Friday, October 5, 2012

My New Babies...

I am almost 5' 10".  Rather tall for a lady.

I like heels anyway.  Have for years.

In fact, I own almost exclusively heels.

Very few flats are even in my closet and they are almost never worn.

Truth... even with all of the walking that I do.

I feel prettier in heels.  Yes, perhaps a little sexier, too?

I just think women generally look better in a pair of heels... me included.

How about you?

With that said, I have always been very careful, even rather conservative with my choice of heel heights.  Part of it is probably my height, part of it is probably the fact that I will spend the day in them and I know it.

Same is true for the length of my skirts.  Have to be careful not to buy them too short.

Off the subject... let me re-focus... high heels...

Lately I have been drawn to higher heels.

It started with these beauties that I purchased off the Dillard's clearance rack.

I had never worn a pair of platform heels before, never mind actually owning any.  They "called to me" in the store.  They just looked like such fun.  I had to at least try them.  Didn't I?

Well... verdict... LOVE THEM!!!

Love wearing them.  Love actually building outfits around them just to have an excuse to wear them.  Love everything about them.


Still getting used to walking on them so I am carrying along a backup pair when I do break them out.

So far, I have only changed them out twice.

Sooo... where does this lead me?

To my new babies..That's where...

What do you think?  

I couldn't help myself.  I am addicted.  In fact, I am seriously thinking of getting another pair or two this weekend.  I am committed... full speed ahead!

"Cheetah is the new black."  I read that somewhere?

Well, I am not sure about that but I do know that the trend is growing on me.  That is for sure.

Ann Taylor LOFT teases me with a daily e-mail.  Most of the time I am a good girl but when this e-mail arrived in my inbox I could not ignore it.

The beauties are available here if you like what you see.  The website says they are only available online.

I actually received these in the mail a couple of weeks ago but, alas, pneumonia short circuited their debut on the blog.

I plan to give them their test run next week.

Visions of outfits are spinning in my head.

Smiling now.

Hee Hee
These next two pair arrived just yesterday.

Does Sis know I have been doing some online shopping?  Hope not...

Hee Hee

Confession.  I am not a HUGE Kohl's fan but they are growing on me.  I have some things from there that I adore and the prices are hard to argue with.

So these are a couple of pairs from Kohl's.

You can find them here and here if you are interested.

The reviews are not stellar but for the price I thought I would give them a spin.

Besides, believe it or not, I have no red heels... at all.  I have a pair of red sandals but nothing appropriate for work.

Cute little bow up front, too.

For less than $30... how could I go wrong?

As much as I love the cheetah print heels... I actually LOVE these even more.

I am so enamored with the houndstooth print... have been for years.

I know, I know, I will get far more wear out of the cheetah print heels but you have to admit... these are cute!

I think we will give them a spin with my beloved houndstooth skirt that you have seen before in this post from November.

Have I really not worn that skirt in almost a year?  Surely that is not true?  I bet I just missed posting it?

Yes, that has to be it.

So what do you think?

Would that just be too much "matchy - matchy?"

So here we go... high heels and The Leather Skirt... adventure awaits!

-- The Leather Skirt --


  1. I'm the same height and I always wear heels as well. I think it's so sexy! My boyfriend is actually shorter than me so it can look quite funny, but luckily he doesn't mind. No way I'm giving up my heels!


  2. I used to wear heels all the time but lately have been plagued with hip problems which is partly due to wearing heels so I've mostly been in flats - not that I'm complaining, I can dash about a lot easier! I do admit that I think women look a lot sexier and heels totally dress up an outfit. Love the new pairs you got x

  3. I like your babies to be mine to hahaha, we have the same shoe taste, thats for sure dear :-). Love those leopard printed ones with the cap toe. I am still on the hunt for a pretty pair.