Wednesday, October 24, 2012

My Leopard Print High Heels...

Today was just one of those days.

I woke up this morning and decided that my beloved leopard print high heels from Ann Taylor LOFT would see some pavement.  I have not worn them in several days.

As I mentioned in a previous post, this was really the first pair of high heels that I ever owned.  Now I am obsessed, some might even say addicted.

I believe that I have recently "upgraded" my membership in the "Society of High Heel Lovers."

Hee Hee

Look at these shoes... wouldn't you be?

I often take DART to work so walking from my apartment to the station and then from the station to the office is required.

I must have shoes that I can walk in and these babies really do work!  They are wonderful to wear... all day long.  Incredible shoes!

It is still hot here in Dallas though so I knew I wanted to go with a very "light" ensemble. 

Last night I had planned a different ensemble but, alas, the high heels redirected me.

Given that I pulled this outfit together in a rush this morning I think I did okay.


Simple combination.  White blouse.  Dark pencil skirt.  Great pair of heels.

In other words, my daily "uniform."

As I said, "light" and "comfortable".

This incredible blouse did the trick.

I cannot help but feel so sophisticated when I wear it.

I feel so "grown up."

Hee Hee

I mean, look at that wonderful neckline...

It is certainly feminine.

Wouldn't you agree?

As I have told you before, I am a committed member of the "Community of Girls Who Love Skirts."  

Mom is the founding member.  Hee Hee

This lovely "finished" denim number is also a recent Ann Taylor LOFT acquisition.

Unlike the shoes (paid full price... ugh!), I got this one for 40% off the regular price.  That is a little easier to justify.

Hee Hee

Truth... even at full price I see so many ensembles that this skirt will feature in... classic piece... perfect for my closet.

So everything comes together like this...

A simple combination.

A classic combination.

My favorite type of combination.

Perfect for a day in which the temps will close in on 90 degrees.

Throw on a light jacket and perfect for a walk home after dinner as well.


What do you think?

Did I do well?

 On a slightly different note...

Carrie Underwood is in town tonight.  LOVE her!  So wish I had tickets.  Have checked a few websites today hoping I would get lucky with someone needing to "dump" theirs at the last minute.  No such luck... at least not yet.

I will keep trying.

In the meantime... my girl is taking over on my iPod.  that will just have to do.

Hee Hee

I truly appreciate every comment that is left on my blog.  Most are just so sweet and uplifting.

I do my best to return the comment in kind so I hope you will take a minute and leave me a note.

-- The Leather Skirt --


  1. Thank you! ;)

    The leopard heels always work in a classic outfit! Great choice

  2. i think the leopard heels added the touch your outfit needed!
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  3. Those heels make the outfit so special! I adore leopard prints, and I need more pumps like this. Glad to hear that they are comfy!

  4. lOVE LOVE LOVE the heels
    following you via gfc, follow me back?

    Much Love.

  5. OMG!!! pretty heels <33


  6. the shoes are really cute!
    kisses from Italy,

  7. Cute outfit. Loving the leopard print. Yels x

  8. I love it. You have great blog! <3

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  9. Oooh they are gorgeous!!
    Love how you paired the outfit :)
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  10. Wow, those leopard heels are beautiful! They must look amazing with that outfit :)
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  11. oh my gosh i love love your style!! You are adorable and cant get enough of your blog! New follower and cannot wait to read more!

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  12. I'm dying for these shoes!! I've been craving a pair of leopard pumps for a while now, and these are just amazing.

    Love it!!