Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day... The Red Leather Skirt Edition...

I did it, I wore the red leather skirt today.

This skirt...

How beautiful is that color?

When I first saw it on EBay I almost did not buy it.  I mean, it is red for goodness sake!  Where in the world would I wear a red leather skirt?  Surely even I would not wear such a skirt to work... would I?  As much as I work it is hard to justify purchases that cannot spend at least some time at the office.

This beauty was made for Saks Fifth Avenue but I bet I bought it for far less than its original owner.  Are you ready for this?  $25.00!  Shipping and all!

I decided that for that price I would get it home and then decide if I actually had the courage to give it a spin.

What do you think?  Was it worth a role of the dice?

As for today, honestly, I was a bit aprehensive about wearing the skirt but I talked myself into it. 
But... I wanted to ensure that I had not stretched the limits of our rather conservative office dress code too far so I was VERY careful to pick complimentary pieces that I think helped to minimize the "extremeness" of a red leather skirt at the office.

What do you think?  Did I do well in my choices?

Pretty little "girly" blouse.  Feminine and professional.  Understated.

Naturally, I tucked the blouse in though.  You just cannot let a skirt like this not be on full display.  Hee Hee

Senseable collar.  Not too much showing... you know what I mean.

They work together rather well.  I may put these two together on their own one weekend soon?

Again, in keeping with my effort to make the whole ensemble as "professional" as possible... I went with a simple black blazer from one of my suits.  Tasteful.  Understated.

I thought briefly about my beloved tall black boots but decided at the last minute that these Stuart Wietzman shoes would be more "professional" and would help to play down the color of this skirt.

What do you think?  Would have you gone with the boots?

And the full ensemble...

Well, was I successful?  Did I pull off an acceptable office look while wearing my red leather skirt?

In the end, the experience could not have been any less eventful.  A couple of people at the office commented about how much they loved the color... that was it.

I think this baby will see the light of day again soon...

BTW... Valentine's was kinda lame for me.  How was yours?

I met an old college buddy for dinner.  We have done this every year when both he and I do not have a Valentine's Day date.  Sadly, there have been far too many Valentine's Day dinners between the two of us over the years.  Hee Hee

No frowny faces... it really is okay.

- The Leather Skirt -


  1. OMG - that red skirt is AWESOME and what a steal for $25. Must have looked gorgeous on you. I see no harm in dinner with a buddy on V-day or any day for that matter. As they say - the grass is always greener so enjoy your carefree and single life!

  2. I was guessing that you might debut the red skirt on Valentine's Day. It's stunning. Great job on pulling off the look at work.

  3. Wow... after seeing the outfit paired with the blazer, I think I fell in love. Great job styling the red skirt!

    SWEATshirt DRESSshirt

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  4. Red + Leather = fabulous! That is just awesome girl!


  5. Beautiful skirt and I think you did a great job in making it office appropriate.

    I actually found your blog because I was looking for inspiration for wearing a black leather skirt to the office. I found it at a thrift shop for $8 and I love it! I usually don't care what people think about my "fashion" style. I dress pretty conservatively but "different" from everybody else around here (at least that's what people say to my face, who know what they say behind my back!) so I'm used to the "strange" looks from people. Then I read all the negative comments about leather at the office (over at corporette.com) and began to second-guess myself.

    Once I did an internet search, I found great inspiration through your blog and many others. Thanks for reassuring me that leather paired with the right pieces/accessories if fine at the office!

  6. I love how you styled the red skirt. It looks real nice :)


  7. Beautiful styling on this red skirt, and what a bargain! $25 for a vintage leather skirt from Saks? Enjoy it! I was also valentine-less/free this year ehh no worries :)

  8. AMAZING SKIRT! The color is just amazing!


  9. Im always loving a red leather skirt!
    Beautiful blog xxx

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  10. This skirt is AMAZING. What a great buy. The blazer definitely helped keep the skirt conservative. Good for you for braving it out.

  11. I love the color of that skirt and I am so glad you gave it a spin! Great buy! I am super jealous. You toned it down perfectly for a conservative office. I can't wait to see how you style it for a weekend out with the girls ;)


  12. I love with this look! Especially the red. To die for

    love from canada


  13. great red skirt! usually the leather skirts we ee are black so this one is pretty unique!

  14. That skirt is amazing. The color is beautiful, and it looks like it will create a beautiful silhouette!

    xo Kate

  15. How did I miss this?! I am in LOVE with your red leather skirt, so sexy, but you definitely made it office appropriate!!!!


  16. Have I told you today how much I LOVE your style?!? Because I really and truly do! I am so proud and inspired by you rockin' that red skirt to work girl! And I think it was a great choice to go with the heels rather than the boots- very classy and chic my dear. As always :) Xoxo

  17. wow, the red leather skirt is gorgeous! you have great style!
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  18. Hey Jordan!

    I'm a little late with this one but I LOVE it!! And its perfect for valentine's day.


  19. Great purchase, its gorgeous!

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