Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Winter Has Returned...

Okay, so many of you are laughing at the mere thought of Winter in Dallas.  I know.  Don't laugh.  Cold is relative just as hot is relative.  Remember your laughter at me now when you are complaining about how hot it is where you live next August.

Now that we have cleared that up... it is rather cold today.  England cold, actually.  The temperature is not really all that low but it is damp, a little breezy... just uncomfortable.

How else should a stylish lady (I said to stop laughing!) deal with a chilly day?

Why leather, a great blazer and comfy boots, of course!

Today's attire...

As anyone that reads my blog (or I guess anyone who just read its name?) knows, I love my leather skirts.

I wear them to the office regulary but I think it is very important to take some of the "edge" off the skirt when I wear it to the office.  Considering this fact, the items that I pair with the skirt are critical in my opinion.

Although I do not always wear a blazer to work with my leather skirts I do think it is appropriate.  In my opinion, a good blazer provides a professional finish to virtually any ensemble. 

This particular blazer is just one of many items in my closet from Harold's.  All together now... "I miss that store."  I really do.  Talbots is a satisfactory replacement but it just isn't the same.  The world is a less happy place without Harold's in it.  Okay, perhaps that was a little melodramtic.  Hee Hee

So what do you think of my blazer?

I think this blouse is a perfect partner as well.  Subtle & classy.  I will even pair this blouse with a leather skirt without a blazer on a warmer day.  I hear you snickering about my thinking it is cold.  That isn't nice.

I think that the black tones in the blazer go well with the skirt.  What do you think?

My beloved tall black boots by Born...

And the finished look...

A quick story for today...

Do you remember my "office building friend" with the leather pants?  I first mentioned her in this post and then again here.  Believe it or not... we are twins today!  I have a full fledged convert.  I have to admit, I felt rather proud (not sure if that is appropriate?), maybe a little vindicated, when I saw her getting on the elevator ahead of me this morning.  She had a leather skirt on... kid you not!  I am sure it was her.  Unfortunately, I couldn't catch up to her so we didn't get to talk.  Hopefully I will see her when I return to the office in a few minutes.  We'll see?

WHOOPS!  Turns out the lady that I saw on my way in to the building yesterday was not my "friend" at all.  Not sure who she was but it wasn't the lady that I have encountered in the post mentioned above.  Ironically, as I raced back in from lunch (about 15 minutes after finishing the text above) I saw her out smoking in a completely different outfit.  Unless she did a quick change, I was mistaken about whom I saw earlier.

Oh well, it would have made a nice story, huh?

Obviously my friend has come around on the idea of a leather skirt at the office.  What are your thoughts on the matter?  Is it appropriate?

One last thing... on this post I answered a question regarding my least favorite trend.

Originally I said that my least favorite thing are baggy jeans.  I still don't like that but I want to ammend my answer today.  Is that okay?

Whether it is or not...

I actually dislike seeing women go out in their pajama bottoms.  Do they know that these are not actually pants?  Do they care?  I don't know but I am certain that it is unattractive.  Spend another couple of minutes and at slip on a pair of jeans.  Is that asking too much?

Now that I have probably offended a few... lunch is over... back to the grind...

Have a fantastic day!

- The Leather Skirt -


  1. Hey!! I'm finally back into my blog-comment-groove. ;)

    I have to say I LOVE this outfit. The tough leather skirt with the prim tweed is amazing. Feminine, classic, but edgy.

    Chic as always!!


  2. I agree that a blazer takes the edge off a leather skirt for an office environment. And way to go you for converting someone to your stylish ways :)

  3. I like the blazer, the glen plaid looks great! And got that office inquirer to convert to leather? NICE!

    1. Not so fast. I saw my "friend" out smoking when I returned from lunch. Unless she made a quick change, the lady in the leather skirt earlier in the day wasn't her.

  4. I am annoyed when I see people out in pajama bottoms or sweatpants too. It looks like they've given up on life. Can't stand it.

    I really like this combination professionally edgy is what I would call it :)

    1. "Professionally Edgy"... I like it. Another term Kassi has coined and I will steal. Hee Hee

  5. Great minds think alike:

    1. THANK YOU.

      Anyone who enjoys my blog will LOVE this one! I suggest you take a look for yourself.

  6. Great blazer! This will look great!

  7. I LOVE that blazer, was eyeing a similiar one in H&M but too bad it was not my size. YES - I think leather is OK for corporate world if worn subtly! Leather panels are a great option - just a little bit of leather to slim your figure=)

  8. I love this type of a jacket and looks so cool with a leather skirt.
    Sorry about the weather. we had friends visiting from Dallas yesterday and they were in shorts and t-shirts and I was thinking it is freezing here but I guess not when you compare.

  9. I think that that blazer goes perfectly with that skirt! Very stylish outfit!

  10. LOL It's like you climbed into my head! I abhor pajama pants worn as clothing!!! I did a post about it probably a year ago after seeing some teen girls wearing pajama pants and snow boots to the grocery store. I really like the outfit you put's so classic and so very sharp! Thanks for visiting my blog! You have a new follower who can't wait to see what other goodies you have in store! Hugs! ~Serene

  11. Love, love that blazer!! :) great outfit! :)

  12. cute post!

  13. cute!!!

  14. Great photos, you look amazing! Really enjoying your blog and am your newest follower.

  15. cute boots!

  16. Yes I totally love that blazer paired with black leather - ugh it's cold here again too :( At least we can look good ;)