to a close.  Have a great day!

- The Leather Skirt -


  1. ohhh I love soft and warm sweaters :D that one does look really soft, is it wrong that I want to touch it? haha

  2. Completely understand being bogged down and with work and blogging, one has to pick! I sometimes think I'm going to post something and can't get to it.

    Great boots!

    Red Soles and Red Wine

  3. Your skirt is gorgeous, and those boots are PERFECT. I love pointy-toed boots.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  4. so in love with your skirt sweetie the print is gorgeous love it and the boots are awesome I just bought a pair on sale over the knee boots and love it sweetie thanks so much for your lovely comment at my blog you are adorable kisses Xxx

  5. of course i remember harolds...and also that skirt is beautiful, when will we see YOU in an outfit?

  6. Indeed, a very sharp skirt. I love all the brown tones in this outfit. Gorgeous! Yes, it is back to the grind after a long weekend, so hard to get back to work! Please stop by my blog sometimes =)

  7. Yay it's a brown mini-houndstooth print! I am glad you love your job. This is a very classic look!

  8. I love that skirt. Great with the sweater and the boots. Very classic.
    Sorry about the packing post not panning out. Yes, I have those moments.

  9. Thank you so much for your sweet comment!! Of course I follow you, please follow me back!
    Come back soon to visit my blog, I'll be waiting for you!!

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    Cosa mi metto???

  10. I love those boots, they are so fantastic. And you're so lucky to love your job. Glad you made it home safely :)

  11. Thnaks for your comment on my blog! I really love this reminds a bit of the Celine collection! Great!! Besos!

  12. :)
    Love Lois xxx

  13. I have a turtleneck just like yours and that skirt and boots are awesome! I love it! :D