Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Today We Live On The Sun...

So yesterday morning rolls around and I excitedly race to the computer to share what I have planned for the day but when I try to log-in to my beloved blog, I find that there are some sort of issues?

Apparently my blog has "detected unusual activity?"

What does that mean?  I honestly have no idea but what I do know is it was almost 24 hours before the issue could be resolved so I missed my post yesterday.  Ugh!


I was on a roll, too.

After months of inconsistency (okay, near non-existence), I had posted for several days in a row.

I was prepared to keep the streak alive and then in steps the computer... or was it the Internet... maybe it was the server (now we are way out in a land I do not understand, Hee Hee)... or perhaps it had something to do with the sun spots?  I know they get blamed for cell phone problems on occasion?


It is HOT here in Texas today.  The weatherman says 100 degrees (Fahrenheit) but I would sooner believe it is 120.  I swear it was already 100 degrees when I left for work this morning.

Needless to say, no leather skirt today.  Probably not all week.  Oh well, I have some different ideas for the week anyway.  Hee Hee

Today I decided that the "no white after Labor Day" rule could not possibly include anyone who is actually living on the face of the sun and that certainly feels like the case today.

With that said...

A simple white t-shirt by Ann Taylor Loft.  Lightweight, attractive. 

BTW... speaking of Ann Taylor Loft... can't wait to show you this glorious skirt that I bought from their website the other day.  Should be here any day!

Definitely a bit "casual" for me at the office but I am not anticipating any clients today so all should be well.  Besides, I am living on the sun.

Isn't this skirt just darling?  I call it my "Venice Skirt" as the scenery in the print reminds me of Venice.

Again, a little "casual" for an office day but I think it works.

Pair the two together...

Since I understand that a little touch of "formal" is probably in order, I go with my white Bandolino heels.  Ladies, if you have never owned a pair of Bandolino's... get some... now! 

Simple, yet elegant.  I think it is a nice touch to an otherwise "casual" ensemble.

What do you think?

And the whole outfit...

I really do feel quite "pretty" today.  Maybe it is because I am a bit of an Easter Egg?  Hee Hee

Computer problems set me back.  Or was it Blogger?  Maybe just the Internet?  I don't know but no matter the reason... The Leather Skirt Blog was shut down for a day and I missed my self imposed deadline and have been forced to start again.

My simple goal, post my outfit every day this week.  Stay tuned...

-- The Leather Skirt --


  1. wow!!
    love your skirt!!
    and can't wait for your outfit post


  2. So pretty!


  3. Super cute look! Loving that skirt! The print is fab!


  4. wow, fabulous skirt, love the color and prints!!!

  5. That skirt is amazing! Awesome outfit choice!

  6. I really love that skirt! I can't wait to see your new skirt from LOFT, and no...this def is not easter egg looking.

  7. This is the best I've seen lately,the skirt is absolute perfection!;)

  8. Nice blog :) nice post follow each other from GFC?

  9. That skirt is so pretty! I love the pattern :) :) :) And what a great goal! Can't wait to see more :)

    Rachel’s Lookbook

  10. Great blog ;*
    I follow you, can you follow me back? http://fashion-by-anita.blogspot.com/

  11. Oh my god, that skirt is gorgeous!